Sunday, December 11, 2011

TATTERED Takes Over My Blog and Offers You a Chance to Win a Kindle Fire

A couple of years ago, I picked up MISFIT MCCABE by LK Gardner-Griffie, this book with a spunky looking girl on the cover, thinking Hmm. I don't normally read books like this, see, ones intended as younger YA. But then I just whipped through MISFIT MCCABE, and by the end I totally adored the fiery, trouble-making, but totally lovable Katie McCabe. Well, it turns out that MISFIT was just the first in the series. So of course, I picked up the sequel NOWHERE FEELS LIKE HOME, and enjoyed it just as much. TATTERED, the third in the series, has just been released, and after a short reading hiatus, I'm looking forward to digging into it this week. But for now, I'd like to welcome Gardner-Griffie on my blog for the last stop of her blog tour to tell you all a little bit about this new book and this kicking series of hers (which, FYI, would make a perfect holiday gift for your tween/teen).

ALSO? You can win a Kindle Fire. Just saying. So, read on, friends, as I turn my blog over to Miss GG and the little spitfire better known as Katie McCabe.


LK: First of all, I'd like to thank Carolina Valdez Miller for hosting the Tattered tour.
(Carol says: You're welcome, mate.)
  1. For today's prize of a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with The Prophecy of Zephyrus by G. A. Hesse AND an ARC of Tattered, simply comment on this post.
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    • Once you have collected the entire code, go to Smashwords and purchase Misfit McCabe input the code and download whichever ebook version you need for free.
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    • Put together the puzzle and write down the code. Each day will give another part of the coupon code. Please note at the top whether it is for eBook or Print.
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    • Support this tour by commenting on each of the daily stops -- It's only 11 days, not even as long as the 12 days of Christmas.
    • And if you're under 18 and would like to enter, but don't have Facebook or Twitter, etc. if you have a friend comment on the posts saying that you sent them, we'll consider that your entry for the Grand Prize. One friend for each stop (and they can enter too and bring all of their friends to the party).
Tattered is the third novel in the heartwarming young adult series, Misfit McCabe. A little about the book:
What do Sunday afternoon court proceedings, cheerleader tryouts, and a book burning have in common? Katie McCabe is back in action.
After her nemesis Harvey is found guilty and sentenced to community service, Katie wants to believe her troubles are over, but Harvey won’t rest until he gets revenge. When blackmail rears its ugly head, she’s caught between friends and enemies putting her growing relationship with Tom at stake. Books go up in flames and Katie’s world rains down in tatters.

I know that everyone knows by now, but I'll say it anyway. I met Carol on Twitter as part of a rebel NaNoWriMo writing group. For those who just went NaNo-What??? NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and takes place every November. The gist is start November 1st and crank out 50 thousand words by the end of November 30th. But that's not what we're here to talk about. Through Twitter we got to know one another and then I was excited to meet her in person, first when she came to Los Angeles for a writing conference, and then we became fellow Bling Babes at a conference in Denver. Oh and if you ever have her caramel puffs, you're never going back. #justsayin' (Carol's note: They're mostly sugar and butter, so...yeah, they're pretty awesome). Now I'll turn things over to Katie McCabe, the fourteen-year-old main character of Tattered.

Katie: Hi Carol! Thanks for having me today. Before I get started, I heard you're going on a medical mission to Haiti in January. I think that is awesome. You are so brave and I'm proud to know you.
(Carol says: Awww, shucks. *Tries to think of something humble to say, but ends up sounding ungracious and self-deprecating, so just says, "THANK YOU.")

