Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sometimes, Being a Writer Rocks

In the event that you noticed I've been absent from the blogosphere for the last week (oh please, please, say you've noticed), allow me to say, I'm back, baby. And guess what? I'm bettah than evah! Why, you ask? Because I have finished the first draft of my second manuscript!!!!! Yahooooo!!!! *sparkly spaghetti and edible streamers flying everywhere* ("Roar!" says the crowd).

Exciting, no? To finish that first draft? It's my second completed manuscript, and yet, writing that final word this time around felt just as good as the first--better actually, as the writing feels much stronger. Dang, you learn a lot writing that first manuscript. I wrote that one in nearly the same amount of time as my latest one, but it was double the size and filled with painful adverbs, cliches, and info dump that required a heavy-duty sledgehammer and chainsaw to remove. And still, it will require some overhauling to make that sucker roadworthy. But my second manuscript? It took me exactly six weeks and three days to complete, coming in at roughly 90,000 words, and baby... it's
Finger-licking sweetness!!! I LOVE THIS NOVEL!!!!!

That adrenaline rush only lasts until the editing begins, so...let me revel a bit. On that note, in honor of my latest accomplishment, I thought I'd sit down and have a little chat with Anthony, one of the two main characters in this manuscript. Some of you might remember my first chat with Anthony, which occurred even before he appeared in the book. He was not all that thrilled with me then, but I've given him Scarlett since then, so,'ll see.

Anthony: So, what? No "I told you so"?

Me: No.

Anthony: Seriously?

Me: Yep.

Anthony: But what about all that "you'll thank me for every last one of her breaths" BS?

Me: [shrugs] I'm not petty like that.

Anthony: You're such a li--

Me: I told you so!

Anthony: I knew it. [smug grin]

Me: Whatever. I was right.

Anthony: And she only has two breasts, FYI.

Me: [arches brow] I'm waiting.

Anthony: For what?

Me: Your eternal gratitude. And for an explanation--gads man, what have you done to yourself? [flicks a finger over the ring on his lip]

Anthony: [smiles a wicked half-grin] Scarlett likes it.

Scarlett: [pops her head in through window] Don't be such a douche, Ace, and tell her why you got it.

Anthony: [strokes thumb over Scarlett's lower lip; smug expression softens] Letti, you're supposed to be waiting in the car with the others.

Scarlett: Yeah. Right.

Me: When did you guys come up with nicknames?

Anthony: You don't have to know everything, you know.

Me: Uh, yes I do.

Scarlett: No. You don't. [winks at Anthony; face flushes pink; lowers gaze to the floor]

Me: Scarlett. [frowns] You didn't. [gaze alternates between Scarlett and Anthony] Anthony?

Anthony: [averts his gaze to the floor] ....

Me: Anthony! What about all that "not until I have something more to offer you" BS? Huh? Huh? Look at you--you look like a frigging degenerate with that thing on your lip. And that shag...gads...what's wrong with you?

Anthony: [sighs; shakes head] Back up, Letti.

Me: Anthony, don't you dare. I'm not kidding. This was not part of the plan! You do not TOUCH her. I'm not kidd--where are you going? Don't friggin--what the hell?

Anthony: [Climbs out the window; straightens himself; pats Scarlett on the behind]

Me: [leans out the window] Anthony, this is not in the plan! Do you understand! It's frigging YA! You hear me?

Anthony: [Takes Scarlett by the hand and leads her towards car; without turning back, gives a one finger salute above his head with his free hand] ....

Me: Mother-effing randy teenagers. Seriously.

Gads, I love being a writer.


  1. Welcome back and congratulations on your finished manuscript! That's wonderful. I don't blame you for the sparkling spaghetti and streamers flying everywhere happiness. ;-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I recently (as in a week or two ago) finished my second novel as well! So super congrats. Can't wait to see some more of your posts :)

  3. Shannon, Thank you! Fun times, indeed.

    Marybeth, oh thank you! Congrats on your finish!

  4. Congratulations, Carol! And of course I noticed your absence from the blogosphere. I was just saying to myself today, "Self, where's Carol been? The last post on her blog was my guest post. Did I ruin her blog? Is she going to start another one and not tell me where it is so I can't follow her and ask her why she hates me now?"

