Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Holy mother of pearl! I'm so pumped! So excited!


And do you know why? Cuz I was just selected to be a proud bearer of the Kreativ Blogger Award!!!!! Man, I'm psyched.

Okay, so here's how it happened. A little birdie by the name of Sara McClung left a little note on my blog: "Just wanted to let you know...I left a little something for ya on my blog :) check it out!" And so I checked it out, and there it was, that sweet little Blogger award--my very first one! AWE.SOME.

Funny thing is, Sara's blog is WAY better than mine. I could definitely learn alot from her. And so could you. So be sure to check it out: http://babblingflow.blogspot.com/ Sara is currently working on her first YA fantasy novel, and I know I will be one of the first to buy it when it publishes. She's totally fab: a brilliant writer, encouraging, and a total cutie to boot. You'll love her and will definitely want to follow her blog. Sara McClung is a name to remember.

Now, Sara has entrusted me to continue the legacy of the Kreativ Blogger Award, and so I shall. The instructions given to me look something like this (err...exactly like this):

1. Copy and paste the pretty picture you see on the top left corner onto your own blog.
2. Thank the person who gave you the award and post a link to their blog.
3. Write 7 things about yourself we do not know.
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award.
5. Link to those 7 other bloggers.
6. Notify your 7 bloggers.
7. Do a little dance because you just won the KREATIV BLOGGER award! (I added this rule because it's what I did and it was FUN)

So, now I have to select 7 blogs (obviously, can't select Sara, but I totally would if I could). Hmmm...tough choice, no? So many beauty queens, but only seven crowns...**sigh** But on to the selections! And just for fun, I'm working off of a little Seven Dwarves theme.

1. Doc: Behold the wonder that is Blake Charlton http://www.blakecharlton.com/blog/ This one was an obvious selection as Blake Charlton is currently a Stanford med student as well as an author. His debut fantasy novel Spellwright will be released February 16, 2010. And let me tell you, it looks AMAZING. This fantasy novel is an English major's dream come true. The premise? An apprentice wizard that can't spell living in a world where words come to life via magic spells--now that's a rockin concept. Even more unbelievable? Blake is himself dyslexic...the guy is practically a walking miracle. By the way, his blog is one of the most visually pleasing that I've seen, not to mention absofreakinglutely brilliant.

2. Grumpy: Okay, now I don't know RKLewis personally (in fact, I've yet to learn his full name), but I do follow his blog, and find it to be quite exceptional, though in need of a little Kreativ Blogger Award bling. For the record, I don't actually think RKLewis is grumpy--not from what I've discerned, but he writes noir and crime fiction, which suits the needs of this particular category in that it's not necessarily cheerful, per se. You can find his entertaining writer-friendly blog here: http://needlecity.wordpress.com/ I think you'll find that you can't resist following it.

3. Sneezy: This one has to go to Pauline Campos's blog The Afterbirth which is comprised of short and sweet daily posts, most of which are inspired by her adorable two year old daughter. It could be said that the posts are very much like a sneeze in that they are over with almost before you've realized they've started, yet they are immensely satisfying (and often hilarious) in their candor. Pauline is a writer who now stays home with her little one. She's currently working on what she terms a "bookumentary" about her ventures into mommyhood called Baby F(Ph)at. You can find the info for this, as well as submit an essay to potentially be included in this book at her other blog Aspiring Mama. Please be sure to check out both blogs. Pauline is incredibly talented, and I'm so lucky to have stumbled upon her blogs.

4. Sleepy: Please meet Simon C. Larter. Only just started following his blog http://constantrevisions.blogspot.com/ which is why it's in this category. It was a sleeper, you see, and it took me a while to discover it. Simon has been very supportive since I first met him on twitter...um, like 3 days ago, but seriously, his blog is pretty cool. He's a writer, and like me (and so many of us!), looking to publish. I have enjoyed browsing his posts about his adventures into publication. And let me tell you, I can so relate! So check out his blog. I guarantee you'll follow.

5. Dopey: Hmmm, this one was a difficult one because I don't follow dopey blogs. So let me just amend the stupid category by indicating that this blog is not going to be dopey, but a FUN blog! And yeah,I haven't chosen one yet. I'm only just learning to actually inspect people's blogs. So, will do some searching. Again, be patient people. Maybe your blog can end up here?

