Monday, November 22, 2010

Every Girl Deserves to Carry a Big Stick

©CarolinaValdezMiller Not long ago, we had 71°F weather here in Indianapolis. It was an anomaly in November. So, of course, several of us decided that the world must surely be coming to an end. But before it did, we figured we should at least make the best of it.

So I took my four year old daughter for a bike ride. This is how it all went down.

Little Bean:  [Jumping off bike] Mommy, look at this big stick! It’s HUGE!

Me:  Darling, that’s not a stick. It’s a branch. It must have been knocked down in that storm a few days ago.

Little Bean:  Oh. Well. Can I have it?

Me:  What, the stick?

Little Bean: No, silly. It’s not a stick. It’s a branch.

Me:  Yes yes. It’s a branch. But no, you can’t have it.

Little Bean:  But it’s so HUGE! Please, Mommy, please. I will take good care of it.

Me:  I’m sure you would. But it won’t take good care of you.  A stick this big is just too dangerous.

Little Bean:  It’s not a stick. It’s a branch.

Me:  That’s what I meant.

Little Bean:  How do you know?

Me:  How do I know what?

Little Bean:  That it won’t take good care of me? It’s HUGE!

Me:  [blink blink blink]

Little Bean:  So can I have it?

Me:  No, dear. Move along now.

Little Bean:  But it’s HUGE!

Me:  Go.

Little Bean:  I bet Aunt Bean would let Boy Cousin Bean have it. [pouts]

Me:  [blink blink blink] Fine. Get your stick.

Little Bean:  Um.

Me:  What? You don’t want it now?

Little Bean:  Oh, I do! But…

Me:  What?

Little Bean:  [picks up one end of stick branch with two hands and makes a face] It’s very heavy.

Me:  Is that so?

Little Bean:  Yes. I think you will have to carry it home.

Me:  [blink blink blink]

Little Bean:  It’s not that heavy, Mommy. But I’m little.

Me:  Fine. Here. Take my phone.

Little Bean:  Be careful with it. That stick is dangerous.


Because every girl deserves to carry own a big stick…


  1. LOL. Your daughter sounds like mine. :D

  2. That's an example of the AWESOME in parenting.

  3. Oh I miss that age. SO cute.

    You make a lovely pack mule, my love.

    Have a wonderful, thankful Thanksgiving week.
    Know that I'm thankful for you.


  4. HAHAHAH!!! This was awesome!
    Just think, one day she can use thar stick to scare off the boys

  5. LOL this is so funny. I have several large sticks in my front garden from the little ones bringing them home. No idea what the fascination is with them but they seem to be. Who needs Christmas presents when you have a stick :)

  6. The little (oops I mean HUGE!) things that make kids happy! Kida are awesome.

  7. I meant kids. :) I don't know who or what kida are.

  8. You should've made a deal with Little Bean: She could only carry the stick if she spoke softly.

    That way, not only would you be able to begin to teach her about Teddy Roosevelt, but you'd have a quieter home. At least, until the stick started acting up.

  9. Ha ha! I love the things little kids say and do! (And the things we end up doing for them) ;) Hope you have a lovely THanksgiving this week! XOXO

  10. I bet she didn't talk quietly, with you carrying her big stick...

  11. Awwwwwww!!!! How cute!! Awwwww yay that little Bean found her special branchy stick for you to carry!! Awwwwww!! May her sticky branch take good care of her! Yay!

  12. You made me giggle! I always used to collect things like that in the park, sticks and leaves and pebbles. I never made my mother carry them, though! Your girl is a clever little bean.


  13. This is the Carole I love and miss!

    Little Bean is just too cute for words.

    Lovely post :)

  14. LOL aw, C. I heart little bean. (And YOU!) xoxoxo

  15. Teddy Roosevelt would be proud of you and your parenting methods. :)

  16. RE: Actually, yes. I have seen HP7. I did see it twice. Once in IMAX with some my friend I've known since preschool, and then once with Frankie and Eve at a matinee.
    As for Whip It, I've had better chick flicks. Love French Kiss and Ever After. They're just done better.

  17. That's pretty adorable... you pushover.

  18. The need to carry the sticks we find, is fascinating. Everyone feels it to some degree or another. I wonder if it is an ancient imperative - a need to feel protected or to recycle to make wasted needed again?

  19. That was fantastic! My daughter used to want to bring sticks and rocks IN THE HOUSE. Like pets or something. I let her bring them home, but I drew the line at the front door.

    Loved how your daughter accepted 'branch' so easily and kept correcting you. Adorable

  20. Aw! I love that photo of you, carrying the stick! What a wonderful vignette.

  21. The weather was crazy here in Indiana last night. I took the boys to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow and came out to a monsoon. I live in Attica, that is about 1 1/2 from Indy. I couldn't believe the tornado warnings and then to wake up to 34 degree weather this morning.

    Fickle Indiana...but I love it here.

  22. LOL! I have a 4 year old daughter too. Isn't it just the cutest age??? We always grab walking sticks when we hike the woods. :)

    Nice meeting you. Glad you stopped by my blog. Looks like you have a great thing going here, look forward to reading more.

  23. LOL. How cute. What a great mom you are to carry that big branch, or is it a stick?
    : )

  24. OMG, your daughter is ADORABLE!!! I loved this, thanks for sharing!!!

  25. Aww, that's adorable! A scene like this was made for the movies! <3

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  26. Gotta love their logic - it ALWAYS works!! :)

  27. That's one skilled negotiator you're raising. Love it--thank you for the laugh!

  28. You're in big trouble when it comes time for the Mum/Daughter trips to the Mall.

  29. My kids were so into sticks when they were young. I remember the stroller bottom would be full of sticks by the end of a walk. When my sons weren't looking, I'd toss them back into the field so they could 'refind them' the next walk, lol.

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  30. As a mother, I love this. I love how kids look at the world in such a unique way... and bend us to their will :)

  31. That is so cute! Thanks for sharing! What IS it with bebes and branches and sticks? I should just go out to the park and grab a bunch of them, put them in a box and wrap them for Christmas! It would be a lot cheaper and he would play with them longer!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  32. So cute! Can't wait til my boys are older. Of course knowing little boys, they'll be more likely to whack each other with it.


    I so hope I have a girl next.

  33. You're an awesome mother. Not every parent allows big sticks to be taken home.


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