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Say Your Preyers: The Latest Installment in the Totally Sane Character Interviews Series

Working, working, working. Finishing up a novel. No time, no time! Hurry hurry, get that blog post done! Here you go:

Totally Sane Interviews with Vampires, Hobbits, and Talking Toads
Monica Enderle Pierce
I can't tell you how pleased I am to host an interview by Monica Enderle Pierce. You might know her better as @ThePreyers on Twitter, although Preyers is obviously not her name; rather, it is the title of her adult dark fantasy novel. If you haven't come across Monica yet, I urge you to find her on Twitter and *follow follow follow. Monica has been such an encouraging and supportive person to get to know, and the few bits I've read of her work have already made me very excited to read her book.

A little background on Monica Enderle Pierce, in her own words
Writing is in Monica Enderle Pierce’s blood and background. Her mother is Judith Ross Enderle, an award-winning children’s author, and Monica worked for the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators for six years. So, what, you may ask, is she doing writing adult dark fantasy and paranormal fiction? She can’t say, but her mother is really, really happy to see her writing anything! Monica has an English Literature degree from UCLA and blames her years spent disemboweling Shakespeare, Milton, Brontë, and the gang for her complete inability to write fiction after she left college. She credits her new-found writing mania to the birth of her daughter and some strange genetic anomaly that prompts the women in her family to become creatively driven in their thirties. (Fear not, all that literary analysis proved handy when she began writing in earnest.) PREYERS is Monica’s first novel and, she knows, not her last. Now, if only she can land an agent and a contract and ....

Folks, I have a sneaking suspicion that not only will Monica find an agent quite soon, I'm certain PREYERS will rock the charts. Now, allow me to present to you Monica's interview with the remarkable (yet sometimes ornery) main characters of PREYERS: Matilde Royce, Thomas Rector, and Bartholomew Pelletier--all of whom seem to do an excellent job of ignoring their creator. Let's see how Monica copes:
*Say Your Preyers
MEP: Alright, my friends, now’s your chance. Hit me with your questions. As Matilde once said, “No subject is off limits. But, not all questions may be answered.”
[Matilde and Thomas laugh.]
Bartholomew: Bon. Explain the ending of this book, Auteur. What is he still doing here?
Matilde: Bartholomew, please. Thomas helps me be what you want me to be -- humane. And, he keeps me safe, from you and myself.
[Thomas is muttering in Latin]
Bartholomew: [to Thomas] If you have something to say, Priest, say it. Otherwise, la ferme.
Thomas: I can think of worse things than being alive, and with Matilde. Obviously, she needs both of us. I’m certainly not thrilled to share her attention with you.
Bartholomew: You and me, sooner or later, Priest. We will finish this.
Thomas: Any time you want a personal escort to Hell-.
Matilde: [interrupting] Stop it! The end was my doing, Bartholomew.
Bartholomew: You are just a tool, ma chérie.
Thomas: Careful ....
MEP: Matilde is right and wrong, Bartholomew. It was her doing, but my idea. I don’t expect you to be happy about it. I didn’t write this to make any of you happy. Now, someone ask me another question. Please.
Matilde: [to Bartholomew] I can never trust you, remember? No matter how much I want to; you said it yourself.
Thomas: [to Bartholomew] You’re not God.
MEP: Hellooo? Question? Thomas, ask me something.
Thomas: [to MEP] Oh, sorry. Ahhh. Are we fallen angels or escapees from Hell?
MEP: Interesting question. What do you think you are?
Matilde: [looks at Bartholomew, who is smoking and ignoring Thomas] Bartholomew and I escaped from Hell; Thomas fell to Earth.
Bartholomew: We have not escaped anything. We are dragging everyone down to us. Hence, your fallen priest. He didn’t put up much fight, if I remember correctly.
Thomas: [to Bartholomew] I see why God ignores you.
Bartholomew: [slowly exhales smoke] Enculé. I don’t think I’ll wait-
Matilde: Goddamn it! Can’t we have any peace? Honestly! If I wasn’t stuck with the two of you, I’d send you both straight to Hell and take a vacation! God knows I could use one, after this book. You’re both on your worst behavior tonight.
Bartholomew: [chuckles] Forgive me. I was simply amusing myself. Right, Auteur?
Thomas: I’m sorry, Matilde.
Matilde: Don’t apologize to me!
Bartholomew: [he looks at MEP] To her? [he exhales a cloud of smoke]
Thomas: [to MEP] Please excuse Bartholomew; he can’t help being a bastard, he’s old and French.
Matilde: Thomas!
Bartholomew: [laughing] Bon, Priest, bon. I will give you that one. But, I still plan to kill you.
Matilde: [quietly, to MEP] Please tell me something. Why is my existence punctuated with loss and struggle? Why didn’t you let me die when I should have?
Bartholomew: Chérie. [he pulls Matilde to him]
MEP: Matilde, bad things have to happen or it’s a boring, pointless story. If you had died, there would be no book, no Thomas, no Bartholomew. Would you prefer that?
Matilde [whispers] Bitch.
Thomas: [stands] I think we’d better leave. I’m sorry we ruined your interview.
MEP: You all gave a lot more than you think. And, I’m sorry, too. For a lot of things.
[Bartholomew keeps his arm around Matilde as the three vampires leave.]
MEP: [sighs] It’s hard to be a monster.

