Monday, February 7, 2011

Blame the Cheese on the Nyquil

So, I got a good 15k words in over the weekend. Not as much as I'd intended, but I've been battling plague, and you KNOW how it is dealing with that. Locusts and all that jazz.

Here's hoping the gnats run off and the boils dry up before my conference next week. To that end, please let's take a moment of silence.


Sorry. I meant screaming. I'm a little nervous.

Anyway, it's 2:00. As in AM. It makes me punchy.



So, I'm here to announce the winner of the signed ARC of THE LIAR SOCIETY.


Don't fret if the winner isn't you. I mean, I don't have another Roecker ARC, but  The Liar Society comes out March 1.



Here's the winner.




Down below.






Like down here.















Happy birthday, Grandma!!







It really was my grandma's birthday this weekend.








Happy birthday, Cousin Bean!!!







Her birthday, too. She's twenty now. Like in grown up years.




And the winner is:







HEllo there, sweet thing.

I know this looks like Zac Efron. But I swear, it's Jared Leto. I took the picture myself.







Not really.


Let's compare.




Okay, so they look nothing alike, but they both really are Jared Leto. Down with Zac!


Wait, is Zac Efron old enough to drink now? I have lost track of time. When was High School Musical? Hm. I will reserve judgment on Zac until I know his age. It's important, you know.




Why did I resort to Twitter Hashtags?



And the winner is:






You sort of expected a picture of a woman now, didn't you?


Like to make things even?


Give me a sec.











Born June 8, 1933.




LiarSociety_small And the winner of the signed ARC of THE LIAR SOCIETY is




(for real this time)


(Except the ARC doesn't actually have this cover. Sorry. But it's still fabulous.)



Amanda Furman!


Congratulations, Amanda! Please email me with an address to send your ARC. Now that the tundra seems to be behind us, I should be able to get out to the post office.

Thanks so much to all who entered, tweeted, facebooked, blogged, et cetera et cetera. You are all gracious and magnificent and I adore you. Air kisses and waves  to all of you (I have the plague, yeah?) I truly wish I had enough prizes to go around. But, okay, there were a lot of you who entered. I'm not sure Mark Zuckerberg has enough money to give prizes to all of you. Okay, he probably does. But when I asked him to contribute, he totally went all, "I'm sorry, I already have established charities I donate to." And then he goes, "Are you pranking on me? Is this a scam?" What.Ever. He totally just did that to get me off the phone. Or maybe he's mad at me for waiting so long to see The Social Network.

I need to stop blogging at 2 AM probably. Especially while sick.


  1. Re that photo you took - I've got a body like that. I keep it under the bed.

  2. Oh my goodness. I need to lie down after all the build-up and excitement of discovering the lovely Amanda Furman is the winner! Yay! Take care

  3. Mans oh mans, I can't believe you are sick AGAIN. (or is it still?) You need to: sleep more (say the girl who never sleeps), take your vitamins (especially C)...and, well, watch out for the rats. (Plague rats. *shudder*) Please take care of yourself and drink your fluids, etc. *get well hugs*

    Sick and a 15k weekend is some badass ninja word herding, yo.

    CONGRATS to Amanda!

    Jared Leto = prettiful.

    Have a healthy week, darling.

  4. Writing 15K while sick is impressive! Hope you feel better! Congrats to Amanda!

  5. Ahhh, Jared Leto on a Monday morning is even better than coffee!!!! For the record, I ADORE your punch, Nyquil posts...they are classic!

    Congrats to Amanda, and to you, on the word progress! ;)

  6. Whoa. Formatting this post must have taken a year.

    JL = yum.

  7. Oh, man! You really know how to draw out the anticipation, girl! :-)

  8. Way to go on the 15k I'm impressed. x

  9. LOL. I loved the "happy birthday grandma" you added in there. :) Congrats to the winner!!

    xoxo, The BooKrushers.

  10. Oh my. You DO need to stop blogging while sick and it's 2 AM. ;D

    Congrats, Amanda!

  11. LOL! You are so funny. Love the suspense. :D

    And congrats to Amanda!

  12. Congrats Amanda!!

    And the girls get Jared Leto (and a lookalike), and us guys get some Joan Rivers photoshop crap! I cry unfavor treatment!!! I want to speak to the manager of this establishment!!! :)

  13. I just found out that Chelsea Clinton got divorced!! After six freaking months!!!! I looked a little like that Rivers chick when I heard that little nugget of nothingness.

    15k is a phenomenal achievement under the cicumstances of your lurgy Cee. I just hope you're not completely wiped after that effort.

    Congrats to the winner of the ARC.

  14. Congrats to AManda on that amazing ARC!
    And thanks for the mighty fine Jared Leto pics. You must have had some nice dreams after posting those at 2am! :)
    And a big congrats to your huge word count this weekend. Impressive.
    And what the heck is that Joan Rivers pic about?

  15. Ugh, that sounds just like Mark Zuckerberg. ;)

    Thanks for the Zac Effron pic. I'm going to just pretend he's at least 21 so I don't seem creepy for continually scrolling up to that picture.

  16. Wow, 15k in a weekend... congrats to you AND to Amanda!

  17. Was Joan Rivers really born in 1933? Isn't that Joan Rivers? I have no idea. Plastic surgery confuses me.

    Hope you feel better, m'dear. I hear rest is good when you're ill.

    I still say vodka cures all sickness, but no one listens to me, so I don't expect you to. *sigh*

  18. I prefer to only picture Jared Leto circa 1995 in My So-Called Life. I, um, may have had a shrine devoted to him on my wall back then. Ahhhh he's so pretty. (Except when he bleaches his hair.)

  19. Lmao! Carol, you made my day;) Get well soon dearie!

  20. Mmm, locusts. Not as tasty as vodka.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  21. LOL, I'm sorry you're sick!! But thanks for the Jared pics. He does look like Zac in that pic! Congrats to Amanda!!! Awesome!

    Feel better! And YAY on the 15K ;o) Holla.

  22. What a build-up to announce the winner.

    CONGRATS go out to Amanda for winning the signed ARC!

    Carolina, feel better and CONGRATS on your word count. That is awesome!

  23. OMG -- I didn't even enter the contest, and I was like "WHO WON???" Great job with the suspense -- you must have no prob in your fiction!

    And I'm with Lola -- sick again???

    I am actually *getting* sick right now. Sending chicken noodle thoughts your way!

  24. You are even funny when you are sick? How do you do that?

    Hope you are better soon.

  25. I think you should most definitely always blog while sick. Also, I love Efron!

    Feel better! Congrats to Amanda!

  26. Thanks guys! I'm super excited! I can't wait to read The Liar Society :)

  27. Congrats to Amanda!

    I love me some Leto.

  28. Congratulations Amanda!

    She said in bitter disappointment as she sighed and had to wait for the book to come out.

    And this was pretty much the funniest reveal of a winner EVER. :D

  29. Congrats to Amanda!!!

    And thanks for the fantastic photos! :)

  30. Okay - I loved the review of Like Mandarin and am anxiously awaiting its release.

    But I had to comment on THIS post instead.

    Because Jared Leto? Oh. My.

    Seriously love him. Love to look at him. Hear him sing (amazing, by the way...)

    And yes. I am married. So when I say "serious love" you know what I mean.

    I mean: Thank you for those pictures.
    That is all.

  31. I'm really confused about Jared Leto and Zac Efron and it's honestly freaking me out. Neither are my type, mind you (I'm more partial to scruffy and melancholy), but they're.... TWINS.


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