The Kindness Project

It doesn't have to be a random act.

Too often kindness is relegated to a random act performed only when we’re feeling good. But an even greater kindness (to ourselves and others) occurs when we reach out even when we aren't feeling entirely whole. It’s not easy, and no one is perfect. But we’ve decided it’s not impossible to brighten the world one smile, one kind word, one blog post at a time. To that end, a few of us writers have established The Kindness Project, starting with a series of inspirational posts.

Want to join us? Grab our button and spread a little kindness.

The Kindness Project just launched a new blog! Check us out HERE!

Members (in alphabetical order)

Sophia Chang                      Matthew MacNish               Mary Yuhas
Erica Chapman                    Sara McClung
Jessica Corra                      Gretchen McNeil
Elizabeth Davis                    Rachel Mercaldo
Christa Desir                        Leigh Moore
Sarah Fine                           Mike Mullin
Linda Ge                             Tracey Neithercott
Andrea Hannah                   Katharine Owens
Claire Hennessy                   Elizabeth Poole
Elana Johnson                      Kirthi Rao 
Liza Kane                            Lindsay Scott
Julia Karr                             Lola Sharp
Amie Kaufman                     Michele Shaw      
Alina Klein                           Meagan Spooner
Len Lambert                        Carolina Valdez Miller
Sara Larson                         Barbara Watson     


December 23, 2010 I made a commitment to embrace a new way of living--a life of radical kindness. Not just random acts of kindness, but kindness that remained a constant, fully conscious choice for me. (I blogged about it to make the commitment stick.) It hasn't been easy, and I fail constantly. But my desire to stay true to this commitment usually gets me back on track (eventually). A year and a half later, I finally had the guts to take this commitment to another level. So The Kindness Project was born. Because kindness is best when shared and shared and shared. I hope you'll join us.

My Posts:

March 4, 2013: The Thing about Anger

January 25 2013: The Good People and Death Eater Divide

December 21 2012: The Power of a Touch

December 19 2012: In Remembrance

October 2012: Welcome to The Kindness Project Blog

August 2012: Finding Strength with a Shovel and a Pail

July 2012: The Transformative Power of Pain and Kindness

June 2012: Do Good Anyway

May 2012: Be the Someone You Need(ed)

*The Kindness Project banner and buttons created by Tracey Neithercott


  1. Hi Carol!
    I read about this on a blog called That's Right and I'd love to participate! It's been a goal of mine, to be more kind to people (I even wrote a post on it a while back ( so this is absolutely perfect for me to document things. Do you have to sign up somewhere, or can I just grab a button and post about it?

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi
    I came here via Elizabeth's blog. It sounds intriguing! How can I join up?

  3. Hey Carol!
    I emailed you about joining The Kindness Project, but just in case, here's the button on my blog: We'll create a new post on Wednesday the 18th--can't wait to join this community!


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  5. Hi Carolina! I just found your blog.. it made me smile. :)
    I recently launched a Kickstarter project called The Sugar Cube Factory. We are also spreading kindness around the world.
    We will be launching soon and it would be great to count with your sugar cube :)



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