Saturday, May 22, 2010

So, I Have Some News

I apologize to those of you who may have returned to my blog only to find the same post sitting here for the last two weeks. I’ve been on a bit of an almost not quite semi-fully unintentional-like hiatus. I’m not the most reliable blogger, I guess. But many thanks to those of you who have returned looking for me. I have been thinking of you, and even reading your blogs when I can.It’s just my life’s been a bit of a crazyfest lately. And though I’ve had a lot to say—well, okay, actually, I haven’t. My brain’s been pretty much mush, and every time I tried to write, I ended up sounding rather like Sloth from Goonies.

The thing is, I’m not an everyday kind of blogger. You guys know this about me. I just can’t do it. I do the best I can with the time and brain I have, so if that keeps you coming back, I'm humbly grateful.

But, yeah, I don’t have any inspirational words of wisdom today.  I do, however, have some news. Not my own. I mean, yes, obviously I have some news about me, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my latest screw-up ( even if it does involve a rabbi, a parrot, and a barber from Nantucket—not to mention the roll of quarters or the rubber chicken). Oh no, today, I am celebrating some super hot stuff, guys—news that is totally worth taking a short hiatus from my blogging hiatus to tell you*.

So, yeah, check out who just sold their books!!!!!!!

Elana Johnson From Publisher's Marketplace: Elana Johnson’s CONTROL ISSUES, set in a brainwashed society where those gifted with mind control best join the powers that be, but one rebel girl tries to beat them at their own game, to Anica Rissi at Simon Pulse, by Michelle Andelman at Lynn Franklin Associates (NA).

Check out her blog post in which she announced her big news HERE.


Robin Mellom
From Publisher's Marketplace:

Robin Mellom debut DITCHED, pitched as THE HANGOVER for teens, in which a girl finds herself lying in a ditch the morning after her prom with no memory of the last twelve hours which includes a disappearing prom date, a Tinkerbell tattoo, and a dog-swapping escapade, to Christian Trimmer atDisney-Hyperion, in a very nice deal, in a two-book deal, for publication in Winter 2012, by Jill Corcoran at The Herman Agency.

Check out her blog post in which she announced her big news HERE.

Congratulations Robin and Elana!! So excited for you!!!!

And finally, I have a CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT for a contest which is so hot, so rocking, and sooooo SWEET, you’d be a a silly duck not to enter.

Signed twilight_SM

Sara McClung, one of my fabulous critique partners is hosting the Very Vampire May Giveaway in which she is giving away, eh hmm…

1. SIGNED hardcover copy of Twilight and 4 keepsake journals in a collectible tin.
2. SIGNED harcover, first edition The Vampire Armand (Anne Rice)
3. SIGNED Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, Club Dead (by Charlaine Harris, of the Sookie Stackhouse series)
4. SIGNED Bloodsucking Fiends, You Suck (A Love Story), Bite Me (by Christopher Moore)
5. Bram Stoker’s Dracula and The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead
Winners will be announced JUNE 3!!!! So don’t be a silly duck; hurry up and enter HERE TO WIN SIGNED VAMPIRE BOOKS.

And OH YEAH, if you haven’t entered my contest yet (the WILL GRAYSON SQUARED DANCE CONTEST), you really should.  Because you can win these SIGNED BOOKS

Will Grayson contest signed books

That’s 8 signed books by John Green and David Levithan (including two hardback, signed copies of Will Grayson, Will Grayson) as well as The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman. Plus, you can win a $25 gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble, A Starbucks gift card, and Ghirardelli chocolate. In fact, if I get just 4 more followers, I will be giving away yet another package of gift cards and chocolate. So, yeah, now’s the time to enter because the contest ends May 25.

GO HERE TO ENTER CAROL’s WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON GIVEAWAY!!! And no, you don’t actually have to dance. Unless you want to.

(So, did it work? Did you want to laugh, cry, or kick me in the face?)

Beth Revis*A while back, I made the ridiculous blunder of not posting Beth Revis’s big news, because I’m a giant dumbarse on occasion. So, please do check out Beth Revis’ big news of the sale of her Across the Universe series to Razorbill, due out Spring 2011. And do be sure to check out Beth’s personal blog, as well as the blog she cohosts with other debut YA Dystopian writers (including Elana!), The League of Extraordinary Writers.


  1. Fun post C! I love all the good news floating around these days =)

    Oh, and thanks for the contest pimpage as well!


    OH and who wouldn't want to hear about your dealings with a rabbi, a parrot, and a hooker from Nantucket, a roll of quarters and a rubber chicken???

  2. Yeah, I'm not an every day kind of blogger either. My life's just not that interesting, and I'd feel stupid blogging about what I ate for lunch or the horrible things my dog did to the new chew toy I bought her. I'm super happy to hear about Elana's book deal, though! :DDDD

  3. All kinds of awesome news! It's so exciting to hear all these goodies - congrats to all :)

  4. This blog post is a winner. Good news, book sales, and giveaways, oh my.

  5. I didn't laugh. Nor did I cry. Nor did I want to kick you in the face. But I do have a burning need to find out what your most recent screwup was. Honestly, I didn't know Nantucket had the population density to support even a single prostitute, so you can see why I'm curious.


