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Cover Reveal: IF I LIE by Corrine Jackson; Also, Watch me Ramble


A powerful debut novel about the gray space between truth and perception.

Quinn’s done the unthinkable: she kissed a guy who is not Carey, her boyfriend. And she got caught. Being branded a cheater would be bad enough, but Quinn is deemed a traitor, and shunned by all of her friends. Because Carey’s not just any guy—he’s serving in Afghanistan and revered by everyone in their small, military town.

Quinn could clear her name, but that would mean revealing secrets that she’s vowed to keep—secrets that aren’t hers to share. And when Carey goes MIA, Quinn must decide how far she’ll go to protect her boyfriend…and her promise.

A simple cover, but stunning, no? So sad and moving, isn't it? The way she stands behind him, holding on to him, and yet, not looking at him? Even the fact that he's got his back turned to's pain on display. Maybe also longing? IF I LIE sounds like a gorgeous story. I'm looking forward to reading it. But I wonder, too, what it will make me think about. How it might make me dig deep.

Because we all keep secrets, don't we? Some of them big, some small. Some happy, and others...not so happy. And then there's those that we're ashamed of. Or those we keep for others. This story in particular deals with a secret that is not a secret this girl can share because it doesn't belong to her. But there are apparently serious ramifications in her life to keep this secret. Which does, of course, beg the questions: how much is friendship worth? Indeed, how much is a promise worth? How much should we be expected to sacrifice for the promises we make? 

Just this evening, Little Bean came crying to me that her big sister broker her promise to her. "She promised she'd play Mario with me, and now she won't do it." It breaks my heart to see her so upset, so sad (even if her big sister didn't actually promise anything more than a "maybe"). A broken promise can feel so harsh. It's like saying you kind of don't respect that person or care about them nearly as much as you made it seem when you made the promise.

Or, I suppose, maybe most of us don't take promises all that seriously. Maybe that's why we've invented the pinky swear. Or the swearing on Bibles and mother's graves and warts on the end of grandma's nose. Because we don't trust that a promise alone means jack bupkis.

So, okay, this is one of the reasons I'm really intrigued with IF I LIE. Because I want to see how far a person will go to keep a vow she's made, even if that promise will come back to bite her in the knickers. No, actually, I want to see at what point I will be like, enough already, just tell. Because, maybe that's at the point that I would just tell. And, really, I'd like to get the sense of where I stand in that kind of thing.

Here's the thing. I'm a Secret Keeper. I didn't used to be, but I am now. Like for real. Practically magic. (Unless I've had a bit too much vodka, in which case, that's the time to hit me up). But I don't feel compelled to share people's secrets naturally (especially my own). Gossip sucks arse, for one thing. And to be honest, if it's not vital to my own life, I tend to forget stuff . I'm vain that way. BUT. What if keeping that secret hurt me in some way? Maybe then it really would depend on how much I loved you, you sorry arsed friend, making me keep your secrets when they're hurting me. At what point would I abandon you? Would I? Would I be a sucker for keeping mum?

I don't have any answers, obviously. That's one of the many reasons I enjoy reading books like IF I LIE. I'm all about the cheap therapy

I've also heard the writing in IF I LIE is brilliant and the story just beautiful. So there's that. I'm really excited about this one.

IF I LIE's expected release date is August 28, 2012 from Simon Pulse. FYI, if you read the Goodreads summary, you'll get a slightly different explanation, which will make you want to read this even more. Also, if you go there, you can add it as "To-Read.")

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  1. LOVE the cover. This book is definitely going into my TBR pile. I just need to make a dent in the one I already have.

    I'm with you on the gossiping. There's no point to it.

  2. YES!! I totally agree with you! The way he has turned his back to her and the way she seems to want his attention is really well done in the cover. I love the premise too and as Stina, this goes into my TBR pile!! :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    And also thanks for stopping by my blog and sending good vibes!! I'm really happy! <333

  3. "Pain on display" <--Favorite comment so far. Thanks so much for doing this, Carol! I'm uber appreciative!!! And I love your discussion on secrets. That's exactly the type of theme that I wanted to explore. <33

  4. That cover is fantastic and your tease of this book is even better.

    I too am a Secret Keeper. For better or worse. I've got some big stuff I'm keeping to myself for friends right now.


    None of it affects me (besides my heart that hurts for them).

    Oh. And good news? Yeah that I have a hard time keeping to myself.

    If I can remember it. (I may forget other people's stuff, too. Maybe.)

    Merry Christmas to you, my friend.
    And a beautiful 2012 full of spectacular books.


  5. LOVE that cover! And it does sound so interesting. I want to know more!

  6. I'm intrigued by the cover--and the title!

  7. This book sounds and looks so good. I'll try to get it when it comes out(:

  8. I'm really looking forward to this one!

  9. This does sound REALLY good. I can't believe you're teasing me and then making me wait until August!

  10. Oooohhh. I was kinda meh until you got to the secret part and that totally changed everything.

  11. trekking your superb blog! keep blogging and inspiring people! happy holidays!


  12. Can't wait to get my hands on this book! Looks and sounds amazing. I think I'm kind of a "Secret Keeper" too, it's a dangerous but privileged position. ;)

  13. No secrets here--my life is an open book. Oops, I lied, but lots of open books in my life.

    Happy New Year!

    Wrote By Rote

  14. Wow, that cover really is gorgeous. Looks like an amazing read too. August? Really?

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  15. I heard about this book somewhere else and I just know I have to read it!

  16. You have an amazing blog! I love how you have such a different perspective on things!!! Look forward to seeing more. Happy New Year in advance!

  17. Just thought I'd swing by to wish you and yours and very happy new year.

    If my memory serves me correct, soon you will be heading to Haiti?

    Take very good care of yourself.

  18. My words exactly--a simple and stunning cover. What a premise! Thanks for sharing the book info.

  19. Ohhhh! Sounds so good...right up my alley. Contemp freak that I am. Thanks for giving me the info on this one!

  20. I liked the cover even before I read your post -- but everything you pointed out about the posing and setup of the photo is what made me love it. I usually don't read this type of book, but after this, I could definitely see myself reading that one.

  21. Great cover. Lovely review--makes me want to read the book.

  22. Ooo, Oooo this one sounds good!! SOLD! Excellent post, Carol ;o) <3<3


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