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Interview with..eh hem...a Vampire

Finally finally, getting back to the Character Interviews Series. I have some beautiful interviews queueing and screaming for my attention, gathering dust as they wait for me to set aside my WIP and my finished MS obligations to post them. Their authors must be drinking some serious patience-inducing potions as they've kindly waited for me to get on the ball without ripping into me a third ear hole. Many thanks to these most generous authors--I'm beyond psyched to get your interviews up. I promise I'm working on it (even if it means I have to hijack Santa's elves to do it). Just for being so patient, I'm going to give you this magic key that will grant you the power of publication.

Go ahead and click here to *use your key. It'll take you *someplace special.

Have I mentioned yet how much I'm really loving this series? Seriously, as an author, there are few more satisfying events than bringing your characters to life, but getting to talk to them...man, it's magic (okay, I concede that actual publication of said characters is probably most satisfying, but get off my back already).

Now, on to the next Interview!

Totally Sane Interviews with Vampires, Hobbits, and Talking Toads
An Interview with a Vampire
(Oh my gosh, I'm so digging my most original title EVER! [smug smile ensues])

Today's Mawvelous Guest Blogger Ms. Rhonda Cowsert is one of the most delightful, most **snarktastic writers I've had the pleasure to encounter. I came across her blog and about fell out of my chair laughing. Somehow, Rhonda takes the most mundane subjects, gives them a little spin, and turns them into spectacles of ass-cracking humor (please be sure to latch onto your armrests as you read her deliciously snarky blog posts or you, too, shall become a victim.) Rhonda has kindly agreed to let me post her interview with the main character of her YA fantasy, Rory Spencer (who just so happens to be a vampire--hence the super awesome, original title).

But first, let's meet the author (in her own words):
Rhonda is a 30 *ahem* 'something' wife (to an amazingly supportive husband), step-mother (to a teenage girl...which explains my constant need for Tylenol and chocolate) and aspiring writer who currently pays the bills by working as an administrative assistant.

What Rhonda failed to mention is that she's also remarkably supportive, generours, kind, and a very talented writer. Be sure to check out her awesome blog SnarkTastic Ramblings. You can also find her on Twitter.

About Rory
Like most teenage girls, Aurora (aka Rory) is less than thrilled with her identity, which happens to be complicated by her tranformation into a vampire. Though vampires are not blood-sucking spawns of evil in her world, they are still saddled with heavy burdens. Frustrated with her lot in life, Rory seems to have made it her mission in life to force Rhonda to suffer her miseries alongside her. Let's see how Rhonda handles Miss Crankypants Rory:

Me: I’m chatting today with the main character of my work in progress, Aurora Spencer.
Aurora: Rory, everyone calls me Rory.
Me: Right, Rory. So, Rory, what…
Aurora: Look, I hate to pull a Kanye here and interrupt you but I was just wondering if there was some particular reason you’ve decided to turn my life upside down. Nothing interesting on tv?
Me: You’re frustrated with me?
Aurora: Uh, duh! Isn’t being a teenager bad enough without all the extra crap going on? Besides, aren’t vampires completely overdone?
Me: You may have a point, but you can’t deny who you are. Besides, you know that the traditional “vampire” label does not apply to you.
Aurora: (heavy sigh)
Me: What?
Aurora: It’s just that I want to be “normal”. I want to go to the prom in a beautiful gown, I want to graduate from high school, I want to go to college and I want to do all of that without having to worry about those things that go bump in the night.
Me: You’re not normal Rory. You’ve never been “normal”.
Aurora: So that’s it then? I just have to deal with this? Great. Fantastic. Anything else you’d like to spring on me while we’re here? Maybe I’m adopted? Or suffering from the plague?
Me: Really Rory, this isn’t as bad as it seems. I promise. It’s just rough right now.
Aurora: Right. (Sarcastic teenage tone fully intact) And what if I refuse to cooperate? What if I just decide I want to live my life and ignore all the crap going on around me?
Me: Do you really think you can ignore everything?
Aurora: (whispers) No
Me: (Silence)
Aurora: So, what am I supposed to do?
Me: Do you think you could trust me? Just a little bit?
Aurora: Maybe…a little.
Me: At least that’s a start.
Aurora: (shrugs) I suppose. By the way? You've got a shadow sprite hanging around your shoulders, you might want to watch that.
Me: (swatting over my shoulder) Ummm...thanks for the warning.

Oh, so help me Rhonda (sorry, had to do it), you've got your hands full with this one. But I must say, I am VERY intrigued. I'm dying to get my hands on this book. Please finish and publish soon! I'd like to know what a shadow sprite is thankyouverymuch. And many many thanks for permitting me to post your interview. It has been my distinct honor and pleasure.

If you would like to contribute to my Character Interviews series, find me on Twitter and shoot me a line. Be sure to check out some info on the series.

*Do not attempt to actually use the magic key to get into this building. Neither Carolina Valdez Miller nor Rhonda Cowsert shall be held liable for improper use of this key or for forced entry of Someplace Special. In no event shall any contributors of Carol's Prints be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, procurement or substitute goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence or otherwise) arising in any way out of the use of this key, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

**All credit for use of this term goes to Ms. Rhonda Cowsert and her SnarkTastic Ramblings blog.


  1. Another great interview - these are fun!!

    I'll have to check out Rhonda's blog - after the NaNo nuttiness though :) Great job, ladies!

  2. Squeeee!! Jumping up and down clapping hands in joy!! I'm so excited to be a part of this series. :)

  3. so fun :-) You know I'm obsessed with most things that pertain to that big "V" word :-) Would love to know how Rory is different! Why doesn't she fit in with "traditional" vampires? Darn you and these interviews! My imagination goes into overdrive!

  4. Um also - just so there's no confusion... I was referring to VAMPIRES. (obviously)

  5. P.S. totally love the "Miss Crankypants" label. I may be forced to use that in the telling of my story at least once. :)

  6. These interviews are fun. Thanks, Rhonda, for another entertaining one. I, too, am intrigued (and will go visit your blog post-haste).

    I'd submit an interview with my characters, but they're not nearly as interesting as everyone else's--all drama and angst and trauma and confusion and stuff. Who wants to read about that?

    Oh, and Sara? I'm kinda glad you clarified. 'Cause, uh... y'know...

  7. Ok, officially crying with laughter. Seriously, Sara...V? hahahahahaha!!

    Rhonda, it was my pleasure to have you on the blog. I've so excited about your story. You just have no idea. And I love that you shared your premise with me, which, by the way, is AWEBULOUS (yes, so good, it deserves two mega adjectives in one). Thank you for letting me post your interview!

    Jemi, would love to have you do an interview...just saying.

    Simon, you know I'll hound you to do an interview until you finally give in. Besides, it doesn't have to be a teenager filled with angst. It could be Uncle George in his grave. Doesn't matter to me. Heck, it could even be a character you're only thinking of working with. When I interviewed Anthony, he wasn't even in my book yet.

  8. I love what you're doing with the character interviews. What a fab way to suck your reader in. Keep it coming!

  9. Jenny, why thank you very much! It's been a great pleasure for me. I truly love working with all the authors and the interviews...what can I say? These guys have been brilliant. Love it love it love it! (You don't have a character you'd like to interview do you?)


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