Saturday, February 13, 2010

It’s All Simon’s Fault

Due to unforeseen circumstances—eeh hemmm…SimonSimon and I were unable to coordinate our final blog posts for Flash Fiction Week as scheduled. Of course it had nothing to do with anything I did. NOOOOOO. No. nononono. Let’s just set the record straight here.

It was all Simon’s fault. Entirely.

Oh ho ho, was it ever Simon’s fault. I mean, I heard all sorts of lame excuses (like, a kid’s birthday? Pshaw!)…which, okay, I didn’t ask questions. Sometimes, you just don’t, right? So, yeah, it’s all Simon’s fault. It had NOTHING whatsoever to do with me. NOTHING at all.  It’s his fault he was not able to get a hold of me on my (turned off) mobile phone. Okay, yeah, my Internet wasn’t working either, but, I mean, ever heard of carrier pigeons? Uh, duh. Seriously, the dude has no concept of ESP, apparently. Or, like, Morse code, even. None. I mean, ever heard of a message in a bottle? It’s not just a book, you know. I would totally have abandoned movie-watching day to write MY blog post had he just figured out a way to communicate with me.

However, we will be posting one last time. It’s important for us to show not just how amazing all of our contest entries were, but how difficult it was to judge for the Cosmic Coincidence Contest.  Except we won’t be able to post tomorrow because of the Love at First Sight Blogfest hosted by the lovely Courtney Reese and her critique group Critique This. Instead, we will be posting about the final contest entries this coming Monday, February 15, 2010.

But, please do accept our apologies for the delay. Although to be quite frank, it’s Simon who should be the most apologetic, as it’s his fault. I accept that it’s possible that it’s not entirely Simon's fault—it could be the cosmos at work, but it hardly seems fitting to blame the universe, since that’s kind of a cop out. So we’ll just blame it on Simon. But please be sure to check in on Monday. I promise it will be way more fun than being swallowed whole by an anaconda.


  1. *snork* Mad, the pair of you. :)

  2. Haha! You guys are as mad as hatters. Mad, I tell you. Bonkers. Nutso. Cuckoo.... need I go on?

    But gee, I love you guys. Both your posts have brightened up my day considerably :)

    PS. I still think your both off your rockers though :)

  3. Haha you guys are so entertaining-you should dual blog from now on.

  4. I can barely even coordinate with MYSELF to blog, and can only imagine trying to coordinate with someone else! Y'all are too funny.


  5. Oh that Simon. Seems nice enough and all, but soooo unreliable...

  6. You're better at delegating blame than I am. I'm truly impressed. Someone's gotta take the fall why not him?

  7. You guys are too funny!!! I love blog dueling!

  8. Merrilee, I still say it's Simon's fault :)

    Wendy, As long as you still love me ;)

    Frankie, What makes you say that? What did that Simon say? OMG, he said it was MY fault, didn't he? That boy...

    Elizabeth, it has not been easy, that's for sure!

    Livia, how right you are. Truly. I fell for the nice act, too. And here, I am, left with a (turned off) phone, waiting for it to ring. *sigh*

    Christopher, Oh yes. This will be my new slogan in life: Got a problem? Blame it on Simon.

    Jen, ha! Blog dueling...a thing of beauty ;)

  9. LOL :)

    I've found your post first - now I'm interested to see what Simon has to say...

  10. Jemi, whatever he says, don't believe it. That boy can spin a tale out of anything. It's all lies, I tell you. All LIES!!!! Dirty, rotten little....


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