Thursday, April 8, 2010

Persuasion…It’s All in Your Head

Okay, so Thursdays are MY days. I don’t have to run anyone to practice or lessons or dumb school. Save for a mumbled, sleepwalking hello to my eldest before she heads off  in the disgustingly wee hours of morning, I get to sleep in on Thursdays—except when my toddler thinks that 7:30 is a perfectly acceptable time to wake up. But I was up until 2 AM last night, so yeah, no way. I dragged my toddler into bed and said, “Sleep. Now.”

And after only a half hour of crying and promises to make her a Mickey Mouse pancake as soon as she woke up, she finally fell asleep (and I stopped crying to fall asleep with her). Rise and shine? Two hours later, baby. I even got up before her. So what’s my trick?

I’m half Jedi, of course.

This would prove handy with agents if I were only able to look them in the eye. I wonder if perhaps I shouldn’t show up to their offices in person instead. I know what you’re thinking: that’s a ticket straight to non-represented hell, Carol!  But really, those rules don’t apply to half–Jedis. One look into my eyes, and they’ll be like: yes master, sign this contract while I go dump all my other clients for you.

Don’t judge—I live in a fantasy world.

Now let me show you the ways I’ve been employing my Half-Jedi powers.

Check out what I won from Elana Johnson:


A signed copy of Lisa McMann’s Gone (from the Wake Trilogy). Nice, huh? I’m a bit behind posting about it. A while back she had a contest for her, like, millionth follower, and she gave away a ridiculous number of signed books. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How did she get a million followers and where is she getting all these signed books? Well, she’s full Jedi, for one thing. But don’t ask her about it or she’ll Jedi mind trick you into eating your own shoe. But yeah, I was crazy excited to win. You should’ve seen the little dance I did for it.

AND, I’ve been awarded a little more blog bling. I’m now at the stage where, looking at my sidebar, I’m beginning to wonder if all those people really meant to give all those awards to another Carolina Valdez Miller. I mean, really,  me? me? For realz? Dude, I would so be that person that accepts her Oscar crying like a loon (even if it was rigged-Avatar-should-have-won).

So, the blog bling…for the rules, click on the award pics. I’m not following the rules, as usual, so I won’t post them here.

Big thanks to the uber stylish and funny as heck Kimberly Franklin. I feel so Sex in the City with this one.

I pass this award on to:
Courtney Barr (Southern Princess)
VR Barkowski
Sara Mcclung
Karen Amanda Hooper


This award is so very cute, given to me by the super sweet, super talented Roxy Haynie.

I pass this award on to:
Alexandra Shostak

Thank you to Liza Carens Salerno (Middle Passages) for this one. It’s a beautiful one, to be sure, and so much appreciated.

 I pass this award on to:
Alexandra Shostak, who has a passel of cats all bedecked in steampunk gear (including goggles and leather gloves for their paws) that she’s taught to meow-sing along with HIM and to bow whenever they see images of Ville Valo.
Sara McClung, who has a magic dragon that hides on her body in the form of a giant tattoo on her back. The dragon comes out at night while she’s writing to whisper stories into her ear. It also defends her by breathing fire on morons who use really back pick-up lines.

Wendy Morrell, who has a chicken that gives her golden eggs filled with secrets to the universe. But Wendy likes the eggs so much, and is so certain that the human race is not yet ready for this knowledge that she hasn’t cracked  open a single one of her 435,256 eggs.

Sunshine Supportive Commenter Award
I could just hug Julie Dao for giving me this award, because I love to leave comments. In fact, I love it so much that I will leave novellas as comments sometimes. I can’t help myself. It goes against my nature to be brief.

I pass this award on to:
Tricia J. O’Brien
Simon Larter

From the lovely Patricia Stoltey and Yvonne Osborne. Thank you my dears. I don’t feel like a prolific blogger at the moment. I’ve been so immersed in query preparation that my bloggie has suffered. :(
I pass this award on to:

Frankie Diane Mallis

The final three awards, I’ve previously received:Lesa's_Blogger_Award
Thank you, Kristi Chestnutt!

 happy award
Thank you, Annika of A Swede Abroad! This reminds me I never posted my happies list. I should do that. Someday.

Thank you, Jon Paul for the Picasso Award!

Finally, guess what? I’ve also come up with a super brilliant contest with super brilliant prizes that will make you drool and earn me like a million followers. Cuz, yeah, the prizes are that awesome. I can tell you that serious Jedi mind tricks (and possibly even  bribery) went a long way towards acquiring these prizes. But first, I must acquire 300 bloggie friends. That’s the rules. So, you know, feel free to send some my way.
(I am using my Half-Jedi mind powers on your right now).


Oh yeah, Susan fields is giving away Barnes and Nobles Gift Cards. Yes, you heard me correctly, all you bibliophiles. So hurry up, sign up, and win something. Ends 24 April.

Lola Sharp is giving away a $20 B&N card or The Hangover. Pretty dang cool.  Be cool and show up to the party with a good bachelor(ette) party story.

And be sure to check out Lisa and Laura Roecker’s Totally Epic 500 Followers Contest for some seriously fab prizes.  Ends…I don’t know when. But they’re drawing on 14 April, so hurry up. Warning: arm wrestling may be involved


  1. Wow. You got some mad skillz, girl. And some serious blog bling. Congrats on the awards and I love your new blog layout. :)

  2. Before I read this post...dude, I like the new blog crib! You all fancy and stuff.

  3. I love your new layout, Carol. Like really, really love it!!!

    Congrats on all of your awards, though it is no surprise you received all of them because you are like so totally awesome!!! And you're half Jedi. So yeah, so cool! :)

  4. Oh man, I watched your dancing deserve the awards for that alone!

    Girl, you crazy. And you know I likes it.

