Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some News

I had intended to blog about adverbs the last few days, but somehow, the time has gotten away from me to blog at all. I know, you’re disappointed (Dang it, I needed to know about adverbs!!!!). So sorry.

Actually, I don’t even really have the time to blog today. It does not help that I was awake until 3 AM…again (I know, right moron), so that I did not wake up until 11 AM, which for a mom, is like a comedy of errors waiting to happen (you really have no idea what can happen while you’re asleep. Oh my word, no idea. Hint: Syrup. Peanut Butter. Playdough. Gift Wrap).  BUT, there are a couple of scheduled activities that I wanted to highlight before tomorrow, so I’m squeezing this baby in. I recommend you participate in both of them (obviously, since, you know, I’m mentioning them).


Elana Johnson is hosting the Pay It Forward Query Critique Contest, in which you can win a query critique by one of five fabulous literary agents. But it ends tomorrow, February 21, 2010 at 10 PM (MST), so HURRY UP!


Laurel Garver is hosting The Whoops! Blogfest, for which writers should post “clumsy, awkward, embarrassing moments suffered by a character in a WIP, or post links to laughable gaffes from film, YouTube or Fail Blog” (Garver). This blogfest is taking place Monday, February 22, 2010. Be sure to sign up on the McLinky widget on Laurel’s Leaves.


So off you go, click click. And get to work on that Whoops scene. For now, I’m off to play mom. Yeahhhhh. I enjoy syrup. Just not on my floor. Or on playdough. OMG, I actually stepped barefoot on a piece of bacon…in my living room. *Sigh


  1. Hang in there Carol! Thanks for the links.

    Here's a little advanced word: a few of us have planned a "Drunk At First Sight" Blogfest to coincide with St. Patrick's Day. You can get all the details at my place starting tomorrow!

    Man, there's a bevy of blogfests going on. What could be better? (OK. Don't answer that).

  2. Poor, poor Carol! Syrup and playdough... no good. Have a great day!

  3. Oh, thanks for reminding me... I promised to pimp Laurel's blogfest. Off to do that now.

    And a "Drunk at First Sight" Blogfest? Hahaahahahahaa!

    Somehow I think that's a good one for me to participate in. Dunno why...

  4. Hi Carol
    Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen it before.
    I don't often make it past 2 am so I'm impressed by your durability. The 6am alarm makes my life 'peachy' or the opposite, thereof!

  5. Thanks for the blogfest shout-out, Carol!

    Bacon in the living room sounds very familiar. I find the most peculiar "party mixes" under the couch cushions--dessicated fruitsnacks, popcorn kernels, pretzels, miniwheats, fruitloops.

  6. I never had the syrup/play dough combination - thankfully! Hope the day gets better :)

  7. Syrup, playdough, peanut butter and giftwrap. That does not sound like a good combination! No more than the glue, glitter, stickers and paint combo waiting for me one morning (courtesy my middle child). Fortunately, my oldest and youngest will sleep in with me, but not miss early bird. So I totally feel your pain:)

  8. So much going on. So little time...

    Hope you've cleaned up the mess? Lolita will be cross otherwise...

  9. Sounds like you're living your Whoops scene!

  10. Barefoot on bacon, oh, no! When I was 12 my girlfriend stepped barefoot on a caterpillar. The screams are not to be forgotten.

  11. I am so feeling your pain. Hang in there, sister!

  12. Thanks for the links!! I hope you're well. :)


    from the desk of a writer

  13. Jon Paul, I'll be sure to check it out. Drunk at first sight blogfest? Oh my...haha! Watch the creativity explode.

    Kimberly, thanks dear! You, too!

    Simon, I can't imagine why. You don't drink, do you?

    Elaine, oh my word, I think I'd go bonkers with an alarm clock. I have one, but the rare few times I've used it, I've slept right through it. But 6 AM? Oh gosh, that makes my skin crawl. AHHHHH! Thankfully, my children aren't such early risers. How do you do it?

  14. Laurel, you're welcome! And yes, couches are the perfect hiding spots for children's little treasures. Once, when I was a kid, I stumbled upon (under a couch cushion) one of those giant bologna blocks with several bites taken out of it--the teeth marks were clearly my brother's. Talk about horrifying.

    Jemi, I'm always amazed by my daughter's creativity. I'm sure she hates it when I hamper the artist in her.

    Melissa, I think it's safe to say our children would get along quite well. It must be the artists in them. This morning I managed to convince my little one to let me sleep an extra half hour, but I woke to find her coloring on one of my notebooks, right over my notes. *sigh

    Wendy, actually Lolita relished the fun of it all. It was me who mumbled curse words beneath her breath. But technically, it's sort of my fault, so what could I do but hit my forehead a few times on the wall?

  15. Elle, yes!! I hadn't thought of it that way. How nice to look back at a frustrating moment and think, now THAT would make a good story.

    Tricia, oh my word. Barefoot on a caterpillar? I think I would have hyperventilated myself into a coma. Your poor friend.

    Anissa, thank you, doll!

    Karen, hahahaha! This is probably an order I should follow.

    Corra, thank you!


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