Wednesday, July 28, 2010


You ever get the feeling that you take on way too much with too few resources? This is me, burning the candle at both ends. It's taken me a while, but I've finally realized that I am a POTPY (as in Pot Pie--go with me on this).

Yeah, I've succumbed to using acronyms. Whatev.

POTPY: Princess Of The Perpetual YES.

Queen would've sounded better, but QOTPY sounds dumb.

By the way, this doesn't mean that I say yes to everything. If it did, I'd have at least sixteen really old, goopy-eyed cats, a few stolen televisions, jail time, and a husband named B.o.B.  Possibly an STD. (super tiny dog). But it does mean that I have a lot of really old furniture and boxes of my siblings' ancient stuffed animals and childhood memorabilia (thanks, Mom), a broken cappuccino maker, a painting of a tiger on velvet, and A LOT of writing projects.

Ask me for something, and my first instinct is to answer yes. Actually, I normally say, "What? I didn't catch that." And then I say yes. Occasionally, I do say no (B.o.B, the answer is still NO. Got it?) But it's not easy for me. Telemarketing boardrooms worldwide have a picture of my face with a bull's-eye right between my eyes. Buy your MaryKayAvonPamperedChefTupperwareMacaroniNecklaces? Babysit your champion team of Adirondack hamsters? Edit your  one thousand page ESL treatise of inhuman nature?

Dude, no problem.

It's not that I'm gullible, it's that I am the quintessential people pleaser. A POTPY, to be precise. Especially if you ask me to do something that I want to do. Or if I really like you. It doesn't matter that I have a thousand other things going on.

And OMfreakingG, how I stress myself out doing this! People tell me all the time I can't do everything and please everyone (including myself). It doesn't stop me from trying though. Because I really want to do it all. And I know ultimately, I'll pull it off. I might lose some hair, age a decade, and forget the names of my family members, but I can SO do it. Sleep is overrated anyway.

Sometimes...I fail, though. And I let people down. Because I promise too much.

That makes me POO. (Princess of Overextension)

This is why I'm prone to ulcers. I hate letting people down. People, POTPY always leads to POO. It's inevitable.

And ulcers, people. Ulcers.

I don't really know where I'm going with this, except to say that's what I've been up to. And why my blogging and comments on your blogs have diminished some. Okay, a lot. I'm rather up to my neck actually. That's POO for you. I hope you can forgive me. But maybe you can take a lesson from me? Try to do to much, and you turn into POO.

P.S.  It's my anniversary today. Sort of.

Happy 100th Blog Post to me!!!

As a present to me, I'm taking a sabbatical from blogging for a bit (yeah, I know, what's new). Well, I'll post my Bookanistas review tomorrow. And then a sabbatical. For one thing, I'm headed to the

 If you're headed to the conference yourself, do tell me, so I can look for you! I'll be the one who looks like POO.

This is not THAT B.o.B.


  1. I am feeling the exact same way lately. I have SO much going on, and I feel like I'm doing it all terribly. POO for sure.

    And I'll be at SCBWI! :-D

  2. I know how you feel. I wish I were going to SCBWI. You have twice as awesome a time for me, okay?

    See, I'm working your POTPY side already. ;o)

  3. LOL UR GR8!
    Love this post. I, too, am a POTPY-cum-POO due to wanting to be a PP.
    So who is this BoB then? That sounds interesting...a future post perhaps? Come on, I know you won't say "no".

  4. Be my guest on my 'Lifestyle' blog before you go, Carolina! You would add so much gravitas to my compact but adorable little piece of pink froth. There will be no edits - promise!

  5. I understand that feeling :) and congrats on your 100th blog post :) I just celebrated 100 followers

  6. Congrats on the 100th post.

    Oh and that post made me laugh. I can identify with that one!

