Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I know. I haven't been blogging.

In my defense...
it's genetic.
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I've been busy writing. I know, it's no excuse. Yes it is. But I've got this ├╝ber conference coming up in less than three weeks (with sweetie peetie Shannon Messenger), and I'm working frantically to finish up some projects. Just want to be prepared with a whole arsenal of awesome, you know? Like, if someone says, so what have you been working on in addition to this super-fabtastic manuscript? I could rub my hands together in glee and give them my oh, you don't know the half of it look, and then unleash my long list of superfly Carol-pie.

Gotta be prepared, you know?

So, to that end, I'll be blogging probably only sporadically. Writing comes first, right? But I've read a couple of really great books recently, so I'll try to post those reviews soon. Also, I have some writing posts planned and another giveaway ready to go. Good stuff coming up.

Okay, some cool news:

Shelli Johannes-Wells is having a Pay It Forward contest as a nod to Suzanne Young for having given her a jumpstart in her writing career. The prize? A personal recommendation to her agent, Alyssa Henkin at Trident Media, to help you get out of  the slush pile. In order to win, you have to enter your YA/MG pitch (up to four sentences) in her comment section.  In publishing, whatever boost you can get is practically gold. So GO HERE to check out the details. Contest ends this Friday, Feb 4.

LiarSociety_smallest ALSO, if you haven't entered yet, make sure you GO HERE to enter to win a Signed ARC of Lisa and Laura Roecker's YA mystery THE LIAR SOCIETY. Giveaway ends tomorrow, Thursday Feb 3! So HURRY!

FINALLY, if you're new to my blog...Helloooooo! Huge thank you to new and old bloggie friends alike. Happy to have you! *Tips hat*


  1. yep, y0u said it: writing comes first! h0pe the c0nference g0es well!

  2. Writing, making hardcore rockin videos, and facebooking you mean.

  3. Good luck with the writing and the conference!

  4. Could I just say how much I LOVE YOUR FACEBOOK PIC?!!?!!?!? I love it!! Look at you - AWESOME!!!

    Take care

  5. Sporadic blogging separates the friends from the followers.

    Okay, I totally disagree with that, but it sounds funny. Anywho, survive the storm and be good!

  6. At least you won't get to the conference and say, Sorry, this would have been better but I was blogging. ...And totally rocking out on video. Wanna see?

  7. Wow, that image up top might as well be my motto... love that! :D Happy writing. And yes, it's TOTALLY a great excuse!

  8. Whaddya mean, you've been neglecting your blog in favor of writing!? *I'd* certainly never do that. I mean, except for this past week. And the few weeks before that. And this year thus far. And...oh.

    Um, yes.

    Good luck getting your package of awesomesauce together for the uber-conference, good lady! (Yes, you have to pay extra for the umlaut. Sorry.)



  9. Have a blast at the conference with Shannon :) Also, I know this is the wrong post for this comment, but you rocking out for the ATU vlog was super cute

  10. Yeah, I enjoyed your rocking out on the vid, too. :)

    Have fun with Shannon at the conference. I know you will dazzle them.

    Love and hugs and kisses,

  11. Writing definitely comes first! I'm uber jealous of the uber awesome conference you are going to. Hope you have a fabulous time and score some major contacts/interest in your work! :)

  12. That's great you're writing. And so cool you're going to a conference with Shannon.

  13. I feel the same way, except I REALLY neglect my blog and you still do awesome dance videos ;-)

    Good luck prepping for your conference. Bring them superfly Carol-pie.

    Because who doesn't like pie?

  14. "superfly Carol-pie"

    That's all I needed tonight. Thanks!

  15. Writing. Hmmmmmm...I've almost forgotten what that feels like. :)

    Have fun at your conference!

  16. I used to buy Cosmo and Harper's Bazzar. Now my weekly must read is Carol's Prints. Guess I'll just have to catch up on the archive some more.

  17. Oh it is sooooooooo an excuse. ;) I use it all the time.


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