My Book Reviews

Reading in the car. 
P.S. The car is British, wheel on the right. I normally don't read behind the wheel. With a sweater over my eyes.

My book reviewing policy: I read all kinds of stuff, although generally I avoid boring books, like textbooks and driving manuals. I review only stuff I enjoyed and would recommend. And when I do review a book, I'll tell you what I liked about it and why and work very hard to convince you of its awesomeness. Occasionally, on a Thursday, I post my YA/MG/PB reviews for the Bookanistas.

If you would like me to consider your book for review, please contact me at cvaldezmiller(at)gmail(dot)com. But please, no boring books.

Please note I'm currently very limited on time and have to be very selective with my choice of books. For the time being, I'm more likely to consider reading YA--I'm partial to books with a SF/F element and magical realism, contemporaries with epic, melt-your-heart love stories and YA with a literary bent. And if you have something like The Time Traveler's Wife with really strong writing and a great hook, I'm your girl.