Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Gratitude

I’ve decided that I am very grateful.

For everything.

I’ve been very blessed in my life.

Rejected, crushed, betrayed, injured, lied to, stolen from, and hurt hurt hurt—I’ve been all of these things, too.

And still, I feel really blessed. The funny thing is one good thing can always outweigh one bad thing, if you let it.

So, yeah. I’ve been thinking about the happies in my life, and it sort of crowds out and silences the saddies. Thank God.

And feeling grateful makes me want to pass that happy feeling on. So, I would like to pass on one final opportunity to earn entries in my ARCs Galore Giveaway, which ends tonight.

To start with, I would like to introduce you to some of my friends. Now, I know a lot of really, really great people with super blogs. But I’ve been working more closely with these particular friends recently whether it’s through our Bookanistas group or in a CP or betas capacity or in some other way. So, anyway, I’d love it if you could click on their names, go to their blogs and check them out. While you’re at it, leave a comment and let them know you stopped by. And if you like them, which I think you will, I hope you’ll  follow their blogs or RSS feeds (etc.). In fact, many of you probably already do.

In exchange for following the blog of each of the people I’ve listed below, I’ll give you an additional entry in my contest for each blog (that means you can earn up to 24 additional entries).

Just be sure to fill out the form after the list and check the box of each person you’re following. And that’s it.

Katie Anderson and Sarah Frances Hardy

Jonathon Arntson

Andrea Cremer

Lisa and Laura Roecker

Christine Fonseca

Jamie Harrington

Michelle Hodkin

Karen Hooper

Kirsten Hubbard

Shelli Johannes-Wells

Elana Johnson

Simon Larter

Sara Mcclung

Casey McCormick

Myra McEntire

Shannon Messenger

Megan Rebekah

Beth Revis

Robin Reul

Lola Sharp

Alexandra Shostak

Scott Tracey

Daisy Whitney

Bethany Wiggins and Suzette Saxton

Please fill out this form for extra entries to the ARCs Galore Giveaway.

ARCs Galore Giveaway: Blog Following Extra Entries Form

If you have not yet entered the contest, please enter by filling out this form first:


Thanks so much, everyone! I think you will enjoy visiting all of these blogs, just as I do. And I think you’ll find that you keep returning.

You have until midnight tonight to get in all of your entries for the ARCs Galore Giveaway.  You will find some of these blogs have contests going on as well (like Sara, who’s giving away a bushel of ARCs too). If you want more opportunities for extra entries, please be sure to GO HERE.

Above all, I hope that you find your happy place today, and that you’re able to count some of the blessings in your life as well.

Me? I’m grateful for my oldest daughter's music—every note she plays is the sound of peace to me. I’m grateful that my four year old loves going to school, and is working hard to learn how to read. I’m grateful that my husband makes dinner almost every night without complaining so that I can write. I’m grateful that he doesn’t tell me I told you so. Ever.

And I’m grateful for peanut butter. Because it’s delicious.

What are you grateful for today?

Please note: Daisy Whitney doesn’t have any following options on her blog. To earn an entry for “following” her, please stop by her blog and leave a comment after reading one of her posts. Thanks!!


  1. I'm grateful for YOU today C. Not just for the shout out (thank you for that!) but for EVERYTHING. I'm sick so I'm feeling all mushy, but seriously. I've been blessed with some of the best CPs ever and I don't know what I'd do without you in my life!! For CP reasons, and personal ones. <3 <3 <3

    I'm also grateful for Claritin. And I will be MORE grateful if it would just start working already...

  2. It's always fun to see the blogs others enjoy. Thanks for sharing! I already enjoy so many of them, too. :) Look forward to meeting others.

  3. I am sneaking a peak at your blog at work, so I'll have to look at everyone else's after I get home this afternoon. Thanks for posting people for me to look into! I too have many blessings -mostly my husband!

  4. On Daisy's blog there's a RSS thingamajig at the end of the tool bar and there's a "Daisy's Blog" on the drop down menu...FYI.

  5. I'm adding that "jotform" was undergoing maintenance when I was submitting my form so I don't know if it went through or not, but I'm following all of them.

  6. Thanks, Carol! I'm so grateful for my 4 1/2 month old puppy. And my awesome family! (something tells me I should have switched the order of those two items...oh well.)

  7. Gratitude is such a key to making life wonderfull.

  8. Gah! I keep trying to make a correction on my post, but it makes the formatting all screwy. Darn you, Blogger! Anyway, I forgot a special someone who has been particularly helpful to me. Just totally blanked. Bah! She is on the jotform entry form, though.

    Please be sure to check out Ricki Schultz' blog as well. She can be found at

    Wish I knew how to add a link to that.

    Clearly I'm a technical moron.

