Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ten Facts Worth Noting: Honest Scrapper Part II

I left yesterday's post rather unfinished--understandable, though, as I was suffering the effects of Ebola and all. I did at least manage to get through the first part of the Honest Scrap Award requirements...sort sure to check out what those were here. But now I will comply with the final requirement of highlighting ten (embarrassing) facts about myself. Feel free to skip number eight.

1. I have a terrible memory. For example, I could never remember the name of a friend I saw ALL the time. Every time I would see her, I would just nod my head and pretend like I was under no obligation to call her by name, even though she clearly remembered mine. It turns out her name is...huh...ah yes--no. Ah! Carol.

1. I learned English when I was seven years old--in like four months. But before then, I used to pretend I knew how to speak English by muttering gibberish that usually sounded something like "lurdy gurdy gurdle."

2. I was born in Guayaquil, a coastal city in Ecuador, but I first lived in a town called Milagro. Translated, Milagro means "miracle," but having visited the place, I'm not sure there is anything so miraculous about it. In fact, I believe that is where my Dad acquired Typhoid. But it probably was not a smart idea to eat raw oysters from a street vendor, although my dad did survive the episode-therein lies the miracle, perhaps.

3. When I was very small, my favorite color was pink, but only in secret. My sister had informed me since pink was her favorite color, I had to choose another one. So to this day, as far as my sister knows, my favorite color is yellow.

4. My hair is naturally very curly. But I straighten it to look like normal people.

5. There are words I use in writing all the time that I don't know how to pronounce out loud. In the event that I meet you in person, I'd rather you didn't prompt me to have to say out loud any of those words, so for now, I won't tell you what they are. But if your name is Siobhan, I will always refer to you as, "Hey there...lady." I know that seems like a non sequitur, but it's not. And yes, I know how to pronounce non sequitur.

6. At one time in my life, I was a virgin. Do not laugh; it's totally possible one of the wise men looked like Santa.

7. When I was in nursery school, I was elected to be Princesita de Navidad (Little Princess of Christmas). I'm pretty sure it was rigged.
Note the "I" after my name. Talk about delusions of grandeur.

8. I have braces. Yes, the hideous metal brackets that make me look like a freakishly old fourteen year old. I got them this past September and will have to wear them for nine months. So until June, you will only see new photos of me that look like this:

Yes, it's humiliating. But it builds character. Or so I'm told. By the way, that is not my baby, but my beautiful little niece.

9. When I was in high school, I was in show choir. I'd love to post a photo for you to see. But I'm not that insane. Funny thing is, I can't really sing. Oh, the irony. Strangely enough, I won a Best Performer award at one of our competitions. Yeahhh....

If you have no idea what show choir is, here's a YouTube clip. And no, this was not my choir. We were not this cool.

10. I do have some strange OCD tendencies, but probably the weirdest is the brushing of my tongue. I could, in all seriousness, sit and brush my tongue for hours. I don't know why, but it's very satisfying, like scratching an itch. I've debated the merits of getting a tongue ring...indeed, I think the only thing that stops me is the thought that my twelve year old would probably drop dead of mortification. And I really prefer her alive.

There you have it: ten facts that will have me quaking and curling into a fetal position if you are ever to meet me in real life. Oh wait. Make that eleven. Looks like I forgot I already had a number 1. Go figure.

P.S. I'm pretty sure I don't have Ebola now. It turns out your eyes are supposed to bleed. Who knew?


  1. My hair is super curly too!! And I straighten in also (but not all the time, now that it's getting longer).

    And tongue brushing? Well - I suppose you'll NEVER have to worry about halitosis ;-)

    I bet your "English gibberish" sounds just like I do when I pretend to speak French... Or Russian... (Or, possibly, soon to include Italian, haha) And I'm not 7. I'm 28... haha

  2. Cute picture with you in the tiara. There are some words I use that I can't pronounce either. I enjoyed reading this. We all have embarrassing traits. :D

  3. Sara, I had no idea your hair was naturally curly. Couldn't have guessed it from your pics. Drives me nutty, especially in humid weather. As for halitosis, not sure. Maybe that's embarrassing fat number 12? It's a weird habit I have of brushing my tongue. I developed it when I was pregnant w/ my oldest. As for the gibberish, I don't know why, ut for some reason, English sounded to me like a lot of R's and L's. Weird, huh?

    Medeia--love your name, by the way. Although I'm sure I'd butcher it trying to pronounce it! Thanks you for the kind words. You know, I think our embarrassing traits always seem more humiliating to us than to others. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking....

