Friday, April 8, 2011

All Good Parties Should End with a Poke

Thank you to all who stopped by and visited with Jewelz yesterday, my teen guest reviewer, particularly if you commented so she knew you were here. It's so important to reach out to others, especially to those starting out--and most especially to the youngest among us. We all need to feel validated, but those starting out, dipping their toes into a new pool, often need a boost to jumpstart their confidence. It's amazing how much a comment, a tweet, an email, or just a wave from across the room, can do to make a person feel welcome.

The only problem is that I'm still trying to catch up with comments from yesterday's post and blog hopping, so once again, I've disabled comments (on this post) until I have more time to interact with you guys (which will hopefully be soon).** For now, I just wanted to post the winners of my Agent Signing Celebration.


I want to thank all of you who offered your congratulations and support of my agent signing. It's been an incredible journey, full of ups and downs, but I feel remarkably blessed to have signed with Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst Literary. And I feel just as blessed to be a part of this amazing writer/reader community online and offline. Thank you to all who entered all the celebration giveaways as well.

The winners are:

1. Signed Hardback of Passing Strange by Daniel Waters
Jamie Burch

2. Signed Hardback of Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

3. Signed copy of Escaping into the Open: the Art of Writing True by Elizabeth Berg
Laura Pauling

4. A Kindle Wireless Reading Device
Roni Loren

5. A 1st page critique from my agent Vickie Motter
Sheri Larsen

Conngratulations to all the winners! Please be sure to contact me so I can get you your prizes. Huge thanks to all who entered and were all around supportive. I appreciate you. As in all of my giveaways, I feel awful I don't have enough prizes to go around, but especially for this particular giveaway, which is so close to my heart. But rest assured I'll be having another giveaway soon. SOON soon.

I'll be back to blogging normally soon, too. I have some great posts lined up. Okay, I'm not that organized. But I have some ideas anyway. Fun interviews and reviews. And for the first time, really, I'll begin posting on my writing process and some tips and tricks I've used, for whatever it's worth. Among other things. I did actually go to school for this, but I swear it will not be crazy educational. Like I won't wear my glasses  or point a stick at you. Although I might poke you with it. Sorry. That's fun. Pokey poke.


I heart you. Thanks for stopping by. Poke.

**If you choose to comment on a different post, then I will of course reply. Or visit you. Or both.