Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Mega contests going on now, so thought I’d pass on the news, in case you haven’t heard. In order of end dates:


1. 100 Followers Giveaway: Heather at See Heather Write is giving away The Art of War for Writers and Self-Editing for Fiction Writers as well as some handcrafter goodies. All you have to do is follow and fill out a very short entry form. That’s it. So go on, follow. Enter. Win. Ends March 5.

2Blog party/Contest: Sarahjayne at Writing in the Wilderness is giving away a $20 giftcard. Her contest is based on a point system, but it’s all very simple, so be sure you check it out. At the very least, go follow and leave a comment. Voila! You have easy points. Ends March 5.

3.  Nicole’s 100+ Significant Followers Giveaway: Nicole at One Significant Moment at a Time is giving away a signed copy of The Writer’s Bump Anthology and a $25 Barnes and Noble giftcard. You can win points a number of a different ways with this contest as well. But start off by following and leaving a comment. Does it get any easier? Ends March 14.

4. Dear Lucky Agent Contest: This contest is a third in  the “Dear Lucky Agent Contest” series hosted by Chuck Sambuchino of the Guide to Literary Agents Editor’s Blog. In particular, this contest is only for authors of urban fantasy or paranormal romance (adult or YA) novels. The prize? A 20 page critique from agent Joanna Stampfel-Volpe of Nancy Coffey Literary agency. But in order to win, you must submit the first 150-200 words of your book-length work. There are some other rules, too, so be sure to check them out. NOTE:  Shorter or longer entries will be disqualified. Ends March 14.

5.March Madness Contest: In honor of, um, March and, um, madness, Sara at The Babbling Flow of a Fledgling Scribbler is giving away 5 seriously awesome book packages. There is something there for everyone. Don’t pass this up. You can win points several ways, starting with a follow and an entry form. Easy, no? And, you know, if this is the first you read of it, be sure to tell her I sent you, will you? Ends March 22.


Whoa. Did you feel that? I just blew some lucky magic dust your way.


You’re welcome :)


You know what I just realized?  I never told you which of my statements were true and which were false (from my Agape awards post). To make things easier, I’ll post them again here:


1. This man, Rafael Valdez Cervantes, is my great great grandfather, founder of Compania Azucarera Valdez - Ingenio Valdez, the oldest sugar mill in Ecuador, which is still in operation today as a major supplier of unrefined sugar worldwide. Coca-Cola uses sugar from this company for several of its products.


2. I am related to this man on my mother’s side.
If you don’t know who he is, here’s a hint: this picture was taken just before he wrote The Sound and the Fury (no, don’t confuse him with Shakespeare—you might be thinking of MacBeth.)



Okay, I’ll tell you that one of them is true and one them is a lie. I’ll also tell you that the man in the second photo is William Faulkner. So, the truth is…I kind of like the idea of you thinking that I’m related to Faulkner…and that I’m related to this Sugar King, so I’m not going to tell you which one is the truthful statement.


[Cue wicked laugh]



  1. I'm going to bet you're related to the sugar king because it would seem a little too silly to have spent all that time researching him just to put him on your blog as a lie. C'mon Carolina, we can see you have his nose...

  2. Definitely the sugar king. And YAY for contests! I have a small one coming up on Friday and then a big one coming up next week. Be sure to check them out!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Thanks for posting about the contest and for the lucky magic dust. :) And that is one wicked awesome laugh.

  4. Nothing better than a baby's laugh - & that is one of the all-time best :)

    Thanks for the links to all the contests!

  5. Piedmont, hahahahaha!!! Oh my word, you crack me up. Dude, I totally have Faulkner's nose. No? Well then. haha!

    Kimberly, I will definitely stop by! Happy Wednesday to you, too!

    Sarahjayne, you're welcome! Wasn't that laugh hilarious? Oh cute.

    Jemi, Oh my word, I couldn't decide what to make of that laugh. But I know I couldn't stop laughing myself. Wasn't that just great? And you're welcome!

  6. So many contests. I need more hours in the day to keep up with all this stuff. I like thinking both are true too. :)

  7. Karen, yes, I agree. So many contests! Makes me rethink holding my own contest at the moment. And thank you!! I love writing fantasy. Living it is way better ;)

  8. I've gotta check out that Dear Lucky Agents contest. Thanks so much for the tips!!

  9. Woohoo look at you posting all the awesome contests!!! There are a ton going on! It's awesome!!!

  10. I have a feeling this video is going to ruin this poor kid's dating life. :-D And Dad's voice.

  11. Can't believe all these contests, I can't keep up. Thanks for the links and for the lucky magic dust!

    That laugh it so adorable! Too cute.

