About Me

What I Do
I edit other people's books. While it doesn't make paying for school loans any less painful, it justifies having memorized the Chicago Manual of Style.

I write books about teenagers who deal with normal stuff in extraordinary circumstances. Sometimes I give them magic.

I write other things too, like books about adults and short stories and bad poetry. But mostly I focus on writing for younger people because teenagers are smart and they're funny and they're compassionate and they're still capable of becoming notassholes.

sometimes I play
with writing
and the Oxford comma

What I Don't Do
I don't post on a regular schedule, but when you read my posts that do go up, a fairy gets its wings.

I won't correct you grammar. If you are not paying me to do it.

I don't always use complete

I know the meaning of life, based on accumulated data, but I don't talk about it.

I have a special fondness for miniature things. And items bought in bulk.


  1. Princess Buttercup Snowflake the first. and only. ;-)

    1. LOL! Considering how long my name is, it makes sense to have a dog with a long name too.

  2. the long name is your grandmothers' faults......sorry about that. But a tiny girl born with a great big heart needed a name befitting of a princess.

    1. It so happens I love my grandmothers, just as I love the mom who taught me how to love--so it's all good. I love my name because my parents love it. And I love you.

  3. Hi Carolina.
    You have a lovely place here!
    Nice to connect with you.
    Writer In Transit


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