  5. I love the new look, want to come over and do mine. I've so been putting it off.

    Congrats on the bling, you seriously rock dude!

  6. I haz an award? I'm a supportive commenter? Does that mean I should be encouraging now?


    *continues to think*

    *thinks more*

    Er... you can do eet! (I'm talking about the querying thing, FYI.)

    And, as I was just saying to Charlotte the other day, it's been a while since I got a blog award, and I was feeling sad about it. Now I am no longer sad. :)

    No, really. Good luck on the queries, good lady. You don't need luck, of course, since you're awesome, but I'll wish you it anyway.

    What? These aren't the droids I'm looking for? Okay. You're clear. Move along...

  7. You gave me the KITTY award!!! Thank you! <3

    Hahaha and I love the description of my passel of cats. It took me a long time to get them to this superior point, but now one of them is off building me a zeppelin and the other one has a penchant for steam guns. The third one is totally useless, and thinks it's a vampire. BUT that one also happens to be Ville's biggest fan.

  8. Oh! I really wanna read the Wake series. They look like they rock. And sheesh, woman, talk about the awards. Don't get too uppity on us. I'm afraid you'll look the other way when I wave!

  9. Awww thanks for the award and get querying!!!! Good luck!

  10. I'm sure the half-Jedi mind trick is a sure thing! :)

    Congrats on all the awards - all well-deserved :)

  11. I <3 you guys. Thank you. I swear if I won't practice my Jedi skills on you any more...for a while. You're all way too sweet.

  12. Aww, thank you. :) I think Jedi mind tricks are great because I've been talking about ewoks all night. ;)

  13. You must teach me your Jedi mind tricks :) Ok, it's probably a secret, it was worth a shot though. Love the new blog look btw. Good luck with the queries.

  14. I love the fancy blog upgrades, half Jedi. I don't know how you did it, but it looks awesome. (I'm still working on figuring out the mysterious sidebar.) Loved this hilarious post. You are the best, Carol.

  15. I like your new layout!!! Very professional and easy to read. Congratulations on the awards but even more on getting the query out. Even more.
    If the Jedi powers work, can I borrow them? Just for a fortnight?

  16. Love Love Love the new design!!! Awesome!!!!

    Thank you so much for my award! I love it! So shiny! ;o)

    I am excited to see you back around here.

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  17. Gorgeous blog layout!!! Can I live here? I mean, really, this is gorgeous.

    CONGRATS on the book & the bling! (It's not possible to have too much of either - well done, you!) And a big thank you for sharing - that's the best part of all. :)

    Good luck with those queries! Really? Half Jedi...?

  18. Congrats on the awards. You will use them well I know (Yoda Speak ya know, cause of you being a jedi and all)

    Love the new layout!

  19. You deserve all these awards. Thanks for making me smile.

  20. Weeeee! Thanks C! Um, is it super weird that I kinda want to get a huge dragon tattoo on my back now? Hmmmm... SCBWI?

    heart you crittie!

  21. oooh! Nice new template!

    Also, 7:30 IS sleeping in for me...

  22. Congrats on your winnings, you lucky girl, and a big thanks for including me in the sunshine. Your blog is always a splash of cheer, and the new look is beautiful. Welcome back!

  23. Man, you guys are the best. Feeling the Jedi love. We Jedi's thrive on this. It makes us stronger and our powers all the more effective.

  24. The Mickey Mouse pancake made me LOL. I have a 4yo and remember the go-to-sleep-and-I'll-give-you-a-present nights all too well.

    Also, I just read your profile and think it's hilarious. It also piques my interest about the juicy novel you just finished.

  25. I'm so jealous of your jedi powers. Can you send some our way please? Particularly the jedi nap trick. That would be awesome.

  26. Love it!

    Jedi powers... I knew it! Always thought there was something special about you my friend...

    Thanks so much for the award!

    Can't stay long. Must attend to my eggs :)

  27. Congrats on all the awards. I really love your new blog look!

  28. Congrats on the book from Elana's blog. (she rocks!) And on all those lovely awards.

    Happy writing & happy weekend!!

  29. Wait, this is a "no shoes" blog? Oh dear... *stands nervously in the corner*

    Just wanted to say, congrats on all your awards, and much good luck with your queries! :-)

  30. Where do I begin? Book querying, contest prizes, awardage, dogs and together. MASS HYSTERIA!!! The blog universe is collasping in on itself and being sucked in to this one blog! All we can do is stand back and watch in bemused wonderment. :)

    You rock hard! Never mind the Jedi mind-tricks. Congrats to all of those you gathered to congregate underneath the wispy Carol tree. :)

  31. Hmmm...did you stay up so late stalking cute Twitter followers again:) Not that I know anything about that. #shameless

    Love the new layout, btw. Gots to get ready for all those agently types, huh?

  32. Congratulations, Carolina! You're such a fun person!! :)

  33. Carolina, congratulations on those awards! Did you use Jedi mind tricks to attain them? Nah, I guessing there was no tricks involved, just great blogging.

    I know what you mean about those extra hours of sleep though. And getting a toddler to sleep past 7am! My nephew used to pat my face with his chubby little hand until I'd wake up.


  34. Good luck on querying! Just think if you get rejected you have your half Jedi mind tricks to fall back on. The rest of us slogging toward publication just have to take it. And yes, I agree that Elana Johnson is full Jedi. How does she do it?!?

  35. Hey! I took your advice and added a Follow button to my blog. Thanks for the tip! This stuff is a bit overwhelming at first.

  36. I am feeling the love...truly. Have I said yet how much I <3 all of you? Of course I have. Please feel free to call me when you are in need of my Jedi services--unless it's to force others to overlook the bodies in your basement. Cuz my Jedi powers can only be used for good. And bodies-in-the-basement = not-good.


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