  6. Always glad to come here and find something new. And isn't great to see nice things happening to those we know? Maybe some of their good luck will rub off on us? Roland

  7. Truly wonderful news!

    Congrats to both Elana and Robin!

  8. Tell Sarah McClung that Christie's - the London auction house - has a Vampire Killing boxed set coming up for sale on the 8th of June. Sorry, but that's about as relevant as I can get for this comment!

  9. Hey, welcome back! I love Sloth from the Goonies. I love how one of the kids agree to take care of him in the end. So sweet!

    I'm a follower of Elana's blog and I'm so excited for her.

  10. Crying or laughing on every post...wouldn't want to become predictable would we?? :)

    That's truly exciting news about Elana & Robin! YAY for them!!

  11. I still wanna hear the hooker from Nantucket/chicken story.

    Congrats to all those fabulous gals for their awesome deals. :)

    You'll be right up there with them one of these days. xo

  12. Congrats to Elana and Robin. I so want to win Sara's contest. I love all her goodies. Missed you and fully understand a hiatus. I have been guilty of not keeping up with my blog but we all have other things on our plate. I'm knee deep in revisions. I hope it ends at some point--oh-- and then more torture. Have a great weekend!

  13. Excellent blog! Glad you "followed me" to give me the chance to run across it. And those contest giveaways...WOW.

  14. YAY, you posted. I hope you're doing good and get great news of your own soon!! :)

  15. There has been great news lately. Yay for them! It's so fun celebrating with those who finally make it. :)

  16. Thank you SO MUCH for the shout-out! I'm still in a bit of a daze...had to go to my chiropractor because of this Happy-Stress headache. (But not complaining. :-) )

    And I LOVE your matter how often you post. I'm here!

  17. Considering you had nothing to say, you sure said a lot!

  18. Those are some great news. I can't wait to get a copy of Elana's book one day! :)

    As a spotty blogger myself, I can understand the desire to make a substantial post. I'm always envious of those who can post every day, and still have each of their post being original and funny and brilliant. But, really, blogging is supposed to therapeutic. And that means blogging whenever it makes you happy -- don't feel guilty about it. We'll all still be here. :)

  19. All of those women were new to me. So thanks for the introduction. And good news is always great to hear!

  20. Thanks for sharing such wonderful news - congrats to Elana, Robin, and Beth!

  21. I love all the good writing juju floating around the blogosphere these days- hearing about deals is awesome!

  22. My husband once showed me this funny clip on youtube where Kobe Bryant was yelling like the Goonies creature "Hey you guys!" at a Lakers player.


  23. Great post! You know, I'm one of those type of bloggers too. We all do it our own way ;o)
    Congrats to everyone in this post!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  24. I totally understand not blogging everyday. Your posts are always great!

  25. Rabbi, parrot, quarters, and a hooker? You should soooo post that! hahaha

    Love all the happy news I've been running into lately! Good stuff!

  26. Aw, thanks for the shout out! :) :) :)

  27. Blogging every day is getting hard for me, too. It's so tempting that I've let my blog time overtake my writing time. That's a trend I must stop this summer!

    Thanks for spreading all this great news!! Best of luck with your crazyfest schedule, and remember to take a breather every now and then!

    Have a great week :)

  28. Awesome news! Yay for good news, great contests, and for you coming back to your blog! :)

  29. I just love super comments. Yes I do. Thanks for the super comments, super peoples. <3 <3

  30. Okay, so the rabbi, parrot, hooker and the rubber chicken did get me to smile, and I betcha I would have laughed if you'd filled us in some more on that little story there (soon, I hope?)

    Great news about book deals and the vampire contest. Thanks!

  31. loved the goonies! such a BEAST movie!

    I have a blog award for you!!!

  32. I knew about Elana and Beth's big news, but I hadn't heard about Robin's (not that I know her). Lots of great news!

  33. Hi Carol

    I'm so sorry. I've see you left a comment on one of my posts and I never came to see what your blog looks like. Thanks for following and commenting. I'll return the favor from today. :)

    Have a great day. :)

  34. Wow, a whole latte good things going on over here. Congrats to the authors with book deals, very exciting stuff ... They are definitely an inspiration to us all!

  35. I used to blog 3-4 times a week, but it's so hard to find the time!
    Great links and I just entered Will Grayson contest in the nick of time!!
    And I danced. Oh yes I did. :)

  36. Yay for all the good news! Super exciting! Congrats to the debut authors!

  37. Wow lots of great news out there. So much awesome going on. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower.

  38. Hey girlie!! Love all the great news. :) And not blogging everyday???? What is up with that (says the girl who blogs whenever the mood strikes her - definitely NOT everyday). :)

  39. Sweet contest! And don't worry about blogging consistency. It is hard to keep up with sometimes, and the most important thing is your manuscript.

    I really like your blog layout!

  40. First I would like to say what an interesting blog you have, secondly I would like to thank you for visiting mine and becoming a follower.
    Have you a Spanish name? I used to live in Spain and came across your name often,

    Have a lovely day.

  41. So heartening to read all the good news about authors making sales. Helps us keep believing. :-)

    I don't update my blog on a daily basis either. Part of the reason is time constraints and the other is that dilemma of what to write about. Maybe I need to focus more. LOL

  42. Hey, thank you Carol! And everyone else for all the celebrations! I have the best friends ever.

    Congrats to Robin!

    And great links to amazing contests. Woot!


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