Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dance, Baby, Dance…And Then Squee a Little

So there comes a time in a girl’s life when she just has to dance. And video record it. And then post the video on youtube. And thanks to the magic of blogging and contests like my Will Grayson Squared Dance Contest, Kelly Polark’s dance video will now become  famous.

To my bloggie friends.

Because I intend to post this video over and over and over.

Yeah. It was that good.

So watch it. Like now. Or else. I mean, you know, if you want to.

But Kelly, just one question…why do you have so many beds in your room?

Well done, babycakes. That was one fiiiiiiiiine video. My hat’s off to you for dancing to Super Freak. Simply fabulous!

And just as fine of a dance entry, I present to you the dance video of Frankie Mallis, in which she squees and dances and glories in her offer of literary representation. And while we’re all very glad that Frankie now has an agent, we are even more glad that she squeed and romped about for the world to see. Because now we have it on video. For when she becomes all serious in authorship and forgets all about her shady past as resident blog squee-er.

And blackmail, well…I’m not above it.

But for now, we will just enjoy sharing her good news in a very squee-ey pre-serious way. So squee, people. Squee.*

So there you have it. Cute, huh? I will have to watch this several times to learn the I Have an Agent Dance, I think. It looked way complicated. I mean, she had jazz hands and everything**. So anyway, hope you enjoyed—


There’s another? What? Another entry? Like for real? Who submitted it? I don’t remember this one. How bizarre.

Actually, I know who submitted that. I was just tricking you. But names and dates have been altered to protect the identity of the innocent (who make glaring typos, apparently).

P.S. Ignore the weird milkshake booty-wiggle. That’s just disturbing.

P.P.S. Big. HUGE. thank you to Kelly and Frankie for submitting their videos for additional entries to my contest. BUT zero thanks to this trollop dancing with that cutie little munchkin. Because what good is a video without a head? Like, seriously? If you don’t want your face seen, just wear a mask or something. Duh.

*Frankie does not actually squee in this video. She actually stays very silent. Like a silent film star that dances and hold up signs. I actually made up the squee part. For no good reason, really. But Frankie forgives me. Don’t you, Frankie? See. She forgives me. Dude, she’s squeeing with forgiveness.***

**Not really.

***I made that up, too.
If you haven’t been by to meet Karsten Knight yet, well, um, you should. Cuz he’s about to do a dance video of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” And um, yeah, I’m like pretty much almost a quarter in love with him, so please go tell him No, NO, NOOOOOOO!!! Because, really, it may very well ruin my image of him FOR EVERRRRR. OR tell him to do it  and then send a very special copy wrapped in a bow just to me. Either way.


  1. hahaha AWESOME =)

    Also, I'm so jealous about you and A going out dancing!! *whines*


  2. Dude, we can totally go dancing!!! Cuz I'm coming to DC, 'member?

  3. Kelly's definitely on her way to dance fame. Um, Carol's fame may be overwhelmed by squeees. This is a hilarious post. Thanks!

  4. That was some serious dancing. Carol, I spanked you with some love on my page. I hope you drop in and check it out. It wasn't as super freaky as what I saw here, but we can only work with what we got! xoxoxo

  5. I love your video, Carol. LOL. And Kelly's video... Ha-ha. Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!!

  6. We dance to Soul Sister in our house, too! Great choice in music. But you are much braver than I am . . . though maybe if I cut off my head, I'd feel that brave, too. ;)

    Very fun.

  7. I have to go practice my moves now. BUMP. GRIND.


  8. Love Kelly's video - awesome! :)

  9. LOVE it! I need to dance more! These videos are proof! Thanks for the reminder!

  10. Are there ten beds in that room? I'm seriously freaked about this.

  11. I love to dance, but I get out of breath now.

    The flesh is willing, but the lungs are weak. Still, so fun to watch!!!

