Monday, March 1, 2010


You thought I was lying about that luck thing, didn’t you?

Ah well, I know it’s hard to believe. But just so you know, I won again. I am definitely feeling the love from old Miss Universe (no, not this one). Thanks to Kristi Chestnutt of Random Daily Thoughts, in her “The Wolf Within Giveaway” (in honor of her book release), I have won a signed copy of The Wolf Within authored by the amazing Kristi Chestnutt herself:

TWW cover

And a $25 B&N gift card                         And a $5 Starbucks gift card








I’m actually kind of floored right now. Though I believed it was possible, I didn’t expect I’d turn around and win something quite so quickly, especially a prize quite this fabulous. I almost feel like I’m spitting in the face of Fate. Seriously, how much luck can one person have?

So, is there a lesson in this? I think so.


Believe in possibility.


I do.

But, in order to maintain some sort of balance in the universe, I think it’s time I give back. And seeing that I am now on the verge of 200 lovely followers friends, I will likely hold a contest soon. I’m not sure what yet. I’ll have to think on it. But I’ll be sure to make it a good one that won’t require much from you. You’ve done enough, and you totally deserve it. And…by the way? My 200th friend will also receive a B&N gift card. It’s time someone else got lucky.

And while we’re on the topic of winning, I’d like to point you to the Dear Lucky Agent Contest where you can win a 20 page critique from agent Joanna Stampfel-Volpe (Nancy Coffey Literary). It’s the third contest in the series, but this one is dear to my heart because it’s for writers of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance (thanks, Simon, for sending me the link). So am I entering? Heck yeah! But don’t let this discourage you.

I don’t win everything.

And I have a feeling that your manuscript kicks some serious bootie. So give it a shot—and believe in yourself. I believe in you.

And while you’re at it, stop by Kristi’s blog and see what she has to say—check out her book, The Wolf Within. It’s looks pretty frigging awesome. I’m sure you’ll also come to adore Kristi, just as I do.


P.S. I was going to go on hiatus, and I still will be taking a bit of a break—I’m determined to begin querying this month (and thanks to CJ Redwine and her Query Workshop, I intend to believe I’ll have a kickass query). But given that I have 3 more yummy blog awards to blog about, as well as a contest I will now be hosting, I will likely be blogging at least once a week. So I’ll be hanging around, sort of like this,

hanging monkey

looking all big-bellied…and furry…and freaky? Huh. Maybe not sort of like this.


  1. Aw C. Congratulations. You really DO win everything :-)

    Can't wait til your contest. And yay for CJ's workshop!!

  2. Awesome that looks like one of the better prizes I've seen (at least that's what I would like to win)

  3. Again, darlin', you are made of win. Just so I know, would it be cheating for me to unfollow you and then be your 200th follower? Yes? Phooey.

    And it appears that the universe is trying to tell you it doesn't want you to take a blog vacation. It's doing the same thing to me. I'm not appreciating the universe right now. No, wait. I take that back. I love the universe! The universe is my friend! (Think it believes me?)

    Er... congratulations, Carol. I'll probably be hanging around too. Except I'll look a lot more like the monkey than you. It's my prehensile tail. Yup.

  4. Buy me a lottery ticket, we'll split it!

  5. Hope all the wins are giving you an extra measure of courage to tackle query wars! And I'm going to do lots of lazy reposts myself this month. I'm determined to get several more chapters revised.

  6. Congrats on your wins! I have been lucky too this month. Thank you so much for your inspiration (your comments on my blog). Totally awesome!That phrase shows my age doesn't it. Good luck on all your work --I'm sure you will do great :)

  7. Wow that's amazing!!! Congratulations for all the winnings! I have felt like a winner recently as well, a few books and an itunes gift card it's been awesome!

  8. Congratulations Carol! I am going to win the request for full, I am going to win my dream agent, I am going to get a publisher. Now what was it I was supposed to use as a mantra -- oh yes, Carol is brilliant, Carol is brilliant, Carol is brilliant. Thanks Carol.

  9. I wish I could win the lottery like that. I saw this show about the lottery one time in which the same woman won 1 million dollars off a scratch-off ticket TWICE in one year. The odds were astronomical. I can't even win stuff under a soda cap.

    Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog! I've been seeing your name all over the place and have been meaning to come by, so glad I finally did!

  10. When i saw that you won again i laughed out loud.
    Keep riding that luck train right on into Queryville.

  11. You are so lucky! Congrats on all your winnings ... maybe now is the time to buy a lottery ticket ;)

  12. Congrats on your wins. If you're still feeling lucky come by and enter my contest. :) And good luck with your query process. As if you'll need it. :)

  13. Sara, ha! Well, not everything ;) But I sure have been winning a lot lately! It's enough to make a person feel kind of lucky.

    David, wasn't that an awesome prize? I'm so excited!