  12. Thank you for posting all of those contests! You are the fairy godmother of all blog contests :) Thanks for my share of the fairy dust, I might go enter some of these and see if some of your luck rubs off on me!! Hmmm... I think you are related to the sugar king. Either way, I think they would both be cool if they were true! That baby is SOOOOOO cute :)

  13. Thanks for all the contest links! It feel like Christmas in March- I love it!

  14. Wow, how is it I never know of any of these contests going on? I must be on another planet, thanks for bringing me back. Love the wicked laugh, by the way.

  15. Aw, thanks for linking my contest!! And that baby laugh is ridiculous...

  16. I LOVE the contests! I am now going to channel my best lucky duck Carol-vibe and enter a few!

    By the way - you have a little award on my blog today!

  17. Wow, so many ways to win in March!

    BTW, I also kicked off my Eleventy-one celebration on 3.3: a no-sweat prize drawing AND a writing contest. Lovely prizes. Come check it out.

  18. Thanks for the shout out C. OMG that baby's laugh was the BEST thing to watch this morning :-)

  19. There's so mnay contests right now that i can't even keep them straight. I have to go and check to see if i've entered them...

  20. Thanks for the links and I don't care who you are related to, because you're fantastic no matter what your bloodlines.

  21. LOL, I have no idea who you're related to - but I'll guess the first one:)

    Thanks for the contest links. I hadn't heard of most of them. That's what I get for being unplugged for a week!

  22. I'm totally stealing some of these links for my pulse post tomorrow! Thanks!

  23. Awesome linkage! And huge thanks for baby video - laughed out loud! :-)

  24. It appears you've been busy! Thanks for the links :)

  25. Since you're a Sugar Doll it must be Sugar King. Tell us!
    That baby had me laughing outloud, but he was kind of like a windup doll. I was waiting for him to tire and he never did.

  26. M. Gray, you're welcome, sweetie! Good luck with your entry!

    Jen, so many contests, so little time!!

    Summer, oh my word, you're probably right. This poor kid. Haha!

    VR, you're very welcome! Stop by any time you need a little magic dust. I've an endless supply ;)

    Julie, you are most welcome. Wishing you pints and gallons of luck!! Let meknow if you win!

    Tamika, that's how I felt last month when I won so much stuff! I was floored and crazy excited. Good luck with your entries!

  27. Eva, I only seem to partially exist on this planet myself. Perhaps we can work to keep each other here ;) Wasn't that baby ridiculously cute? hahaha!

    Heather, you're welcome!! Any time :)

    Kristi, ohhhhhhh!! No one's ever channeled my lucky-duck vibes before. Awwww. *blushes* Heehee. And thank you for the award, my sweet. Very much appreciated.

    Laurel, I'll be sure to check it out! Sounds like fun.

    Sara, you're welcome, sweetie peetie lemoneetie!! More than happy to pimp your bloggy contest! Totally made my day to stumble across that baby laugh, too! But oh so wicked, that baby!

  28. Falen, I have to tell you I often forget which ones I've entered and which ones I haven't. I realized too late that I had never entered Shannon Messenger's latest contest and hers was just awesome. *sigh

    Liza, you are so, so, so very kind. That is one of the sweetest things ever said to me. <3 <3 <3 Thank you, dear. Truly.

    Melissa, how was your unplug week? Looks like you were successful!!! Far more successful than my hiatus, which has yet to occur. did you get a lot done? Welcome back!

  29. Elana, sounds like a great plan! Feel free to steal...err, copy ;) If you're lucky the links will travel with them. Thanks for stopping by!

    Shannon, thank you! That was such a fun video. I giggled nonstop watching it.

    Wendy, too busy, I think! I've yet to take that hiatus I said I would take. *sigh*

    Tricia, that is so sweet of you!!! Thank you! And I did the same thing, watching that video. I sat there wondering when his little voice would just peter out, but that kid has some staying power!

  30. Oh my gosh, that baby has got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! I mean if that doesn't make you smile, you're dead inside. Seriously.

  31. That's an awesome laugh--and what a beautiful baby!

    Thanks for keeping us informed on the contests. Have a great weekend! :)

  32. Lila, wasn't that baby just delicious? Love that little laugh.

    Dawn, You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.

  33. Thanks for the awesome list. I am entering the March Madness, and will definitely note that you sent me.

  34. Good videos, interesting blog!!!



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