  4. LOL. I'm loving this list (and totally procrastinating heading over to my own blog to put up my own list...YIKES!). The tiara picture is absolutely priceless!

  5. Love the list--you're such an interesting person!

    I'm going to join your other hair is straight as a stick and I'd love to have it curly!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. LOL Great posting! I have a bad memory too. Sometimes I forget something that I just did (like cleaning the dishes in the sink) only to go and try to do it again (then realize they aren't there anymore). But that's kind of a happy little surprise.

  7. Rhonda, why thank you very much. I still have that tiara and will, on occasion put it on. Except it doesn't fit so well on my melon any more. So it tends to have a "You-suck-as-a-princess" effect on me. Ha! Looking forward to your blog post!

    Elizabeth, thank you! I say we trade hair for a while. I work so hard to make it look like yours and a few drops of water will ruin it all!

    Courtney, now that's the kind of memory loss I could be happy with! Ha! My kind is thekind that has mestruggling to remember certain words...not fun when you're a writer!

  8. My youngest daughter's middle name's Siobhan. It's a very pretty name (when pronounced correctly :)

    Don't beat yourself up over the Gaelic names. They're notoriously difficult to pronounce. For example, Mhairi would be pronounced Vari. (And Siobhan is Shivon, btw, though I think you knew that...).

    Can I refer to you as Princesita from now on?

  9. Great photos! So cute :)

    I have straight hair too, but I'm okay with it - sometimes...

    I'm with you on the lack of memory. I can't remember names pretty much ever. I run in to former students all the time. I know I've taught them, probably know the school, but the name? Not a chance. Drives me batty :)

  10. My hair can't make up its mind as to whether or not it wants to be curly... so it settles for being a kind of frizzy, wavy mess most of the time.

    And I had braces twice. The first time was in 3rd grade (my mouth was really screwed up so they had to start early) and the second time was in junior high, when pretty much everything was working against me. I also had a headgear, was 5'9", and weighed a grand total of 115 pounds. It was TRAGIC.

  11. Simon, it's a beautiful name! And yes, I did make sure to look it up before I posted, just in case any one asked ;) But truly, I had no idea how to pronounce it before! And please, feel free to call me Princesita. I don't mind, as long as you don't mind me calling you Uncle George.

    Jemi, thank you! That memory loss thing--is this a sign of age or is it a writer thing? Makes writing singularly tough doesn't it?

    Anne, oh my word, I cringed reading your poor description. You poor poor thing. The nice thing is now instead of headgear they have fierce torturous contraptions that get put into your mouth. But that's pretty severe stuff. I won't be getting that. I'm so glad to see you are out of braces. Your teeth are lovely now. As for hair, my youngest has curly hair, but she calls it fuzzy. Poor thing, she's already self-conscious!

  12. A cute little girl has grown into an extraordinarily beautiful woman - braces and all :)

    Great to get to know you better.

    PS. Regarding hair. Mine doesn't know what it's supposed to be doing. Someday's it's quite curly, others it's straight. Totally suits its owner. Very strange!

  13. Quill, you are too kind. Honestly, I think my entire face is on fire. Geez, could I <3 you any more? Thank you for such a lovely compliment. I look forward to seeing you post your own list of facts! And I love how you compare your hair to your personality. Perhaps it's the effects of New Zealand on both the girl and the hair? Either way, both are beautiful ;)

  14. Okay, I didn't know your eyes were *supposed* to bleed, but I think that would make me cry. Which, now that I think about it, might exacerbate the problem.

    I realize that #3 isn't exactly supposed to be funny, but the way you worded it made me laugh.

    I totally know how to pronounce Siobhan! And Niamh and Sidhean. But there are words I use all the time that I don't know how to pronounce, either. Funny story, though: my dad pronounces "derisive" wrong--he's a lawyer. I was pretty smug when I got to correct him. English major > lawyer, clearly ;)

    I think I'm the only one in the crit group who doesn't have curly hair. I have "wavy" hair (which means I have freakishly frizzy hair.) The best part, though, is that because it's SO long, the back part dries straight, but the front part still dries "wavy". Oh, it's so fun to deal with.

  15. Alexandra, you are so adorable. Or I should say beautiful. Haven't noticed any strange quirks with your hair--not in the slightest. And #3 was pretty funny actually. I've actually sort of combined the two colors and now I like corral. And that's hilarious about your dad, by the way. How did he pronounce it? I can't imagine pronouncing it any other way. And I'm not surprised you know how to pronounce those names, cuz you're awesome like that.


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