Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another 2 AM Post: Blame It on Sara

Why are you still awake, Carol????

Blame it on Sara. That’s all I’m gonna say. That and Creepeas.

Anyway, because of Sara, who made me laugh until I nearly peed my pants, I am still awake, so I might as well write a blog post, since I’ve been horribly negligent anyway. First, I’ll focus on….


~~~Breaking News~~~

I forgot to comment on Sara’s McClung’s latest blog post, but not just any blog post, the blog post that featured the trailer for her latest manuscript, Shattered (yes, I realize I said blog post 3 times…err, four). And while this isn’t necessarily flogging-worthy, it’s definitely bad form for a CP. So, I was tempted to hide in shame, and did…for a while.


Reading Twilight 

But I’m shedding my shame skin now. So S, this one is just for you, a photo of utter dorkdom, just to show you how sincere my apology is <3 <3 <3



Oh, the embarrassment! Do you not see what I sacrifice for you? Ah, the misery!!! Let this be a lesson to you writers: be thoughtful of your CPs.


Okay, I am now redeemed. Yay!

But while I’m here, guess what my other CP, Alexandra Shostak, made for me? Squeeeeeee!!!  Another cover for my AETERNUS manuscript!




Isn’t it totally wicked awesome?!!!! OMG, a thing of delicious beauty. Seriously, people Alexandra has got to be one of the most rockin CP’s EVAH!!! Thank you, A!!! BIG <3 <3 <3, mi magnífiquita!!!!*

In other news, I’ve waited so long to blog about blog bling, that, um, I’ve been awarded six more blog awards by eleven people! Doh! Getting a bit backed up here, I think. But I LOVE these awards and adore the bloggies who passed them on to me, so that’s coming up soon.  Please don’t think I’ve ignored you if you passed an award on to me sometime in the last month (or two).

AND I’ve also won a few things lately, like, enough to make me think now must be the time I should be playing the lottery. Seriously, people, I’ve been crazy lucky lately—so much so that I think Lucky Lou should be my new nickname. No, I don’t really think that. That’s 2 AM talking. Please don’t call me Lucky Lou. Please. Anyway, I will soon be blogging about all the things I’ve won, and yes, my magic secret for winning. No, I’m not gonna tell you now. You’ll just have to wait. Have your Powerball ticket ready to fill out.

Okay, then, so there’s the news. Now I have to find a way to end this post.


Nope, nothing. So, I think I’ll end with some last lines of stories someone else wrote. See if you can figure out who authored them(same person for all) and drop a line in my comments section.**


~~Ending Lines~~

*Bill selected a sandwich from the lunch basket and walked over to have a look at the rods.

*The photographs did not make much difference to the major because he only looked out the window.

*In the evening, they all sat at dinner together in the garden under a plane tree and the hot evening wind blew and Elliot drank white wine and Mrs. Elliot and the girl friend made conversation and they were all quite happy.

*A short time after he contracted gonorrhea from a sales girl in a loop department store while riding in a taxicab through Lincoln Park.

*In the early morning on the lake sitting in the stern of the boat with his father rowing, he felt quite sure that he would never die.


There you have it, five ending lines by the same author. I bet you’d never guess that someone really famous for their brilliant writing wrote them, huh? Well, maybe you would if you know this author’s writing. It goes to show you, though, that your final line doesn’t have to go off like fireworks to be effective. Each of these final lines presents a fairly clear image. But what makes them even more effective (and you’ll just have to trust me on this), is that these final images relate in a very poignant way to the images that came before them. They are deceptively simple, but only when they stand alone. Indeed, these endings are actually amazingly strong. I’ll probably explain why. Later.  Like Tuesday or something. I’ll likely still be sleeping until then.

In honor of final lines (get it? ha!), thought I’d bring you this video.*** No, it’s not just a Folgers Singular Sensations advert.






*This cover will mean something even cooler on Monday. You’ll see.

**Simon, don’t say a word. You’re disqualified from answering because I know you know already. No, that does not mean there’s a prize. Put your hand down—I’m not gonna call on you. Besides, I’ve just mastered the Kesagiri Chop, and let me tell ya, not fun to be on the wrong end of that one.

***Disclaimer: This video may cause nightmares. Use at your own discretion. No Life Guard on Duty.


  1. Ernest Hemingway - Indian Camp ;o)

    The video - scary...really scary...

  2. oh I meant to say the last line is Indian Camp - got distracted by the video noise...its the only one I recognized right off the bat.

  3. Alexandra makes great covers! You'll have to build a new mantle for all the awards. Congrats!

  4. Oh, that's just mean. You know fine well I know who wrote those, and most of them I could peg the story too. WTH, Carol! Did you seriously just disqualify me preemptively? Sheesh! *grumble* *grumble* *complain about Carol having figured me out already* *grumble*

    Now I have to go Google how to avoid a Kesagiri chop... *duck* *swerve*

    And, um... cute pic. ;)

  5. Dude, I wrote negligent...ugh. For the record, I haven't been negligent. I have been neglectful. Oh, those darn 2 AM posts! Tangle me up every time.

    M.Gray, why thank you, dear. It's not the most flattering, but there you go. I deserve the public humiliation ;)

    Southern Princess Courtney, I will neither confirm nor deny those allegations...ha! And yes, that video will frighten the kiddies for sure. Run while you can!

    Anissa, you're a doll! Thank you! I just love my shiny new cover. Alexandra is amazing!!