    Simon, it would definitely have been cheating, and then you would have had to wait for someone else to follow first, since you would have dropped me down to 198. But guess what? It's too late anyone. There is already another lucky winner!! And that means, I've hit 200!!!! Yay!! And if I were you, I'd definitely be talking to a doctor about that tail.

    Christopher, I don't know why I didn't think of that. It's a perfect plan.

  14. Lucky! ; )

    I'm so happy your won Kristi's contest! I'm still waiting on my copies. Her book is fab and so is she!

    Good luck with your queries!!!

  15. Laurel, you know, it actually kind of is. I'm start to talk myself into believing all my talk about believing and making my own luck. Weird, huh? ;) Good luck with your revisions!!

    Christine, I love "awesome." It's practically a perfect word, I think. Says everything you need it to say. The only better word might be the shiznit, perhaps. But awesome works pretty well. (and you're welcome. Jsut keep writing, doll...and thank you for the encouragement as well.)

    Jen, wow! That's great! It's so cool to find out you've won something. Totally makes my day. Congratulations on your wins!

    Piedmont Writer, that's the spirit!!!! You will do all of those things and more. I believe in you (you're so adorable, by the way...Carol is brilliant...ha!!!).

    Summer, that is amazing!! Wow! I must confess, I don't play the lottery. I'm a cheapskate by nature, and it's just too painful for me to spend money on paper I can't write on! Ha! But, guess what? You are my lucky 200th follower! that means you have just won yourself a B&N gift card!! Yay!! Email me at cvaldezmiller (AT) gmail (DOT) com, and we'll make arrangements! Congratulations. And thanks for your follow. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

  16. Falen, I laughed as well (and danced and jumped around like a lunatic). I was ecstatic...clearly. Ha! Thanks for the well wishes ;)

    Julie, thank you! I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.

    Sarahjayne, oh yes, I'll definitely stop by!!!

    Kimberly, awwww, thank you, all around.

  17. I was thinking along the same lines as Simon... Perhaps I could unfollow then re-follow to be your 200th!!! It's probably the only way I'd ever win anything... No? OK. Will do it the hard way.

    Keep on believing my friend. It's the only way. And you, will be a huge success. I just know it :)

    PS. Congrats on all your wins!

  18. You crack me up! And BTW, you must be doing something right with the universe. Or Miss Universe. Because she's rewarding you! Big time! :)

  19. Lol, that's amazing! You certainly have a lucky streak :)

  20. Alright...come clean...who do you have to pay-off around here??? :) Just kidding, of course.

    Can't wait for your contest!!

  21. Do you think if I sent you $1.00 you could buy ME a lottery ticket! I promise I'll take a writing course with my winnings.

  22. Wendy, haha! Nope, for this you must play by the rules!!! But thank you for the encouragement. I will need it, I'm sure.

    Tiffany, oh my word, I feel like a lucky dog lately. As much as I believe in possibility, it's still rather unbelievable!

    Merrilee, lucky streak is right!! I keep hoping (believing) it will continue!!

    DL, Hmm, I can't divulge allll my secrets :) And thank you. Once I come up with one, I hope you'll enter!

    Liza, ha! Okay. Will do ;) And you can even do whatever you want with your winnings. I don't mind. Just be sure you set a little aside for a trip somewhere. Gotta have inspiration to write, right? And what better inspiration than the crystal clear waters of Fiji?

  23. Aw, hooray! I can't wait for your contest, either. And I'm glad you'll be around once a week. What would we do without you?

  24. you are such a lucky girl!! Couldn't happen to a nicer one :)

  25. Congrats on all that good luck! Good time to start querying. ;)

  26. Congratulations on winning and for your followers!

    Good luck with honing the query. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  27. Wow girlie, you do have a horseshoe up your butt. lol. I did win Godiva chocolates though, so I can't be too jealous. ;)

  28. Congrats on the books, and thanks for the links! Good luck querying! :)


    from the desk of a writer (I moved my blog. I'm at Wordpress now.)

  29. Girl, you are absolutely made of awesome win!!! Your query will rock and you will get a super cool agent because that's just how you roll!! :)

  30. Congratulations. I hope some of your luck will rub off on me. LOL. :P

  31. LOL -- I must have been having one of those moments earlier...your blog isn't private! Sorry for the brain f@rt! Congrats on winning all those fab prizes, and thanks so much for promoting my contest on your sidebar!!!!

  32. Congratulations, Carol! You are amazing! Excuse me. I must now go into a corner and practice believing...

  33. Awww, you guys are great. thank you so much for all the lovely words. I only have but a moment before I have to run my kiddo to guitar lessons, but I saw how many more comments there were and wanted to respond. Thanks for being so supporting and wonderful, all of you. I appreciate all the comments.

  34. Congrats, Carol! Send some my way! (I heard that luck only favors the prepared, so...) I guess I'll prepare myself to win! :D

  35. Elizabeth, Thank you!! Blowing some magic dust your way as I write!! Great attitude, by the way!!


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