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Bringing you Jewelz and Clarity

Not like it's any secret at this point, but I'm busy. So I thought it would be a perfect time for a Guestanista book review. But I didn't want to bring you just ANY book review. How about a YA book review by someone in its target audience?

Meet the Book Reviewer

Jewelz is smart, funny, and wicked talented. And she writes amazing reviews. I suspect we'll be seeing big things in this teenager's future.

Jewelz, in her own words:

Me! D Some teens live to text, I live to read! (Oh wait I like texting too..) I am a freak when it comes to correct spelling and accurate capitalization. I have a few obsessions: PARIS, Zebra print, Wicked the musical, and SPARKLES! Okay, maybe that was more than a few.

Okay, how amazing is Jewelz? You can find her at her own book blog YA Book Diva Reviews. Be sure to stop by and say hello. Give her a follow while you're there, okay? She rocks.

CLARITY by Kim Harrington

Genre: Mystery
Pages: 242
For ages 13+ for very limited mild language

Summary: When you can see things others can't, where do you look for the truth?

This paranormal murder mystery will have teens reading on the edge of their seats.

Clarity "Clare" Fern sees things. Things no one else can see. Things like stolen kisses and long-buried secrets. All she has to do is touch a certain object, and the visions come to her. It's a gift.

And a curse.

When a teenage girl is found murdered, Clare's ex-boyfriend wants her to help solve the case--but Clare is still furious at the cheating jerk. Then Clare's brother--who has supernatural gifts of his own--becomes the prime suspect, and Clare can no longer look away. Teaming up with Gabriel, the smoldering son of the new detective, Clare must venture into the depths of fear, revenge, and lust in order to track the killer. But will her sight fail her just when she needs it most?


Clarity by Kim Harrington is a thrilling book that makes you keep turning pages for more. There were literally parts in this book where my mouth would drop all the way to the floor. (I read most of this book at school so I had explaining to do, due to my shocked face!)

Clarity, or Clare for short, was such a touching character that even now that I have finished reading the book her personality is still stuck in my head. Luckily, she is an amazing character so I don’t mind! I honestly wish she was real. Who doesn’t want a friend who can touch objects and see visions?!

Now, I am a BIG softy for romance. In this book I definitely got the happy feeling inside of me when the two boys, Justin and Gabriel, fight for Clare’s attention. I love both of the boys, and I am not going to lie, I have a semi crush on both of them. I think I am going to start a list of AMAZING boys in books. Justin and Gabriel would definitely be on that list. If you are looking for boys that are “swoon worthy” you have come to the right book. I was worried there wouldn’t be a whole lot of romance in this book and it would just be a plain mystery. NOT AT ALL! The romance and mystery balanced out perfectly.

I will be the first person to tell you I am a scaredy cat, about multiple things. At first I was worried that since this book was about a murder, it might put me in one of those “moods”. Luckily this book wasn’t too heavy on the murder. It was enough to have you on the edge of your seat but not so much that you were scared to go to sleep the next night due to the risk of nightmares.

This book was not predictable AT ALL. I know there are some books that you can guess the killer in a second, but in this book you couldn’t guess it if you tried. I really had no idea who the murderer was. (Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for all of you who haven’t read the book!)

I absolutely loved this book. I finished this book in less than 24 hours and that was all during school! (I was lucky enough to have some free time in math to read it!)I had to force myself to put it down to listen to my teacher! After all I am a star student... sometimes. ;) I actually have to bring it back to school for my friend because she wants to read it now!

Now hopefully you are grabbing your keys or scrolling up to click that link to go buy this book. I wouldn’t even be offended if you weren’t reading this right now because you are either leaving for the book store, or adding it to your virtual cart. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery, and some romance. (That would be me.) I loved it! 5 star worthy.


Thank you so much for your Guestanista review, Jewelz! So insightful. You get to the heart of what makes a book a worthy read. CLARITY is definitely one to pick up.

CLARITY is now available.

