Sunday, December 6, 2009

Win a Signed Copy of Twilight! (And Discover Ten Reasons Why Edward Should Love Me)

So, was that blog post title enough to draw you in or what? I'm not even lying, folks. It's true. You can win a signed copy of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, and all you have to do is fill out an entry form at Shannon Messenger's blog. If you win, you'll get this:

Now, you must be asking youself: why would she blog about a contest when it could potentially lessen her chance of winning?

My answer: 1. I get two extra entries into the contest because of this blog post, so there. 2. It's a great prize and a really cool contest worth blogging about 3. It saves me from having to find something else to blog about today 4. It's another way for me to advertise Shannon's blog which is pretty frigging awesome. So be sure to check it out. Here's a link to the main blog page: AWESOME BLOG

On that note, I thought I would highlight for you TEN THINGS I HAVE IN COMMON WITH TWILIGHT just to show you how cool (nerdy) I am.

(****Spoilers ALERT. If you have not read the Twilight series and intend to, you probably don't want to read the list below. Just saying.)

1. Bella is 5'4". Guess who else is 5'4"? Uh-huh. Moi.

2. Bella's birthday is September 13. Guess who else has a birthday on September 13? That would be me, suckas.

3. Bella has a creepy stalker guy watching her all the time. Guess who else had a...oh crap...not a cool thing. Skip this one.

4. Bella likes things that sparkle in the daylight. Yep, me too.

5. Bella had a difficult pregnancy and delivery and became a teen mom...yeah...not advisable, but...well...we're like twins, Bella and me. We do everything the same. Thankfully, my labor only lasted five days. Hers ended with her heart stopping. That kind of sucks.

6. Bella had a dog who loved her first and then fell in love with her child. I swear, this happened to me, too. Check out my dog.

7. Bella had a beefy brother-like person (Emmett) who looked out for her. Mine plays Rugby. I know he looks nice here, but mess with me and my brother won't bat an eye at beating the ever-loving tar out of you. Still, he's the nicest guy I know.

8. Bella had no sense of fashion whatsoever. This one, I don't like to admit to so much, but it is what it is. I'm a fashion dunce.

9. Bella clearly has to deal with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), struggling at first to live in a sunless environment. Oh, too!! The first six months in England were tragic for me. Actually, I blogged about that. You can check it out, if you want.

10. Last but certainly not least, Bella and I both love this guy (sort of):

I always love ending on a happy note. Although, maybe not so happy for you now that you realize Edward is destined to be with me. Sorry, people. It is what it is.

Anyway, happy Reading. Happy dreaming. Now go check out Shannon's blog to enter an epic contest! Better Hurry; contest ends December 10th!


  1. Edward should totally dump Bella for you... You are probably a better actor ;)

  2. Didn't you comment on my blog a while ago that we must be twins? Separated at birth or something? So now not only do we share a favorite concrete admixture (?), we're also:

    1. Both 5'4". (What? I'm short, okay? What do you mean my personality's an ill-disguised way of compensating for my height? Leave me alone.)

    2.Born on the same, um, week. But really, it's only an error of a few days one way or another. It could really have been the same day, allowing for some fudging of the facts. And geography.

    3. I have very little fashion sense also. I know. It's what disqualified me from the 007 program. That and the height thing. I'm debonair enough, though...

    Clearly the universe is up to something. I just don't know what yet. :)

  3. Fun post & replies - Simon - you crack me up!!

    I spotted Shannon's post the other day - great blog and contest!

  4. Eisley, I MUST agree with you! I'm a far better match for Edward and closer to his real age than Bella, for sure.

    Simon, Dude I totally grew up thinking I was tall, contrary to all evidence. But you know, I hear short is the new tall. And I agree with you--I think the universe is trying to tell us something. I believe it's whispering to us that we should be dance partners at a joint birthday party. Better yet, at our party, you dance with (distract) Bella while I run off with Edward.