  12. I gotta say... I'm SO impressed with that video. I mean, Kelly really went all out with that one. Multiple locations, multiple tunes, and a killa entrance through the swinging doors into the kitchen. I couldn't compete with that if I tried.

    Congrats, Kelly! That vid was made of win. Sweet, booty-shaking win. :)

  13. That is EPIC.

    I love to dance, and I'm terrible. But I'm white. /:

  14. So first you tell me on my blog that you're "a little half in love" with me, and I read this blog post, and I've been downgraded to "almost a quarter in love"? Ahh, what have I done to lose favor?

    But still I appreciate the dance shout-out, though it's going to be difficult now to outdo Kelly's medley.

  15. This whole thing is HILARIOUS. But why DOES that girl have so many beds in her room? Love this blog! molly

  16. Hey Carolina! Hehehe you're too cute for words, thanks for the shout and yes I do squeeee forgive you squeeeee. And I'm shaking my booty for you right now. Love these dance videos!

  17. K-E-L-L-Y...Why? Because we LOVE you! Kelly, Kelly, Kelly!!

    (Dude, she went the distance.)

    Happy Sunday, love. :)

  18. Amanda, I'm pretty sure my dance moves are better suited to 1996. But what's a girl to do but just keep dancing? (P.S. I tried to email my reply, but you blog account wasn't connect to an email).

    Karsten, Any time, luv. Except, you know of course, I couldn't very well announce to the world that I was half in love with you. What would people THINK? I have a solid, uber professional reputation to maintain. *cough*

  19. Man, I want to go dancing with you guys! :)
    Love the video with your little girl. Her giggles at the end are precious!
    And about the beds. Didn't I tell you that I am Snow White and I live with the Seven Dwarfs? That is why there are so many beds! (shhhh, don't blow my cover...)

  20. PS Thanks for the shout out! And I really need how learn to put snarky comments on my video. Yours are hilarious!

  21. Dude. There's some serious dancing going on in here! But. Did we ever find out why she has so many beds? It's like she broke into the house of the 7 dwarves. Oh! Wait! I got it - Kelly is secretly Snow White!

    *Dances around in victory* I figured it out!

  22. Hmm. Thought it was. xD

    I'll see what I can do.

  23. Wooohooo the embed worked! Also I think rather than jazz hands my signature moves in this dance are The Jumping Like An Idiot, and Mosh Pit Hair :-)

  24. Ok - I think I'm a bit lost as to what's going on but had a good laugh with!! these fab women shakin' and a shimmy-ing'!

    Erm. Squeee? :-)

    Take care

  25. Hi Carolina,
    I thought I would take a virtual trip over the Atlantic to visit you, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

    It is certainly much livelier over here, dancing and vlogs and blogs - I need a lie down now.
    Thanks for the entertainment.

  26. I have a theory about the beds - maybe it was filmed in Hogwarts?

  27. Those were amazing! Thanks so much for sharing! If I could dance like that, I'd probably love music and concerts as much as Kelly does. And congrats to Frankie - how awesome!

  28. Everyone needs to dance more! Love the videos.

  29. I loooove all the dancing! FUN! That video of you and your daughter is sooo cute. Love it!! Though, I'm trying to figure out why/how you're as skinny as I am in my DREAMS? Details, tips and tricks, STAT! please.

  30. Oh Carol, I do the milkshake booty move when I'm sober. Like, that's the only move I have. I thought it was awesome?

    Also, I'm really liking all these dance videos! Maybe I'll get some good news and I'll join you guys!

  31. Okay...that was good! All of them. Even the headless chick! There's something so engaging about watching a mother & daughter play around together. Double Kudo's to all of you!!

  32. Okay, it was just too cute. I had to click follow. Great job!

  33. HAH... that's awesome. I would've sent in a vlog for your contest, but... I didn't want you to get jealous. Or, you know, damage your electronics equipment. My fabulous jiggling booty could take out a whole city block.

    AHEM. Anyway, you won... stuff. Here, just take it before I embarrass myself any more.


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