    Also, thanks so much for your comments everyone! I love hearing the things you are grateful for. And Sara, likewise dear! You are so sweet! xoxo

  9. Aw Carol, You are so kind to give us so many opportunities to win these great books! I'm grateful, for you ;o) And for the fact that it's a Wednesday and not a Monday right now. Weekend's only a couple days away!!

    Enjoy your day ;o) Thanks so much!

  10. Yay! I already follow almost all of these blogs! I'm on a ball, or something

  11. Oh Carol, you just made my day! Awww. *wipes a tear* Thank you. ♡

    ☼ You've made my day a little brighter.☼

    I'm grateful for YOU.
    I'm grateful for writing friends that 'get it'.
    I'm grateful for a husband that also cooks, cleans, and lets me spend...he can afford me. ;) And he's handsome and smart and funny.
    I'm grateful for my daughter, that he's pretty and smart and healthy.

    I could go on and on for all the things I'm grateful for....and for that, too, I am grateful. ;)

    I'm off to visit everyone...

    I ♡ this post.

  12. Yay, I follow most of those bloggers. :D

  13. Right now I'm thankful for tacos. They fed me breakfast. ;D

  14. I like peanut butter, too. It's tasty. I'm also grateful to learn about these awesome bloggers. Thanks, Carol. You, as usual, are awesome.

  15. Sweet! I thought I was already following some of those blogs, but I wasn't. Thanks for helping me reconnect, Carol!

    Good luck to everyone who enters!

  16. Well, I'm sure grateful for you, cuz you are a ray of sunshine online. I follow almost all those blogs but I'll check out the others, too.

  17. +JMJ+

    And I am grateful for the first blog that introduced me to this wonderful world of writer blogs! I was already following three of your friends, Carol, and was happy to follow some more. (Besides, anything for Jane! LOL!)

    Thanks for this chance at extra entries! I really hope I'm not too late. Time zones confuse me. =P And thanks again--as always--for making this international. =)

  18. I'm grateful to know lovely and amazingly talented people like you, my dear. You're beautiful inside and out.

    Thank you for the kind words, and the link, good lady.


  19. Oh wow. What a blessing this post is to me on a particularly frustrating day :(

    Thank you so much. I feel honored to call myself your friend, and I can't wait to visit the blogs of those I don't yet know!


  20. You're so sweet!! You really made my day...more than you could ever really know!. LOVE the blog list...THANK YOU!

  21. YOU made my HAPPIES squiggle and giggle and dance. Thank you so much!

  22. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful! I needed that. :)

  23. Woooo! New awesome blogs to follow! Excellent :)

  24. What a great contest! And SOME REALLY awesome blogs on that list! Thanks for all the links. And I know what you mean about feeling blessed. I feel that way, too, and it's nice to have the good things outweigh the bad, for sure. :)

  25. I'm grateful to have met you this year too. In short time, your friendship and insight has helped me so much, and I'm looking forward to hanging with you again at next year's SCBWI. Thanks for being a friend and someone who can relate to the highs and the lows and be a shoulder or a cheerleader accordingly on this amazing writing journey!

  26. Oh. MY. God. I've been wondering why our blog followers have been sky rocketing today and it's all because of you! THANK YOU, Carolina!!! Have I mentioned lately how grateful we are to have you as one of our blogging besties? You rock. XOXO

  27. I'm grateful for you.
    And for peanut butter.
    And for Prince P, and my friends and family, and great books, and to be on that list with such wonderful people. :)

    Much love back at you. xo

  28. I'm grateful for my family and friends. I'm grateful for my faith, for everyday I wake up, for the air I breath, the food that feeds me, etc, etc.

  29. Great list. I know quite a few of these - I won't have time tonight (it's back to school week & life is batty!!) but I'll check out some on the weekend - thanks for the links!

    This weekend I'm grateful for my job - even though it's always crazy chaos I love it. Mostly because of the kids - they're so much fun!

  30. Thanks for the extra entries. Some of the blogs, I already followed. :)

  31. thank you! grateful for super wonderful people like you. :D

  32. Wow, thank you, Carol!! You're such a sweetheart. I miss you. : ( I've had a really rough day so this was a nice surprise. I'm very grateful! Though, I think I'm going to need a few days before I can focus on being grateful for everything. : p

  33. I promise I'm reworking my blog to have following options! And oh my, you send me a lot of traffic today my friend!

  34. Thanks so much for the contest!!!
    I've got one going on at my blog as well!

  35. I'm grateful that the today is sunny and dry!:-)

    You have a wonderful talented family! Take care

  36. Thanks so much for including us!!!! I'm going to head over to everyone's blogs and fill out my form this afternoon when I've got some time.



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