6. Happy: This category was a no-brainer. Faye Sommer is probably one of the happiest people on the planet, and almost certainly the most cheerful that I know. I've known her since childhood and have always been amazed by the beauty that is Faye. You MUST MUST check out her blog http://fayesommer.blogspot.com/ She's not a writer, but a most remarkable photographer. I do believe I will have to make it my mission to force her to publish her own coffee table photog book. I feel so inspired by her photos, and so will you.

7. Bashful: Last but not least, I have chosen M. Gray for this category. She seems to me like one of the quiet types who takes you aback when you read all of the profound things she has to say. My gosh, the brilliance! Her blog http://m-gray.blogspot.com/ never disappoints. Ms. Gray is currently working on a debut novel, a supernatural suspense, due out in the fall of 2010. I'm quite looking forward to it. Be sure to check out her blog and follow away. She offers great tips on writing, but mostly, allows us to share in her experience, which often has me laughing and thinking, "Oh gosh, I totally GET that!"

Alrighty then--the rules state I must now move on to 7 things that you may not know about me. So...here you go:

1. The title of my first completed manuscript currently being submitted is Aeternus. There. That's the first I've breathed of it to anyone. Publicly.
2. I have two fully connected toes on my right foot and two partially connected toes on my left foot. Quack.
3. My name is not pronounced "Carol-eye-na," but rather "Cah-roh-leena." This was a problem when I lived in North Carolina. However, I generally go by Carol. Someday, I'll tell you why.
4. I sang with my fifth grade choir at the Orange Bowl and shook hands with Fred Dreyer. I, honest to goodness, thought "this is the beginning of my acting career."
5. If I could take on a second husband, I would want him to be a nice mix of Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler, maybe with Rob Pattinson's whacky hair.
6. I graduated from Purdue with a 4.0, double majoring in English and Creative writing. But because of a technical flaw, my transcripts show me having majored in English and Psychology, even though I only took 2 psych classes. Go Boilers....
7. You will not meet a more insecure person than me. In fact, if you don't leave a comment, I am likely to go without sleep for the next two nights.

Phew, got through that post (you and me both, baby!). Took me a while, but man, I'm so incredibly flattered. Thank you, Sara, for selecting me. I can't wait to read your book! See you at the #amwritingparty tonight (For those of you who don't know what this is, you really should join us on Twitter.)


  1. Oh Carol.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Thanks so much for including me....I will try my hardest to post this on my blog in the next week or so. (i'm so behind right now...but slowly and surely catching up :)

    Love ya!

  2. Yay! You are so funny. My blog is NOT better than yours, silly. I heart your blog.

    Can't wait to check out the blogs you recommended!

  3. Congrats, Carol :) Thanks for the new links for me to check out - I know a few (and you've made great choices!), but I can't wait to "meet" the others!

  4. I gotta say all three of you deserve tons of awards.

    Jemi, you were one of the first I chose and then saw you already had one!

    Faye, get on that coffee table book, girl! And take your time posting. I know this is super busy time for you.

    Sara, you inspire me, doll. Super wordy hearts coming your way!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. Is it apropos that I'm reading this after several days of the kids waking up coughing multiple times in the night? Sleepy seems about right at the moment.

    Thanks for the award! And I was just wondering what I was going to blog about tomorrow, too. Now I'm off to check your links and read your back-issues.

    Am I invited to the #amwritingparty too? Can I bring drinks?

  6. Simon, we would love to have you at the #amwritingparty! Look for us pretty much every evening EST. And if no one has started it, well, just start it up yourself. It's so great to have other supportive writers (most of us in the same boat) to encourage you.

    By the way, I'm pretty sure I'm psychic and knew you were feeling sleepy. It's really the only explanation. Oh, glad to have given you your next blog post. I was thinking the same thing when I got my award from Sara!

  7. Aw! Thanks girl! You think I'm PrOfOunD!!

  8. wow-thanks! Mind if i post my "pass it on" post on Aspiring Mama even though you awarded The Afterbirth? just to keep the flow going? pretty please?
    and by the way, i love how you likened the Afterbirth posts to a sneeze. that's perfect!

  9. OF course! It's really more of an award for you as a blogger. I figured you'd have to do it at Aspiring Mama since the Afterbirth blog tends to be short and sweet posts! And thank you, for providing us all with such great reading material.


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