Excellent, no? I love the interaction between all of them...such strong, distinct voices. Honestly, I had to read the interview out loud--what beautiful dialogue! And yes, I did affect a French accent when reading Bartholomew's lines. Lie all you want, we still know you did, too.

A big thanks to Monica for her participation in my character interviews series! What a fantastic interview and a brilliant writer/Tweetie to work with (no, I will not apologize for ending with a preposition at). I can't wait to read Preyers! Intriguing premise and delicious characters...oh yeah, I'm in.

If you would like to participate in the character interviews series, be sure to check out Why You Should Interview Your Characters and drop me a line (leave a comment or find me on Twitter)...would love it if you would do that anyway. Thanks for stopping by, and please remember to spay and neuter your pets.

I always wanted to end a really cool blog post this way. Man, I miss Bob Barker. In honor of his memory, I will post a picture of my dog, who I also miss.

I love a good non sequitur.

*Though I realize you can't copyright titles, I wanted to give proper credit, so you should know, this title was attached to Monica's interview when she sent it to me. All hers. Yep yep.

**Monica (as @ThePreyers) is also often found at #amwritingparty on Twitter, which I urge you to check out--a great, supportive bunch. It's how I first came across Monica!


  1. Very cool! I am fascinated by adult fantasy writers :-) I love the tone of the interview - the darkness definitely seeps through! I like the fallen angel vs hell escapee idea :-)

  2. Oh, Carol, thank you so much for all your wonderful support! I learned A LOT about my characters, including how PO'd they are with each other. It also got them talking to me again (after the interview, obviously) and Bartholomew revealed some new, rather interesting secrets about Matilde. This has been one of the most helpful and insightful writing exercises I've come across and I'm anxious to do it with more of my characters. Thank you, thank you!

  3. Sara, pretty cool, huh? I thought it was a fascinating idea. Took the whole fallen angel bit to another level.

    Monica, it was a pleasure to have you. I'm so glad it was helpful to you. I'm very curious now about the new development. And your premise is fantastic. Good luck as you finish it!

  4. I loved this interview! Monica, you've got some cool stuff going on here. Very nice tone with the dialogue - I could hear them talking. I enjoyed how aloof the men were. Awesome! I am going to follow you on Twitter ASAP!

  5. I have loved getting to know Monica & her work through the Twitter #amwritingparty and this interview did not disappoint.

    I can't wait to see The Preyers published & I'm glad you keep learning more about your characters. Love the escapee from hell concept.

  6. I kinda liked that you let the characters run the show. 'Course, it's your fault for inviting all three of 'em--sparks were bound to fly with this lot, it seems... :)

    Good stuff, good lady. I'm intrigued.

  7. Anne, I loved that, too! It felt so real!

    LK, I just love that when you discover new things about your own characters. And it is a great concept, isn't it? Very dark and dangerous & irresistible.

    Simon, Ha! I was thinking the same thing. But what great interaction between them.

  8. What a great interview. The interaction between the characters is so interesting and engaging! :)

  9. That was great! Most engaging, indeed.

    Keep them coming :)

  10. Very enjoyable interview - great characters :) Love the dog too!

  11. Rhonda, engaging, for sure! Thanks for your comment. How is your book coming along?

    Quill, I will do my best--are you interested in participating in the series? Would love to have you?

    Jemi, Thank you, it was a pleasure to host Monica's interview. As for the dog, not sure why I threw her in there. I was looking at old photos of her, and random, I know.

  12. Thank you, thank you, one and all! I knew inviting all my characters into the room would make for trouble, but how could I resist? (Besides, they insisted.)
    I must say, Carol, you've hit upon one of the best blog ideas with these interviews. I love reading the interaction between the authors and their characters; so interesting and entertaining.
    Thanks, again, for hosting my rotten lot!

  13. Hi! Thanks for finding me and posting a comment. I love meeting new people! :)

  14. Monica, you are so sweet. It's been such an honor to host your interview! Marvelous piece, to be sure. Thank YOU for letting me post it and for your lovely compliments. I really do love this series. Something special happens when an author sits down to talk to his/her characters.

    Shannon, your'e welcome! thanks for coming by here as well. I look forward to your blog posts!

  15. Somehow missed this one earlier. What an awesome interview. I knew that I wanted to read Monica's book before, but this just makes me want to even more.

    I've pondered the idea of interviewing my own characters, but I'm afraid of what they'd say.

    Great blog concept, Carol. Looking forward to more.


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