    Then I snapped out of it and assumed that you were just busy, like I've been. Which you were--busy finishing your novel! Wonderful news, good lady. 90K words in 6 weeks is... epic!

    Plus, loved the randy teenagers not listening to you and doing their own damn thing. Pretty, uh, true to life, I suppose. :)

  5. Congratulations! There is nothing like typing that last word...although, with our last book, it was kind of sad to end. And, isn't it incredible how much stronger your writing gets with each completed manuscript?

    I love your dialogue between characters. Reminds me of the game "hot seat" I used to play with my sixth graders. They would get to play a character in front of the class and we would ask them questions. Really fun!

  6. Welcome back - you were most definitely missed!

    Congrats on finishing - such a great feeling. Anthony is a great character. It's gonna be a great book!

  7. Totally noticed. And totally love your split personality. Congrats, congrats. Celebratory award for you at
    my blog
    on Friday.


  8. Congrats on finishing! I just finished one last month...still basking in the glow.
    Now for revisions....

  9. Lisa and Laura, thank you! I agree, it was so sad to end it. But how amazing for you that you have each other through the process. I can't imagine anyone else feeling quite the same way about my work as I do. I must say, I'm a bit envious of what it must be like for the two of you.

    Jemi, many thanks, dear. I really hope so. I've enjoyed writing it. I suppose we'll see where it takes me.

    Michele, you are too kind!! And thank you for passing on the award!! I have several of your posts to catch up on now. *rubs hands together in glee*

    Iapetus999, why thank you, kind sir!! And congrats on your finish as well!! So very exciting. I will watch and see how your editing progresses. I will likely not be editing this one until after the new year. So, I suppose I have some time to revel yet ;)

  10. Simon, you silly! Your post was so fab, I felt comfortable leaving it as my very last post for the last week. Probably could've left it up there for a month. I'm sort of sad now that my own posts will be burying it. The only thing to be done is to have you back, of course.

    Thank you for your kind words. As for the teenagers--oh my, Scarlett is, well, very much like I was. I would've loved to have an Anthony at the same age. And after what I just put them through, Anthony is totally justified in flipping me off.

    Ah well, have you had much chance to get some things brewing for the novel? Have ya? Huh? Pretty psyched over here.

  11. Congrats that is awesome and you have def been missed!!!

  12. Yes, being a writer rocks. The rush comes and goes, but the accomplishment never ends.

  13. Frankie, thank you, dear!! I've also been missing your fab blog posts!!

    Medeia, it's great isn't it? The lows are worth it because are the highs are so amazing! I love the sense of accomplishment that comes out of finishing! Can't imagine what it will feel like to see the writing get published. Wow.

  14. Mega congrats on finishing! I hope the elation hasn't worn off yet, because I gave you an award over on my blog!

  15. That is a huge accomplishment! Congrats! And for the record, I like the snuggle bear brand! Thanks for reading my branding article on Lisa and Laura's site

  16. I LOVE this interview! I just sent you an e-mail - but the last part especially? it ROCKED! I am so thankful I wasn't drinking water or anything while reading bc I would have ruined my screen!!

    Hurry and edit, crittie, bc I am SO pumped to read it (if you share)!! xo

  17. good for you! another novel under your belt! It's amazing how much better the writing is the second time around. The things you don't have to edit out!

  18. Angie, you are soooooo amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel crazy special. If my head doesn't stop sweeling, I do believe I will need to be hospitalized for medically-induced popping.

    Daisy, thank you! Your article was brilliant. So, in that respect, THANK YOU!

    Sara, I'm so lucky to have you. I can't wait to read your Shattered, and I'm thrilled to be able to share mine with you. Thank you for your lovely comments!!! My heart just swelled.

    Tamara, you are so kind! And I hope you're right! The amount of editing I've had to do on book 1 is ridiculous. I hope it won't require such a severed sword on the 2nd ;)

  19. lol you are so creative and funny!

  20. I did notice you were absent. Congrats on finishing! Anthony sounds like a right handful!

  21. Rhiannon, Awww...thank you! Anthony is definitely a handful, but so much fun to write!

  22. LOL. So funny! Congratulations on finishing!


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