    Jemi, thanks! It was fun to write it. Funny you should say that about Simon. I seem to start every other conversation with him with those very same words.

  5. Hey, I gave you an award on my blog ;)

  6. I should have written, Hey I edited my last Love Hate post and gave you an award ;) I forgot to plug those in before I hit POST! ;)

  7. It's decided! You're a much better candidate for life with Edward. :)

    And...cute dog!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  8. OMG this was hilarious, and yeah he should totally dump Bella for you. I mean really? You even come with a cute dog!

  9. Love it! I have SAD too... TANNING is the word I'll say (errr write). It works wonders (though, yes, I know it's bad. But come on! I quit smoking two years ago - gimme at least ONE vice)

    Yay virgos! We're 3 days apart - and Simon too! that's cool :-) We'll have to have a triple birthday party next year!

    AND I'm also 5'4! (Though my most recent dr. apt revealed that I'm more like 5'4 & 3/4 - so I claim 5'5.

    Finally - holy cow Carol. 5 days for delivery??? That's rough! But well worth it, no? :-)


  10. Eisley, you are so kind! thank you so much! I look forward to posting it on my blog. Now, to choose some other blogs to give it to. Hmm...

    Elizabeth, aw, thank you! I really loved that dog. Her name is Peaches, but we don't have her any more. We had to give her away when we moved to England. It was heartbreaking.

    Frankie, thank you! I hope Edward feels the same way as you ;) I'm glad you enjoyed the post. It's always fun to be silly.

  11. Sara, I was just thinking the same thing. Definitely joint birthday party. How funny is that? We're triplets. Bella can make us quadruplet. lol. How cool we're the same height. I swear, the universe is definitely telling us something! Ha! And yes, 5 days. It was madness. I had two words to say through it all: Death Now. But yes, well worth it. Although, there's a good reason why I waited 9 years to have another ;)

  12. If I liked Twilight (I know, I'm sorry!) I'd totally do this. Five days? Um. I'm in awe? AWE, I tell ya. And the dog? More dog!

  13. Fun post. Hope you and Edward will be very happy together :)

    Gorgeous little dog. I could positively cuddle him/her to death!

  14. Misadventuresofmommy, that's okay. I think Twilight is one of those you either really love or you hate. My sis and I normally like a lot of the same books, but she can't stand Twilight. I can't help myself. Something about a sparkly vampire that draws me in. But the doggie-Peaches--is sadly no longer with us. We had to give her away when we moved to England. It was heartbreaking. But we have lots of old pictures. That one above is from our first days with her.

    Quill, thank you for the well wishes. I think Edward and I make a lovely couple. Just like Ashton and Demi ;) And thank ou for the compliment on Peaches. She was my cuddlebug.

  15. Note to self: No reading Carol's blog with a mouth full of monitor does not look good with speckles of Coke (the drink, not the powder) all over it!

    You're're clearly the superior Bella. After all, you managed to survive 5 days of labor...granted, you (probably) weren't giving birth to a vampire/human hybrid, but still..

  16. Rhonda, I have a bad habit of doing that. And I just had a visual of you splattering coke all over you monitor (except, for some reason, it was the powder, not the liquid. Weird?). And thank you for the acknowledgment. I like to think I'm superior to Bella, but I can say that cuz Bella's not real and her very unreal vampire boyfriend will not be sucking my blood out of spite. (Yes, writing that last bit actually made me tear up a little)

  17. OMG just like Ashton & Demi. LOL hahaha You are so funny Carol. hahaha

    also - I forgot to say this on my blog - but it's not my quoting you that makes you an author... it's your phenomenal storytelling/writing skills that do it :-)

  18. Sara, you are one of a kind, my dear. Thank you. That's very kind of you to say. But there's just something about being quoted that makes me feel sort of special. I swear, I do a little dance in my head every time I get RT'd on Twitter. I'm such a nerd.


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