Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Vlog: OMG I’m Totally Normal…and Other Happenings at WFC

I bet you think I’m weird.

Well. Okay.

I’m jetting off to the World Fantasy Convention tomorrow.

In COLUMBUS, OHIO!! Yeah!! AWEsome!! That’s a whole state closer to NEW YORK!!!!

And by jetting, I actually mean carring.

And, you know, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to conferences and conventions. Mostly about how freaky they are. So. Yeah.


So, what do you think?


P.S. Part of the long drawn out section of my vlog that got cut out for being fifteen minutes too long listed all the people I was going to meet and see (again) and all the ways in which they make my life complete. So sorry I had to make that chop. But I am looking forward to seeing all of you. Seriously. We will rock Columbus and show them how cool nerdy can be.

And for those of you not going…I will try to imagine you with heads anyway.


  1. Seriously, I thought you were completely worried about people reading your blog stalking you. Then... then, you sounded like a completely psychotic stalker that was gonna randomly throw hot grits on your favorite author. But, you have a really cute smile so it was kind of adorable and scary at the same time and somehow it worked.

    I talk a lot of shit and people expect me to say funny off the wall things too. Usually when I can tell someone wants me to be entertaining I just look them in the eye very confidently. You know, like you're trying to mentally burn a hole through the back of their head. Then I say something like, "do you think they serve fried bologna here? How do you feel about eating meat? It's like I completely understand why someone would want to be a vegan, because I totally hate plants too and think they should all die a slow death in my intestines. But, you know, chicken is tasty, dont you think?"

    OK, so I don't really say that, but I totally would say that if I thought about what I was going to say before I said it. In case you freeze up, just say something that everyone thinks is funny and nerdy, like an inside joke that only a certain exclusive club would understand. Make it something really random like: "I own an industrial KitchenAid" then tilt your head slowly and slightly menacingly and say "it makes me happy".

    They'll either laugh and think you're a complete nutjob which is what they're expecting anyway, or they'll do a nervous laugh because they're scared and you'll completely punk them out.

    Ummm yea, don't know where any of this came from but have a nice trip eh?

  2. Thanks for imagining my 'head' there. Hah...I seriously just pictured you standing there, spacing off, and seeing a bunch of imaginary peeps glaring or waving at you. Hmm...sounds like our make believe worlds, eh?? (Yeah, stole that from Chris.)

  3. I'm meeting some fellow NaNoWriMos for the first time on Friday and I'm very nervous, so I get where you are coming from!

    Love the stalking angle. LOL.

  4. OMG - you are so totally not normal! (Only joking, Carolina. BTW - sack the cameraman, he kept chopping off the top of your head - you know, the bit which has got your nice eyes in it).

  5. I already know you're weird. It's okay. And since you're expecting it, I'll bring my head along with me.

    And just so I've got this straight...the open bar at writers' conferences starts at 9 am, right? If not, I'm going to be mightily disappointed.

  6. I'll be there as well! If you see me (I look mostly like my picture with longer hair) come say hello!

  7. Stop in at Betty's on High Street in the Short North and say hello to Melissa Osborne. Columbus rocks. You will be amazed!

  8. Have a great trip and convention. I've never been to one before. Can't wait to hear all about it. :D

  9. sugar... macaroni... brown sugar... pinch of salt... eggs. hahahah

    I love you and your dirty socks :)

    I do get nervous, but I'll have you and Karen with me, so I know we'll be fine :)

  10. Sounds like it will be a blast. I need to look into this for next year, maybe? Until then, I will live vicariously through you.

    Have a blast!

  11. I have never been to a writing convention, but yeah, all I've ever heard is that they are fun and freaky. :) Have a great time.

  12. You go to so many great conferences! You lucky girl! You will have so much fun! One day I will stalk you I mean meet you at one! :)
    Now get to packing!

  13. Aaah this video is so cute; I miss you!!

    I know you'll have an awesome time! Pictures and stories when you get back! And text me if anything amazing happens!

  14. Enjoy you convention!!!!! You are gonna be FANTASTIC and yes you are gonna have FUN! And of course you are totally normal! LOL!! Its the others who are not! Oh I'm KIDDING!!! :-)

    The only conventions I like going to are Star Trek ones where you get to dress up and queue in the canteen area behind the guy who played the Guy in The Red Shirt on ST4!!! :-)

    Take care

  15. Sorry, not going, but I'm sure you'll have an awesome time. Columbus is a cool town.

  16. OMG - I'm so excited to see your head!!! I mean...what??

    Also, you'd better have some damn cinnamon! ;)


  17. Have a great time at the fantasy convention! Columbus Ohio is a great town so I know you'll love it. And there's no one more fun than the fantasy crowd!


  18. Love you AND your dirty socks...too cute...I have to say I love conferences and you never know who you'll meet at one because that's where I met YOU! (And so many other cool people too who have, in small part, shaped my writing world). You're awesome! Can't wait to hear your tales of the conference. Have fun!


  19. Funny! I was going to go to WFC but couldn't at the last minute have a good time.

  20. I love you. You know this. BUT the SOCKS! The horror! *shudder*

    Safe 'carring'. And give Sara a big hug for me.

    (oh you will totes see some FREAKS.) (pictures, natch.)

  21. OMG! Can't believe you're worried about that, Carol. You are so totally not normal... but in a good way. :)

    Looking forward to a conference report. A vlog, maybe?

  22. "Wow! These people have heads!"

    LOVE it, haha

  23. Soooo, is it, like, totally crazy that you, like, totally met my head before I was like a voice/not-voice in your head??


  24. LOL - OMG I love you. If we ever met it would be awesome. And I don't think you'd have to try to be funny, you just are ;o) But no you're not the only one that worries about this stuff, I'm sure. I'm going to try and go to my first writer's conference next year, so I guess we'll see. Mua ha ha ha...

    You crack me up. I love your vlogs.

  25. Wait, I'm just a voice to you? Ha ha. You are so random and I love it. I would totally loan you salt or eggs or brown sugar, but I do draw the line at socks. Just in case those were dirty, and you were thinking about asking for some. I have this aversion to feet. Just sayin'. Okay, okay, just for you, I'd loan you some, but please wash them before giving them back, yes? Hmmm.... maybe I shouldn't comment late at night after watching random vlogs.

    Have a great trip! :D

  26. "Please don't peek in through the gap. That's like, really gross."

    Dude. It is. And people in my office do it ALL the time to see if anyone is in the stall. And I'm like, "Why don't you just look UNDER the door like a normal person? Or KNOCK?" There are only TWO stalls. It's not hard.

    Also, I think I like you about 1,000% more after watching this video.

  27. Yes! Yes, it is weird. But it's a good kind of weird. Have a good time!

  28. Best line ever: "I will try to imagine you with heads anyway."

    Another great vlog! I'm totally normal least I THINK I am. How do we really know for sure?

  29. I loved this! Hope the conference was a blast. Can't wait to drop by and see the pix and hear all about it!

  30. lmao. I cant believe I didn't watch this before we went.

    How weird is it that everyone we met at conference did actually have a head. What are the odds of that?

    Miss you bunches! :)


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