Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My ALA Adventures (With Photos)

At the end of June, I attended the ALA conference in New Orleans. Finally, I'm getting around to posting about it. This is the annual conference for the American Library Association. The best thing about this con is that it's not actually for writers, but for librarians. As a writer, it's tops. Not only do you have access to a giganto number of books, it's a perfect opportunity to dive into the publishing industry. Behold. Here is my adventure with photographs. Lots of them.

Upon arrival in NOLA, Wednesday. I made this trip with my family, but you won't see them here because they are invisible. Or in the witness protection program. Or just private.

This day I said, "Oh, NOLA isn't so hot. I can handle this heat. Look, my hair is barely frizzing up at all." And then five minutes later came.

  Thursday, I arranged a dinner at Cochon's for a number of publishing peoples, including (pictured here) Courtney Moulton, Leah Clifford, myself, Sara McClung, Lisa Desrochers and (not pictured) Shannon Messenger, Cristin Teril, Tere Kirkland, Mary Kole, Valia Lind, and Kari Olson and a couple others whose names escape me at the moment. Here we are out in the French Quarter after dinner listening to some music. There was much laughter and a hot saxophone player who came into the crowd and played for us. I also got a really great photo in the back of our taxi, but I'd risk dog poo in my mailbox if I posted it.

DSC03245 DSC03247
Friday was the first day of the actual con, but it didn't open until the evening, so Sara met up with me and my family for some beignets. So fun! <3 Here we are at Jackson Square & then nom noming. At this point I thought, "Okay, getting a little hotter, but I have extra hairspray in my hair. I'm good. I have Sara and sugar and fried dough." Next on the bucket list: Elephant Ears with Sara.

The con started off with a bang. We hit the con floor running. But first, we got shushed by a bunch of librarians. Don't ask.

DSC03256 Friday night, from left: Kiki Hamilton, Courtney Moulton, Leah Clifford, Shannon Messenger, Lisa Desrochers, Julie Cross, Kari Olson, Kate Hart, Veronica Roth, Kirsten Hubbard, Me, Sarah Enni, and...gah! I can't remember.  We met up at this place called...I don't remember. But it had no electricity. Ambiance was great--nothing but candlelight. But there was no air conditioning. My hair was really suffering, despite the excessive amounts of hair spray. But the adventures? I'm still cracking up. Kari said something hilarious, and also there was an almost naked guy parading down the street blowing a whistle.

Me with Kiki and Lisa. Such sweeties.

I also met Jay Asher for the first time, but for some reason, I neglected to get a photo with him. Here he is with Lisa, though:  DSC03257
And here I am with Kirsten, Courtney, Shannon, and Veronica. Sara, Cristin, Tere, and others had left a little earlier. Notice how we all have a leg bent? That's cuz I said, "everybody, strike a pose." Not really.

Some random shots from the actual con (Saturday). The best thing about this was the air conditioning. Although my hair was nearly toast from the trip to the convention.
With Franny Billingsley (CHIME). She had the best outfit of the con. Love the book, love her.

With Lisa at her book signing. <3

With Tere Kirkland, who is a dearie dear. I don't understand why she can't live in Indianapolis with me. We have corn here. And John Green.

DSC03269 Finally got a shot with Jay. I really wish I could go to SCBWI LA this year if only to see his costume for the ball.

An exhausted Sara, Cristin, Alexandra Shostak, Tere, Me, and Shannon. Cristin went all out playing the role. I came in second place, yeah? Everyone else mostly pretended like they weren't tired at all. What's up with the smiles, people?

With Cristin, my UK-expat sister. <3 <3


With Kimberley Griffiths Little (THE HEALING SPELL & CIRCLE OF SECRETS). Love her.

With Jonathan Auxier, author of PETER NIMBLE AND HIS FANTASTIC EYES. We were very excited to meet one another, clearly. Also, the camera guy mooned us.

FYI, I'm giving away a Signed ARC of PETER NIMBLE right now if you want to ENTER HERE TO WIN. You can also win an ARC of Carrie Jones and Steve E Wedel's AFTER OBSESSION and an ARC of Jennifer Castle's THE BEGINNING OF AFTER.

Um, yeah, so this post is getting long. We'll call this ALA ADVENTURES: PART ONE. More pictures to come...

P.S. My apologies for not linking everyone. I get lazy at 3:30 AM.


  1. wow! looks you had fun at ALA. Lovely photos =)

  2. Love your photos! Your a very lucky gal! I think its safe to say that ALA was a success :)


  3. Fun, fun! What a great time! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

  4. Those are fantastic! It looks like you are a real pro at making the most of conferences!

  5. Librarians who don't shush aren't real librarians! LOL!!
    Yay for having such a fun time!! Take care

  6. Sounds like so much fun. Would have loved to hang out with you and everyone else.

  7. Fun stuff!! You know what isn't fun, though?? LIVING In Louisiana and having that heat/humidity all the time. boo. No amount of beignets makes up for it. ;)

  8. I seriously need to get myself to a writer's conference. You look like you had so much fun... I'd probably just be starstruck the whole time!

  9. Fun! I loved the getting shushed by a bunch of librarians...

  10. I think I saw a dude in one of those pictures. Wait. Nope, just Jay.

  11. This looks like so much fun! *cue jealous*

  12. So glad you had a wonderful time, Carol! Thanks for sharing your adventure and all these great pics. I love posts like this since I haven't been to any conferences yet. Gets me excited about planning on it! :)

  13. *sigh* looks soooo fun!
    I met Kimberley this past spring! She is such a nice person. LOVED her book!! Can't wait for the next one.

  14. Wow that's a lot of great pictures, and a lot of fun no doubt! It sounds like a very unique con, one I'd love to attend someday. Thanks for sharing with us!

  15. Wow, what fun you had. Great photos!

  16. I love these pictures and I love you! I can't WAIT to do it all over again (sans humidity) in October.

    Miss you.

  17. Looks like a blast!!! Great pix! I felt like I was there but without the humidity!

  18. Aw, so much fun. I miss hanging out with you--why don't you live closer????

  19. I loved CHIME.

    And, Tere *is* a dearie dear. :)


  20. SO jealous - looks like heaps of fun! Like a constant stream of awesome-ness.

    One day I shall make these trips!

  21. Glad you got to meet up with so many other writers and authors!

  22. Awesome photos! Looks like sooo much fun!

  23. That looks like so much fun!!!! You lucky girl getting to go to these conferences! Love the pics!

  24. next best thing to going anywhere is checking your blog for deets. :D great to see all those faces

  25. I loved the sensible shoes! You are an energizer bunny.

  26. You met many of my favorites. Glad you had a great time!

  27. Looks like a great time! Jealous!!

  28. That is awesome... the worst part is: you make me realize I could be doing more!

  29. I love seeing pictures from events I'm unable to attend. Looks like you guys had a blast! And beignets... YUM!

  30. Fuuun. I totally want to go now. And Jay Asher!!!! OMG. Good thing I wasn't there. I know I would have said something stupid;P

  31. Seriously, ALA looks ridiculously fun, and NOLA looks lovely. Heat I can take; it's the humidity that wilts me. :P

  32. I'm late to the party, but love the pix! :D

  33. I'm so jealous! I really hope that I get to go to ALA next summer. I can't complain though, because we just got back from Ireland. Ireland vs. ALA? It was a hard decision, but Ireland won.


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