Okay... Tattered. Today, I really don't have someone to talk about, I mean, I could. There are more people, but we're going to end with the story itself. I really didn't know what to say. Some people have told me my life is a bit like a soap opera. I get it. I really do. Orphaned at fourteen, abducted, injured, bitten by a rattler, living with strangers, there's an evil town leader who has a vendetta against the family and his evil son who believes in dangerous retribution, my best friend's dad is in a coma, and he's the one who put him there, the outcast Goth who hated me for no reason, the perky cheerleader who has designs on my boyfriend, the lunatics who want to burn the town's books, the mystery of Mamma's death overshadowing everything, my cousin's engaged, but then an old flame turns up... it just keeps going on and on. Of the seven McCabe boys who grew up here, Uncle Charley is the only one left. I've heard rumors that HL Denton, the disgusting Harvey's father, drove them all out of town. I don't see how that's possible, but the Denton's and the McCabe's seem to be involved in some sort of battle. It's kinda weird though, when HL showed up drunk on our doorstep, threatening us -- especially me -- Uncle Charley didn't call the cops. Instead he had Sarah call HL's wife, Harriet who fired Sarah from her job over the evil toad, Harvey. You know that's the last call Sarah wanted to make. And from what I can make out from some of the dinner conversation, HL tries to sabotage Uncle Charley's construction business at every turn. And he swindled Uncle Jake out of some of the family property a long time ago, and forced Sarah's parents out of business, but Uncle Charley didn't turn him in when he had the chance. *muses* Is it because they were boys together?

And HL seems to hate me. The only time he was even half-way nice to me was the first time I met him, but ever since I had my run-in with Harvey, he can't stand me. It scares me when he looks at me, so I've been really glad that Uncle Charley and Sarah have been with me when he's been around. He gives me the heebs. And all because his precious son *gag* is too stupid to realize you can't get away with everything in life just because your dad owns everything in town. And Uncle Charley warned me to stay away from him because of something about Daddy, but he didn't tell me what. Not that I need any warning to stay away after he screamed at me and told me I had to lie about what his son did.

So yeah... I get it. The whole soap opera aspect. But this isn't a soap opera.

It's my life.

LK: Put the puzzle below together for part of the code to receive 50% off a paperback of Misfit McCabe. This is the last stop of this tour. Thanks to everyone for participating. I'm going to leave comments open through 12/13/11 to give everyone a chance to catch up if they just caught the tour today and all the winners will be announced on 12/14/11 at Griffie World. For all details on the tour, the prizes, and the stops, please visit Griffie World.

If the puzzle does not load correctly, please refresh your browser and it should display correctly. And if for some reason it still does not display correctly, click this link to open the puzzle in a new browser window.


  1. Thanks again to Carol for having us on her blog today.

    And for those of you putting together the puzzle, it appears that Carol's theme is a bit narrow, so you may need to drag some of the puzzle pieces out from the side, or easier yet, go to the link for the full page ( and put together the puzzle there. :) I know I've put the puzzles together each day. ;)

  2. If this ends up posting twice, I'm sorry, but I posted a comment and the blog ate it. Carol, did you for get to give the blog its Wheaties this morning?

    Thanks again to Carol for hosting us today. It means a lot to us both.

    And for those of you putting together the puzzle, since the theme on this blog is narrow, you may have to drag pieces from the side or just click the link above for the full page puzzle. ( I know I've been having fun putting them together every day (and yes, I put them all together before the tour started. #lovepuzzles)

  3. Well, it can't believe the tour is over already. Time is flying but I know for Katie it's flying at a much more interesting level. I think spunky fits her description nicely. She's young, vibrant and I'm going to like to see her develop. Thanks Katie for introducing us to your world, friends...and foes like Harvey. I'm glad you found some new friends in your cousins so it balances nicely.

    I'm going to go play with the puzzles pieces now. Thanks LK for letting Katie roam the blogs and dishes on her life!


  4. The pieces are falling together... and I just got Misfit McCabe! Thank you LK :)

  5. Wow, Katie. You have had a hard life! I hope things look up for you, and I can't wait to read about your soap, life....sometime soon!

  6. Sounds like such a great book! I can't wait to read it. :)

  7. looks amazing! can't wait to read it!

