Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Take Back Everything I Ever Said About Pinterest

Not everything. It's still a major time suck, more than I'd even imagined actually. But it's an exquisite time suck.

Because here's what I didn't realize about Pinterest: it's majorly fun.

I know, right? Who knew?

Okay, so it's still not the great provider of story inspiration for me. Not how my brain works, not when I'm focused entirely on a story already in progress. My head's already kind of full, I guess. Not to say that Pinterest won't someday be a source of inspiry story goodness. It's possible I might come across something, even today, that makes me rethink a story I've already created or cause me to want to tweak a storyline or character. But, mostly as far as Pinterest and my stories go, right now? It's pretty dang awesome when I come across some new pin and think, Holy CRAP that's my [fill in the blank]!! Mega visual representation of what's already in my head and stuffed away into perfectly organized boards.

But Pinterest is more than just a tool for organizing story ideas and images.

There's also stuff like this:

Raspberry Lemon Coconut Cake

Like you can learn how to actually make this. And also people will tell you if it's good and how easy it is and how much they bitegasmed over it; and if it appeals to you, you can pin it and return to it whenever you want. So easy. So scrumptious.

And there's stuff like this:


Which is funny and hits so close to home you have to snort as you pin it to your own "Crazytalk Full of Awesome" board just for kicks.

But also you can have boards with stuff like this:

It's not necessary to have a board dedicated entirely to Jared Leto, but, you know, if you wanted to and stuff, that's okay. (Had someone suggested an "Oh Jared" board as a possibility, I probably would've jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon ages ago.)

Or you might have an entire board dedicated just to "Hot Stuffs" or maybe you want a board dedicated to "Getting Your Hair Did Up" or to "Fancy Nail Lacquer Jobbies" or to "Miracle Solutions to Cleaning EVERYTHING" or to "Crafty Ideas that Will Make Your Head Explode" or you can do like Lola Sharp and have an entire board dedicated to "badass!"

Seriously, you know how you can find anything on the Internet? Well now all that stuff you never knew you were looking for finds its way to YOU. Or, you can go searching for it and now have a place to store it in such a way that others can see it, use it, and sing "HALLELUJAH [insert your name]!" because it was such an awesome pin.

And that's not all. The best part is you get to sort everything all out and label it and stuff, even adding funny/stupid comments if you want. It's like girls gone wild with a label gun--and the whole world gets to see what an amazing organizer you are. All those skills you've built up over the years creating little labeled cubbies and type A control freak craziness in your pantries and linen closets and garages and underwear drawers finally get their own bat channel. Other people can now dip into your little cubbies and use the stuff you store away (when you pin something to a board, it shows up on the pin stream of all the people following that board)*. And unlike with all those recipe books you own, which have collected enough dust to warrant a hazmat investigation, you can sort recipe pins into something like "Eat Me" like me, or you can break it down to "Gluten Free Eats" or "Yellow Food." Whatever trips your trigger, Tiger.

Also? Also? If you've got a super brilliant idea/image/whatever you want to share with the world, you can upload it and pin that sucker and watch it get blasted across Pinterest like juicy gossip. There's so much you can pin. Music videos, movie clips, recipes, clothes you want, trips you want to take, fantasy imagery, tips and tricks, photography ideas--ANYTHING YOUR BRAIN CAN HATCH.

Oh lord, I think I just had an Herbal Essense moment. Total mind blow.

I swear, I'm an addict now. Thanks, Lola Sharp.


If you're not using Pinterest but are curious, check out these pinners to start with. They've been at this a lot longer than I have, and I end up repinning a lot of their stuff: Actually, check them out even if you're on it already.

Lola Sharp
Mary Brebner
Rhonda Cowsert
Jane (Booketta)
Michele Powell
Sarah Ahiers
Sara Larson
Sheri Larsen

And Mine: Carolina

If you are using Pinterest, what are you using it for? Do you have any pinners you'd like to recommend? Also, leave me your pinner name  if you want and I'll look you up.

*I have no idea if I'm using the correct terminology for Pinterest. Stream, pinner, etc. Not sure if there's proper lingo for it or not. I'm just running with it.


  1. I need that cake in my life. And in my mouth. AND IN MY BELLY.

  2. Pinterest is just one of those things that I've dabbled in, but just haven't found the time to really explore. I'm no dummy though, so when it comes time to really figure this thing out, its best to learn (lurk) from the experts + fellow writers! :)

  3. It's all I can do to keep up with Blogging, Twitter, and Goodreads. If I'm ever to finish my next book, I have to restrain.

  4. I am not using Pinterest because I'm too easily distracted. You're looking at the gal who had to delete her Goodreads account for goodness sake! If I was smart I'd get rid of Twitter, too. I just ignore FB because I don't like it, but ohhh, Pinterest is way too shiny. Must. Resist. The Shiny!

  5. I love Pinterest and wish I had more time on there. There are so many recipes I want to try now. I want to add more boards too for future and old characters, for WIPs...

  6. I adore Pinterest (as you know!). So much good stuff for visually inspired folks! Thanks for including me on your fab list of pinners (ooh, added some more to my list--pretty, pretty pictures). I have a bunch of fave pinners (esp. those who pin adorable, drool-worthy men) including MG Buehrlen (

  7. I Looooove Pinterest. It is the most fun a time suck can be. :D

  8. Thanks for the explanation on Pinterest. I checked out your board....Interesting, but I'm not sure I get the purpose of it.

