Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Meet Anthony (Who's Killing My NaNoWriMo Word Count)

So far, no bites on my first manuscript, Aeternus. I haven't gotten a lot of rejections from agents yet (but, oh how those first few have hurt). Still waiting to hear back from most of the agents to whom I've sent queries. While I wait (and because of the distinct possibility that I may not actually get an agent for this manuscript), I have decided to move on and write another one, this time a YA novel with a touch of magical realism and romance. But, my male protagonist, Anthony, insists on making my life difficult. I thought you might like to see the kind of trouble this guy has been giving me by relaying to you the little chat I had with the youngster.

Carol: Now Anthony, why did you just do that?

Anthony: What? This?

Carol: Yes, Anthony. No need to do it again.

Anthony: It's just a finger. See?

Carol: Yes. Put it away now.

Anthony: Whatever.

Carol: You wanna tell me what's wrong?

Anthony: ....

Carol: Anthony?

Anthony: It's haven't written me in yet. [scuffs his foot, kicking up dust]

Carol: That doesn't mean you don't have a story.

Anthony: I know. I'm here aren't I?

Carol: Of course you--

Anthony: But why does it have to be all about her? How come she has to come first?

Carol: An author has to make certain choices with regard to audience. The fact is, teenage girls tend to prefer main characters that are female, just like them.

Anthony: Well, screw teenage girls. [grumbles something unintelligible beneath his breath]

Carol: [Raises an eyebrow] Uh-huh.

Anthony: I'm just as important as she is. [chin wobbles]

Carol: You love her, Anthony.

Anthony: No, I don't [sneers].

Carol: You will.

Anthony: So you think.

Carol: Oh, you will. And you will thank me for every one of her breaths when all is said and done.

Anthony: How many breasts does she have? [eyes bug out with mock incredulity]

Carol: Watch the sass, smartass. It's not too late to make you ugly.

Anyway, there's Anthony, quite the cheeky thing, but he's got my heart already. If only he weren't such a pain in the rear to work with.

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Now, go find out why you should interview your characters.


  1. hahahahahaha I am dying right now. this is HIlarious. I may copy you sometime in the next few weeks. So funny.

  2. Poor Anthony! Or poor you :)

    This is very similar to the blog post I just put up. It's on how my characters are running away on me! Great minds and all that :)

  3. Sara, I think all authors should have little chats with their characters. It helps us to understand them and makes us feel like we're more in control :) Can't wait to see what you do with yours.

    Jemi, I thought the very same think about your latest blog post (which was very good, by the way). It's weird how the characters lead you.

  4. Y'know, I wouldn't want to talk to some of my characters. A few of 'em are downright unpleasant. And what were you thinking, interviewing an adolescent male? Seriously, you knew before you started you weren't going to get any straight answers out of the guy.

    But I applaud your valiant effort nonetheless. Hopefully you can sidestep his teenage insecurities and get him to behave long enough to make it to the end of the novel (without becoming ugly).

  5. Oh my gosh, this is hilarity! I love it. My male MC is way too hyper to interview. I love the "it's not too late to make you ugly" bit. Doesn't that power feel spectacular? :)

  6. Simon, of course a man would think of that. Never even occurred to me how difficult it would be to talk to an adolescent teen. Were you as ornary as a teenager? And thank you for the well wishes. I am hoping I will not have to add a hump to his back.

    Jenni, thank you very much. I would still love to see you try and interview your hyper dude. Would be hilarious. And yes, sometimes I think I became a writer just for the control it gives me in shaping worlds and characters (and yet, they still insist on doing whatever the heck they want).
    BTW, tried to follow your blog, but couldn't figure out how :( And if you hadn't already been given the Kreativ Blogger award, you would have gotten one from me.

  7. I can SOoo relate to this post. My characters frequently behave appallingly and run amok on a regular basis. I fear they take after their author :)

  8. Hahaha! Can't help but share a little bit of your own DNA with them. Glad to see mine aren't the only ones misbehaving ;)


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