  8. Tour Stops
    December 1st - Griffie World is where it all starts. Today's swag: A paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with Can't Catch Me and Other Twice-Told Tales by Michael Cadnum. For Kindle entry, please Like my Misfit McCabe page on Facebook (link in the sidebar to the right)
    December 2nd - The Global Citizen - home on the web to Juliette Terzieff The daily winner will receive a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with Prince of Wolves by Dave Gross
    December 3rd - We'll unravel secrets with Heather McCorkle The daily winner will receive a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with The Secret of Spruce Knoll by Heather McCorkle
    December 4th - Fly on over to Eisley Jacobs' site where the daily winner will receive a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with Born to Be a Dragon by Eisley Jacobs
    December 5th - We'll open the door to a new world with Christine Fonseca and the winner will take away a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with A Darkness Forged in Fire by Chris Evans
    December 6th - We'll be hanging out with Julia Swank, the YA Book Diva and giving away a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with a copy of her mama's book Here by Denise Grover Swank

  9. December 7th - Get ready for the snark with the Snarktastic Ramblings of Rhonda Cowsert and you might walk away with a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with The Hammer by K. J. Parker AND an ARC of Tattered.
    December 8th -Head out for the party that is Katelyn Torrey's blog. Put on your dancing shoes, comment and waltz away with a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with The Stoneholding by James G. Anderson and Mark Sebanc AND an ARC of Tattered.
    December 9th - Find out if Molly Hacker is Too Picky! with Lisette Brodey and pick up a chance to win a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with Squalor, New Mexico by Lisette Brodey AND an ARC of Tattered.
    December 10th - Check out a review or two on the LL Book Review. Comment to win a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with Mayan December by Brenda Cooper AND an ARC of Tattered.
    December 11th - Make a difference with Carolina Valdez Miller and get your chance to win a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with The Prophecy of Zephyrus by G. A. Hesse AND an ARC of Tattered.

  10. What, it's over? *sob*

    This was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the daily puzzle, and I can't wait to read the books and find out more about Katie. :] Thanks for the great blog tour!

    Gabi: teddycavygal at yahoo dot com

  11. Firey Na ~ I'm so glad you picked up your free copy of Misfit McCabe. I'll be interested to hear how you like it. :)

    Ellechim ~ Unfortunately for Katie things are going to get even rougher for her for awhile, but I know she'll make it through and be spunkier than ever.

    Dari ~ I'd love to hear what you think once you do read the books.

    vagabondia ~ Thanks!!! I hope you check out the rest of the tour stops and see what else we had to share.

    Gabi ~ I know!!! It seems like we just got started. I'm thinking about some things for the new year... it's kind of difficult to promote effectively during the holidays because everyone is so focused on where they need to be, what they need to buy, and who is coming over, etc.
    (Although the puzzles may have been a once in a lifetime brainwave. ;)

  12. Great post! By the way I love your comment thing where it says make your comment stand out. ;)

  13. The tour may be over, but the fun is just beginning! Wooot wooot wooot! Katie McCabe for class president!!!

  14. I'm sad the tour is over but glad i got to meet Katie and her friends. And her enemies. And her cousins. And everyone!

  15. So very exciting! Can't wait to read the book!

  16. This is the last day? How will we go on? It's been cool getting to know Katie and all her friends.

  17. Wow. Two people I know, coming together. Awesome!

  18. Yep. It's me. I like winning, LKGG, and CVM. I get it all right here...well, maybe not the winning of a book...but, yes, the winning is you 2 gals!

  19. Eisley ~ You don't even want to hear what Katie has to say about running for class president. If she's not careful, it's going to happen anyway. ;)

    Maddy~ Thanks. I'm so glad you get to read Misfit McCabe and hope you'll come back to read the rest of the series. I think you'll REALLY like it.

    Ellie ~ You'll have to tell me what you think when you read it.

    Iona ~ Awww - thanks. It's been a blast for me too. You have been great!!

    Matthew ~ It is awesome. I can't ask for better friends - and Carol definitely is one of the tops.

    Michele ~ Thanks for the compliment. CVM is definitely one of the best.

  20. And the winner of Misfit McCabe, The Prophecy of Zephyrus, AND an ARC of Tattered is Ellechim!!! Congratulations!!!!

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