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Don't forget to stop by and visit Jewelz at the YA Book Diva Reviews blog!

Thanks again, Jewelz!

P.S. Winners of my Agent Signing Celebration will be posted tomorrow. Promise.


  1. Great review Jewelz. I read the book and so agree with you. I interviewed Kim on Monday on my blog and am giving away a copy of her book.

    I'll check out your blog.

  2. What a great review! Jewelz did wonderfully--I'm going to hop over to her blog right now. :) And, I'm going to put CLARITY on my TBR list right after I enter the contest Natalie mentioned.

  3. Thanks for the great review Jewelz. I'm glad you wrote what you did about predictability. The best books are the ones that surprise us.

  4. Awesome review! I only recently heard about this book and now I can't wait to read it!

  5. Fun review Jewelz! :) I agree, the book wasn't scary. (for those that worry about scary or graphic scenes, there aren't any.)

  6. Fab job, Jewelz!! I loved that you had some explaining to do because of your dropped jaw. ;)

  7. Wonderful review, Jewelz! I've been excited to read this book, now even more so!

  8. Excellent! I will have to check it out :) Thanks!

  9. Great review, J! I'll definitely check this one out!

  10. Jewelz, what a fabulous review! I'm running out to Borders today anyway, and now this book is on my list :)

    Also, I love that your math teacher gives you time to read! I used to teach math and I gave my students time to read too :) :) :)

  11. Carol, what a cool idea to have a guestanista!!!

    I'm a new follower of yours ;). LOVED your review (and I used to sneak books behind my textbooks at school especially during earth science *which I failed three times but we won't go there*). You are an amazing writer, keep it up!

    I actually bought this book last week and it's pretty cover is staring at me from my bookshelf as we speak. Your review of it has me all sorts of excited to read it. I am going to have to bribe myself with it to finish my coursework before the end of the semester. I have a feeling if I pick Clarity up I will accomplish nothing else until I have finished it!

    I will definitely be checking your blog out in the future, loved this!

  12. What a perfect match of book and reviewer! Did anyone else notice that both the girl on the cover and the reviewer have the most beautiful eyes?

    Well done Jewelz, and thanks Carol!

  13. Excellent review Jewelz! Thank you, I'm putting this one on my list.

  14. Yay! I am so glad everyone liked it! Thank you so much!

  15. What a great review: informative and fun to read! Now I want to read CLARITY!

  16. I love that you had a Guestinista do the review. And Jewelz did a great job! I loved her take on the book (and I also LOVED the book). Yay!

  17. Loved the review!! What a cool idea to have a Guestinista! I LOVED Clarity. Such a cool book. Spot on review ;o)

  18. Jewelz, what a great idea to make a list of amazing boys in books. And great review.

  19. Beautiful review! And I glanced at the Bookanistas post - holy epic giveaways! Wow! I'll check that out this weekend.

    Hope the revisions are going well!

  20. Thanks for the thoughtful review, Jewelz! I like you even though you make me feel old :P

  21. THanks Jewelz, I will definitely be putting this on my TBR list now. Great review. :)

  22. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! :) At my blog there is a giveaway! So if you want to have a chance of winning one of my favorite books pop on over! :)

  23. Can't talk, I'm on my way out to buy Clarity...

  24. Awesome, Jewelz. I was obsessed with reading when I was your age (still am) but never thought about writing reviews.

    Good for you and keep it up ~ don't wait around until your OLD to decide you want to make something out of this writing gig. That's what I did. I'm still doing it, but. I'm old - ha!

    Best of luck to you (and texting is the best. now that I know how to do it).

  25. I meant You ARE which would be "you're" - but am obviously typing quickly. Can't believe I used "your" which is a mistake I never make.

    Taught English for 16 years. Ouch.

  26. Awesome review by Jewelz! I've been dying to read Clarity and this makes that desire even stronger.

  27. Ha ha ha! Julie that is too funny! And Aaron why thank you for buying it! Thanks for reading everyone :)


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