  7. POTPY always leads to POO. You should tattoo that somewhere! Words of gold, they are:)

  8. I suppose I can be the Prince of Overextension, with no loss in acronymic amusement? Yes. I think I can.

    Maybe I should blow some projects off and sleep for a while. That might be good. Yes. Strange things come out of my fingertips when I don't sleep enough. Like vampires. And blog comments that make very little sense. Traffic jam. And toast.

    What? Er... zzzzz....

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  10. I'm so thankful for your post as just like many others, I too, am POTPY and POO. :) I've been trying to learn to be POTON (Princess of the Occasional NO) but it's difficult. We'll get there. Thanks again!

  11. It's easy to overextend yourself before you know it. And, you said like me and extend yourself even after you know your overextended. LOL.
    Congratulations on your 100th post and have a safe trip to the conference.

    Thoughts in Progress

  12. I know, C. I know. It's a paradox. I love the word perpetual, btw. I suffer from everything you outlined above and it sucks, but in the end, people really expect you to do what's best for you and if someone has a hard time with that, then they sure as F picked the wrong industry to make a career in. People always ask you for stuff because you're cool, FYI.

  13. I completely understand. I generally feel so overextended I'm always ready for a nap - but who has time? :)

  14. I try very hard not to overextend myself, because it drives me crazy! Ulcers definitely aren't fun :)

    Congrats on the 100th post!

  15. I do this all the time. I say yes to everything and then realize --oh crap how am I going to do this? Stress settles in and well it's all downhill from there. No worries little lady--you rock no matter what.
    Take a break and have fun at the conference!

  16. Ah, my overextended friend, recognition of the problem is the first step toward a cure. Congrats on the 100th post, and have an awesome time at SCBWI.

  17. I wish I could go to the conference. Stupid job.

  18. Potpy to poo. Yep. Congrats on 100th post and enjoy your break.

  19. I know that problem.
    Wishing you success, happiness, relaxation and rest at the conference

  20. I love that song! And I think it's a problem for a lot of us, but at least you know. Congrats to 100 posts and have fun!

  21. Awwww you are fabulous POO and POTPY!! Yes you are!! :-)

    Happy 100 Blogpost!!! Yay!!! :-)

    Have a wonderful time at your conference - enjoy it and relax and take care!


  22. You have two choices:

    1) Say no more
    2) Aderall

    Until you make your decision you think you could clean up my kitchen? I've been so busy lately and haven't been able to get to it.

  23. I feel ya, sister. I'm all POO all the time. I live on Tums, Prevacid, coffee, and very little sleep.
    And I'm also the QOOP...the Queen of Ordering Pizza. (queue the "pizza AGAIN" moans from my household.)

    I wish I had advice for you. Saying no is hard.

    Happy Bloggy 100, and safe trip/fun conference to you! :)


  24. Congratulations on 100 posts!
    And I've learned when to say no.

  25. Congratulations on 100 posts, and have fun at the conference!

    I'm a bit of a people pleaser myself sometimes. If someone asks me to fill in for them at work, I ALWAYS say yes. But hey, at least I get paid, so any plans can wait a little while.

  26. Carol...I need help re-grouting my shower. Can you lend me a hand?? *huge chesire cat grin*

    Have way too much fun at the SCBWI!!

  27. Same here! I totally understand. You crack me up!! I'm finding it's easier to blog in the winter, less stuff going on! I just had my first post in a month. Sometimes something has to give, ya know?

    Congrats on your 100th post!! And have a blast at the conference ;o)

  28. LOL! I give you full empathy for this, Carol - cuz I'm with you all the way! You = me = poo & potpy. Ha ha ha. :-)

  29. yes! POTPY and POO ... SO TRUE!

    I am so linking to this post :D

    And Happy 100th post!

  30. PWOSN - Be that one. Princess who occasionally says no!
    Happy 100, Carol!!
    Enjoy LA!

  31. I just wanted to say hello. I just joined your blog and am laughing at POO. I learned that "No." was a complete sentence when I watched Oprah. It works after you get the first few out. It's easier with kids. With friends and co workers, not so much. But I like your site. And will definitely be a frequent visitor. I need all the laughter I can get!


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