  9. I love Pinterest! It's such a fun distraction :-)

  10. I heart Pinterest. I'm KatLovesBoho and I use it for writing inspiration, too. I have four boards right now for WIPs. SO helpful! Glad to find you on it! :)

  11. I refuse to look at Pinterest cos I KNOW I'll be addicted and there won't be any turning back for me! LOL!!! Take care

  12. I'll remember to search this post if I ever join. I don't really need another time suck even if it is good.

  13. DANG.

    You actually make me feel like I need to do this.

    I've been a hold-out.

    But that cake. And that quotation. And that Leto.

    Might be too delicious to keep passing up.
    Do I need to start pinning up?


  14. LOL. I love me some Pinterest!!! I know, it's addicting, the first time I got on, I went crazy. Ha! Glad you like it ;o)

  15. Oh God. I am so holding off from Pininterest. But can I say this? I can not wait until you are published. You are an amazing writer, and even when you are writing about Pininterest which I am avoiding with all my strength, I want to keep reading and reading. You have such amazing talent. I can actually feel your words. It is so clear when you are writing from your depths.

  16. I haven't tried pinterest, but now you're making me want to give it a try. Like I need another time suck. LOL.

  17. The great thing about Pinterest is it's a usable time suck. I've made SO MANY things from my, cocktails, party theme ideas, how-to stuff, decorating, organizing. I've sincerely learned some real stuff too (history, health, etc.). And, because we don't have to respond 'socially', I can pop in and out of it sans guilt.
    I do love it for visual inspiration/eye candy too, obviously.
    For writing, you can make visual story boards, but also research story stuff too.
    I find it very inspiring and useful in many different ways.
    Also, it's fun seeing what your friends pin, what they like, what inspires them, etc.

    Love you,

  18. Oh sure, make me want to join more. I've been putting it off, hoping I could make it through the 'the big move' at the end of June before I did this, but this post makes me want to join NOW.

  19. I try to look at it as a time SAVE. I keep my favorite recipe finds on my boards, then pull out my iPad at the grocery to see what I need. I don't have to write grocery lists, because it's already on my boards. That's my justification and I'm sticking to it...

  20. Yay! I made it onto the list. Thank you! Pinterest is definitely addicting. I find myself on there for hours just scanning through pins. But, I've made tons of stuff that I found on Pinterest. I love it!

  21. Aww! Thanks for the pinterest shoutout!
    I'm with Lola - i make so much stuff off of pinterest. Delicious foods, fun crafts. Love it. So much prettyness on there

  22. "girls gone wild with a label gun" descriptive phrase EVER!!!

  23. I've avoided Pinterest up to this point, but that cake and those eyes are making a pretty convincing case.

  24. Awww - thanks for the Pinterest shout out!! *note to self: THIS explains my new pinning followers - there are probably NO aliens or government agencies involved*

    Also, I super sparkly heart your board names - it inspires me to dream up something more catchy than "Random crap". <3

  25. I've posted comments like this before, and I'll say it again - every time I come back from a blog hiatus, it's so nice to read your posts! You're always so entertaining and full of life.

    And as if I need another reason to procrastinate! I caved and got a Tumblr a few weeks ago. You've made a good case for Pinterest, it may have to wait a while before I let myself check it out :)

  26. I have such an obsessive personality, I'm scared to even dip a toe into Pinterest. I may never be seen again.

  27. Ha--you succumbed! Time sucks have to be fun or we could avoid them. Enjoy. I'm still ignoring the allure.

  28. LOL! You are so hilarious. It's too true--I see your pins all the time. But see? I actually often get inspiration from photographs. So for me it's a double-win! I think I'm on there at leightmoore, but I know we're hooked up. Thanks for giving me those guys's links. I'm connected to almost all. Yay!

    Oh, my fave part is that every pin's a link--whee! :D

  29. Commenting again just to say thanks for commenting on my blog!

  30. Love, love Pinterest for all the same reasons as you. But I'm also addicted to the humor boards and the fashion ones. Look me up! (Sarah Peduzzi)

  31. Welcome to the obsession! I use Pinterest mostly for random fun, but I do have inspiration boards for all my novels. I'm under Alexia Chamberlynn. I'm following you now. Yay pinners!

  32. That cake looks sooo good! And Leto is do dang hot!

  33. No, no, no, I just can't! It's too much. I saw your post days ago and am only just now getting back to actually read it. But please keep sharing some of your fun Pinterest finds with those of us who can't keep up. :)

  34. I totally know what you mean! I joined Pintrist just a little while ago, and it takes up SOOOO much of my time! But then again, I can keep inspiration for stories in different boards, so that's always fun :)

  35. Hah! Welcome to pinterest! It is indeed a timesuck. What's worse is I've already half-moved to another platform that just went live last week; it's called loveit. It is very much like pinterest but with some expanded options.

    In any case, I'm kangaru on pinterest! I use it to collect beautiful book covers, cool knick-knacks, fashion, and I make story inspiration boards. I'm off to check out your boards!


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