  6. Tricia, Ha! I've got the hubs working on the wider mantle now ;) And yes, Alexandra is maja talented. I've been incredibly lucky with my CPs. But then, it seems I'm a pretty lucky person lately. Haha! Thanks for your comment, m'dear!

    Simon, I knew it was mean, but it could not be avoided. You're far too wise for your years, young man. And just so you know, you will only need to worry about the Kesagiri chop if you actually answer the questions. Or, you know, if you make fun of my pictures. But the jury is still out on the last one until I finish scrutinizing your last comment for sarcasm. So far, you're in the clear.

  7. Frankie, :) Thanks! I aim for the funny, but it's always an uncertain thing at 2 AM ;)

  8. Funny post. Interesting last lines. I never thought of checking those out before. Who was the author?

  9. Elle, thank you! I'll probably do another blog post discussing final lines! You'll find out then ;) But it's interesting, isn't it? Not one of those lines seems like it would be suitable to end a story. And yet, they're perfect.

  10. That cover is sooooo amazing. Seriously... I'd buy a book based on that cover. (Yes, I judge books by their covers... bad, bad me.)

  11. Aw, another beautiful cover! I'm so jealous!

    Yes, that video did make me shiver! EW!

  12. Love the cover. Love your humor. Miss Lolita.

    Great post honey!

  13. Wendy, oh man, I'm the same way. I'm such a sucker for book covers!!

    A, I'll send you an e-mail. You're gonna crack up if S hasn't told you yet.

    Melissa, aw, I bet you'll have a spanking awesome book cover!

  14. Wendy, you are so sweet! Thank, blogsis! And you're spot on--methinks Lolita took over this one, at least in part.

  15. You are too funny! BTW--Love the cover way cool:)

  16. OMG hahaha. You are too funny. Last night was freaking hysterical!!

    OMG I love the coverrrrrrrr

    I don't know any of the last lines, but I can think of one ex-boyfriend in particular who I wouldn't mind if this one was about:

    *A short time after he contracted gonorrhea from a sales girl in a loop department store while riding in a taxicab through Lincoln Park.

  17. also, why does that video make you shudder?

  18. That cover is beautiful, Carol! I'm like, not jealous or anything like that...ha!

    And the dorkdom picture is classic. I bet you're a wonderful CP! Just taking fun pictures like that proves it. I think you should be forgiven. : )

  19. Love the cover! I'm another one who gets a little too excited about great covers - I'd seriously buy this one based solely on that cover :)

  20. NICE COVER! Very sexy. Congrats on all the winnings of stuff. :)

  21. Love the cover and all of the endings. We obsess over our first and last lines--I just hope they do what they're supposed to do.

    Congrats on the awards! Well deserved.

  22. I Googled those last was very interesting to find out who wrote them.

    Lovely cover, by the way.

  23. OK I have no idea what a CP is but I get the feeling I should. What is it? Also, that picture reminds me of The Scream by Munch. Just add a trippy background and you could call it The Tongue.

  24. I love the cover, and the post is a fun one! :)

    First and last lines are so interesting, aren't they?

  25. Christine, awww, thanks!!

    Sara, dude, you are too insanely funny. Leave it to you to take a classic final line and make it so frigging hilarious! Hahahahaha!! That's too good. OMG. Haha! Oh, and that video makes me shudder because...good question. Perhaps it's all that GOLD. So shiny and scary. And the tophats, too. So very tophatty and freaky since they don't have trousers.

    Kimberly, haha!! I hope she forgives me. But Sara's good like that ;) And yes, I feel crazy lucky!!

    Jemi, ooooooh, that makes me happy to hear it!!! Yay!! Totally boosts my confidence ;)

    Karen, why thank you, sweetie! and guess what I got in the mail today?!!!!!! Yayaya! I hope to blog about it on Friday. Thanks so much!! (I'll send you an e-mail too)

  26. LiLa, I don't blame you! Those first and last lines leave the deepest impression, for sure. And thank you! I just wish I were better about blogging about the awards. I'm so lame sometimes.

    Medeia, Oh cool!! I think you're the only one who did that. Awesome! And those stories are totally worth the read, too. One of my fave authors.

    Christopher, haha! I forget sometimes how ridiculous I must sound. CP is short for critique partner (at least in my vocab--not sure about others). I'm totally gonna have to google Munch, by the way. *runs to google* OMG, you didn't!!! You meant THAT scream!!! AHHHHH! (OKAY, I totally deserve that for knowing next to nothing about art, but to my credit, I have seen that painting). But, yeah, okay, I see what you mean. You're a little right. A little.

    Dawn, thank you! Last lines are so cool when they stand alone. It's interesting to try to imagine what must have preceded it.

  27. Hahahahhaah the dork pic made me crack up! I have SO many dork pics of myself. :) And I went "oooooooooh!!" at the cover, how beautiful!

  28. Ha! When I said it reminded me of the scream I didn't mean you looked like an alien! Just the way your head kind of tilts just sort of fits. And yes, let's go to the art institute stat!

  29. That's a great cover! Congrats on winning stuff! There's so many contests going lately. It's crazy!

  30. Julie, Thank you!! Alexandra is a marvel. Gotta love a good dork pic, too. Although I prefer dork pics of other people ;)

    Christopher, Ah...well, thank you for the clairification. Although I think I might see a bit of the alien head in there, now that you mention it ;)

    Lady Glamis, Thank you! And yes, so many contests, it's hard to keep up. And the blogfests? Goodness, so many now. If one couldn't think of something to write about before, there are plenty of excuses now.

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