Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Ish Changes Everything

Definitely, go spend $11 to see Snakes on a Plane. It was good. Ish.

Go ahead and slide belly first on that Slip N Slide. It's wet. Ish.

You go first. That rope bridge looks safe. Ish.

Feel free to pet my dragon. He's friendly. Ish.

Let me ride on your shoulders. I'm light. Ish.

I love your head. It's so round. Ish.

Sure, my wife and I are perfectly happy. Ish.

Have a bite. The sushi is fresh. Ish.

Feel free to use my shower. It's clean. Ish.

Oh yeah. I'm STD free. Ish.

What the F. Ish.

See what sentences you can come up with. You all are clever. Ish.*


Finally, congratulations are in order:

Texas Gothic
Congratulations, Rosemary Clement-Moore on your release of TEXAS GOTHIC!

Goodreads Page

(In case you're curious: my review of TEXAS GOTHIC.)


Congratulations, Carrie Harris on your release of BAD TASTE IN BOYS!

Goodreads Page

(In case you're curious: my review of BAD TASTE IN BOYS.)

Twenty-eight_and_a_half_Wishes Congratulations, Denise Grover Swank on your release of TWENTY-EIGHT AND A HALF WISHES!

Goodreads Page


Finally again, congratulations to Ricki Schultz on signing with agent Barbara Poelle of the Irene Goodman Agency. So happy for you, Ricki!

So. I'm gonna return to my WIP cave now. Bye.

*I've noticed that sometimes people don't get my jokes. So I've resorted to adding these lame footnotes to explain hahahaha! Just kidding, Ish.**

**Ditto. Et cetera.


  1. LOL. You crack me up. Congrats to Rosemary, Carrie and Denise! And YAY! Ricki!!!

    I'm revising-ish. Hope you're writing is going well ;o) <3<3 I'm heading back into my cave, as well. Later, Gator.

  2. Congratulations to you all!! Carolina, I hope that your revising cave is comfy and you get it all done!! Enjoy! :D

  3. Post Christmas (or Thanksgiving) British T.V. advert for spicy sauce mix:

    Family: "Not TURKEY again?!"

    Mother: "Well, Turk-ISH."

  4. I can't help but be reminded of the meat-substitute product called "beef-ish bits". They also come in the ham-ish and chicken-ish variety. Sounds appealing, no? The ish DOES make all the difference!

    May your sojourn in the cave be productive.

  5. I'd say my query letter is awful-ish, but that would be a lie. It's just awful.
    But I am about to shower in my un-airconditioned, humid house, so by the time I get out I'll be clean. Ish.

  6. This really has nothing to do with what you're talking about, but it's a story, nonetheless, involving ish.

    I've always loved Gwen Stefani. She's beautiful, talented, interesting, just awesome. Anyway, she has that song, the Bananas one, which is great fun, but she says shit a lot. Like literally S-H-I-T. My daughters loved the song, but I didn't want them listening to that word all the time (swearing is fine with me, used sparingly, but my younger kid was like 6 when she wanted the song placed on her cheap Wal-Mart MP3). Ahem ... anyway. So I ripped the song into some software I own, and edited the audio until all the shits sounded like ishes.

    It made my kids laugh endlessly. They loved it, and they could still enjoy the original song. Ish.

  7. bahahaha! For the past three weeks, I've been writing-ish. For real, any day now, I'm dropping that ish though. <3

  8. Haha, so funny. Also, I think "What the FISH!" makes a great exclamation ;)

    (at least my not-yet-fully-caffeinated brain does)

  9. Oh dear
    ...can't write until I come up with a good example...This funny exercise from Carol is distracting. Ish.

  10. That was funny - ish! Just kidding. And Snakes on a Plane needs at least three ishes.

  11. Did you know that "Ish" in ancient Hebrew stands for Man in his most noble state? How cool is that? Roland

  12. Well done, Carol. Posts like these are what drew me to your site in the beginning. Thanks for giving me a good laugh on a sicky day!

  13. Darlin your are a hoot! Thank you for making this crabby girl smile today. Congratulations on the releases and good thoughts sent your way for much success.

  14. I'm now focusing on my writing completely. Ish.
    I'm trust-worthy. Ish.
    With me, all of your deepest, darkest secrets are safe. Ish. (That was awkwardly phrased)

    Nice post. ;)
    Enjoy your cave!

  15. @Roland: You're a bit wrong. "Ish" is simply Hebrew for man, though in Scripture it often refers to a righteous man.
    So you were right. Ish. ;)
    Or, Scripture is what you were talking about from the beginning, in which case feel free[ish] to ignore my ramblings.

  16. Have you read the PB by Peter H. Reynolds called ISH? It's one of my favorites!! :-)

  17. It's ok, sweetheart, I'm only PMSing. You can ask me what I'm cooking for dinner.


  18. We use 'Ish' all the time...like:

    Me: How was the movie? Daughter: Ish

    Husband: Was the steak cooked right? Me: Ish

    Enjoy your cave! After tomorrow night's midnight HP viewing and the subsequent sleeping in, I'll be joining you. Full-on, hard core, non-ishy 9 days of sequestered writing is on tap for me. (husband promises to keep me fed-ish by shoving the food under the door....quietly-ish.)

    Good word hunting,

  19. BTW, did you husband get the rotting corpse-ish/decomp-ish smell out of your car? (And for for his sake I hope your answer isn't 'ish'.)

  20. LOL, love these.

    I'm awake. Ish. :)

  21. Ish-TAR. Now there was a stinker...ish.

  22. You are so funny...ish. (wink) How've you been, Carol?

  23. You crack me up! Congrats to the authors on their releases (especially Denise, yay Denise!), and to Ricki on landing an agent! Busting out my awesome (ish) happy dance!

  24. OMG I JUST SAW THIS NOWWWW! So sorry! Thanks for the shout-out, my love! :D Still in disbelief!


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